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University Of Brighton Ho P David Davies 270410 V2

  1. 1. Interview forInterview for Procurement Services ManagerProcurement Services Manager University of BrightonUniversity of Brighton ““Delivering sustainability in an age of publicDelivering sustainability in an age of public sector spending restraint”sector spending restraint” David Davies MCIPS MBIFM BADavid Davies MCIPS MBIFM BA (Hons(Hons)) Tuesday 27Tuesday 27thth April 2010April 2010
  2. 2. TasksTasks 1.1. Define what is Sustainable ProcurementDefine what is Sustainable Procurement 2.2. How can any potential procurement problemsHow can any potential procurement problems at Brighton University be Brighton University be identified. 3.3. How can Brighton University procurementHow can Brighton University procurement services be improved be improved upon. 4.4. How can the procurement services at BrightonHow can the procurement services at Brighton University be sustained year on year.University be sustained year on year.
  3. 3. Task 1Task 1 Sustainable ProcurementSustainable Procurement “…sustainable procurement is all about taking environmental & social factors into account in procurement decisions. It is about looking at what your products are made of, where they come from & who has made them “ Higher Education Partnership for Sustainability
  4. 4. The British standard forThe British standard for sustainable procurementsustainable procurement BS 8903BS 8903
  5. 5. TASK 2TASK 2 Procurement LeverageProcurement Leverage • Conduct in-depth reviewConduct in-depth review - map data & procurement- map data & procurement processes, capture & control spend & generate usefulprocesses, capture & control spend & generate useful data & control mechanismsdata & control mechanisms • Expert advice & supportExpert advice & support - colleagues within the- colleagues within the Finance dept and other colleagues on all aspects ofFinance dept and other colleagues on all aspects of Sustainable procurement.Sustainable procurement. • Commitment & UnderstandingCommitment & Understanding - sustainable- sustainable development & how procurement leverage candevelopment & how procurement leverage can deliver sustainable outcomes.deliver sustainable outcomes.
  6. 6. Task 3Task 3 1 of 31 of 3 Cost Savings – Delivery in time ofCost Savings – Delivery in time of Economic restraintEconomic restraint • DefineDefine – How savings / efficiencies will be made.– How savings / efficiencies will be made. • MeasureMeasure – Use of EMM (Hefce)– Use of EMM (Hefce) • AnalyseAnalyse – Reduce wastage & Buy smarter– Reduce wastage & Buy smarter Action PlanAction Plan • Mitigate Operational RisksMitigate Operational Risks • Discuss -Discuss - KEYKEY stakeholdersstakeholders prioritise areas of:prioritise areas of: ** Review – ALL non-pay spend 2010-11Review – ALL non-pay spend 2010-11 ** Collaboration – SUPC -Collaboration – SUPC - £181M Savings £30M – 15%£181M Savings £30M – 15% ** Target Savings/Efficiencies –Target Savings/Efficiencies – Update 2009-10Update 2009-10
  7. 7. Task 3Task 3 2 of 32 of 3 • Advise & support – Staff for acquisition goods & services * least environmentally damaging * contribute positively to the development & maintenance of sustainable communities. • * Apply & encourage good business practice. • Purchasing Strategies - * Incorporate sustainability in all acquisition strategies for commodities & services. * Overcome barriers to sustainable methods. • Tender Process - Improve the sustainability at this stage of purchasing cycle in a pragmatic way.
  8. 8. Task 3Task 3 3 of 33 of 3 • CSR - Encourage suppliers to develop a practical and proactive approach • Main suppliers - ensure they understand the key sustainable issues so that they can develop their products. • Assist organisations - (including smaller, local and unorthodox enterprises) to understand our procurement processes – competition on equal terms. • Review Risks - impact of products & services with the Sustainability Adviser. • Training - appropriate people to understand sustainable procurement & the options open to them.
  9. 9. Task 4Task 4 Staff should support sustainable procurement by: • Questioning the need for new items. * Do we really need it? Could we use fewer? * Can it be borrowed, shared, rented, or the need satisfied in another way? • Drafting specifications that allow recycled, used or innovative items to be acquired, or checking existing specifications are functional and not over-specified; • Operating & disposing of products in an environmentally responsible way, including finding alternative applications or owners; • Applying life-cycle costing in all procurement decisions; • Provide advice - Procurement Services Manager
  10. 10. SUPC Commodity GroupsSUPC Commodity Groups Catering, Computing, Audio VisualCatering, Computing, Audio Visual Estates Mngt, Cleaning,Estates Mngt, Cleaning, Furniture Office / ResidentialFurniture Office / Residential,, Laboratory, Professional ServicesLaboratory, Professional Services,, Insurance, Library, Stationery.Insurance, Library, Stationery. * Does Brighton use all these* Does Brighton use all these Contracts ?Contracts ?