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HOPE Rising Rocketeers


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Does your child LOVE science? Does your child THRIVE on engineering challenges? Is your child FASCINATED by rockets?

THIS is the program you have been seeking! Call today for more information: 256-513-9212

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HOPE Rising Rocketeers

  1. 1. HOPE Rising Rocketeers Rocket CampRocket Camp Rocketry Class Rocket Team – TARC HOPE Christian Academy 256-513-9212 11044 Wall Triana Hwy., Toney, AL 35773 Http://
  2. 2. Rocket Camp: May 21-25, 2018Rocket Camp: May 21-25, 2018 ● This STEAM camp teaches the foundations of rocket engineering while building and flying multiple model rockets. ● Students will build 4 personal model rockets to take home at the end of the course. ● Students will learn basic computer aided design and simulation for model rocketry. ● This is a prerequisite for Rocketry Class/ Rocket Team in the fall at HOPE Co-Op.
  3. 3. Rocket Camp: May 21-25, 2018Rocket Camp: May 21-25, 2018 ● We will (weather permitting) launch rockets each afternoon. ● Students earn ½ high school credit for camp. ● Parents are required to volunteer at least one full day or two half days during camp. ● Students will have homework each night, and will have quizzes each morning (after Monday). ● There is a $50 discount for HOPE Christian Academy families. Call for info: 256-513-9212
  4. 4. Rocket Camp: 2017Rocket Camp: 2017
  5. 5. Rocket Class: Fall 2018 ● This STEAM class will expand on the engineering principles learned at Rocket Camp during the summer. ● Students will learn how to safely use the tools of rocketry, to include: scales, drills, rotary tools, epoxy, sand paper, wood filler, and hobby knives. ● Students will extensively use OpenRocket simulation software, and will also have an opportunity to learn to use RockSim.
  6. 6. Rocket Class: Fall 2018 ● Students will learn the importance of documenting their engineering work. ● Students will regularly interact with our rocketry mentors, and will learn from them. ● Students will learn how to meet specific engineering challenges while remaining within their budgetary constraints. ● Students will learn the value of teamwork and division of labor to meet deadlines
  7. 7. Rocket Class: Fall 2018 ● Guest speakers will be scheduled periodically. In the past, we have had an SLS Propulsion Engineer and an Apollo Mission Mechanical Engineer visit. ● Students will learn the value of time management for each project. ● There is a $50 discount on Class fees each year for families enrolled at HOPE Christian Academy. Enroll today:
  8. 8. Rocket Class: Fall 2018
  9. 9. Rocket Team - TARC ● The Team America Rocketry Challenge the world's largest model rocketry competition. ● This is HOPE Christian Academy's fourth year competing with the TARC. ● Teams do not compete against one another, but against their own best golf. ● The 100 teams with the lowest score will participate in the TARC National Fly Off in The Plains, Virginia, AND will attend a reception in Washington D.C.
  10. 10. Rocket Team – TARC HOPE Rising Rocketeers 2018
  11. 11. Rocket Team – TARC HOPE Rising Rocketeers TARC Video v=o7WC4XZxVn0
  12. 12. Rocket Team – TARC HOPE Rising Rocketeers ● In 2016, Russellville High School won not only the TARC National Championship, but also the TARC International Championship. ● In 2017, HOPE Christian Academy beat the Russellville High School Team at the UNA Torch Technologies Rocketry Competition. Team HOPE Rising has the talent and the engineering prowess to accomplish great things!
  13. 13. Rocket Team – TARC HOPE Rising Rocketeers 2017 ● 2017 UNA Torch Technologies Rocketry Competition Grand Champions
  14. 14. Reserve Your Child's Space AtReserve Your Child's Space At Rocket Camp TODAY!Rocket Camp TODAY! ● We only have 10 spaces on the Rocket Team. Three of those spaces are filled by returning team members. ● Team HOPE Rising is the only homeschool TARC team in the Tennessee Valley area. ● Fill-out the online registration form & pay the fee to secure your child's space. Http://