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Agile Adoption


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Agile Adoption

  1. 1. AGILE ADOPTION By Bachan Anand Prepared by Indu MenonDial-in Number: +17759963560 U.S. toll free: +18007414032 Room #: 699601 and press the # key.
  2. 2. Where Do I Start with AdoptingAgile?• Education and Buy-in• Pilot – Try it Out• Reflect• Inspect & Adapt then Scale• Enterprise Agile Adoption Dial-in Number: +17759963560 U.S. toll free: +18007414032 Room #: 699601 and press the # key.
  3. 3. Agile Adoption Roadmap- 3 stages 1 • Readiness 2 • Deployment 3 • Support
  4. 4. Agile Readiness - Goals• Understand the current state of the product team• Set the expectation for change• Establish an overall strategy for the adoption• Develop a adoption roadmap
  5. 5. Agile Readiness• This phase typically lasts about one to three months.
  6. 6. Agile Readiness - Tasks• Determine suitability of product• Determine willingness of team• Determine capability of team• Assess engineering practices and Agile mindset of the team
  7. 7. Agile Readiness - Tasks• Identify an Agile Coach• Establish a strategy and plan for implementing Agile• Establish periodic progress meetings• Establish Agile Roles & Organization
  8. 8. Agile Readiness - Tasks• Determine Stakeholder support• Establish the Agile practices framework• Consider Agile tool needs• Focus on Agile mindset and cultural shift• Pilot team
  9. 9. Agile Deployment- Goals• Execute the Agile approach and practices• Help the team apply them to the project
  10. 10. Agile Deployment• This phase typically lasts about one to three months.
  11. 11. Agile Deployment- Tasks• Provide Agile Training• Deploy the Agile practices• Periodic Meetings to ensure deployment is on track and directionally correct
  12. 12. Agile Support- Goals• Provide the necessary support (e.g., coaching and mentoring) and validation• Identify local Agile Champions
  13. 13. Agile Support• This phase typically lasts about six to nine months.
  14. 14. Agile Support- Tasks• Provide continued Coaching and Mentoring• Provide In-session Validation of Practices• Provide periodic check-in meetings to monitor direction.
  15. 15. Agile Support- Tasks• Provide periodic Agile assessments to gauge adoption level• Provide additional focus on tools and automation• Groom local Agile Champions
  16. 16. How can you minimize delivery riskwhen moving to an Agile process?“A journey of a thousand miles must beginwith a single step.” Lao Tzu
  17. 17. Even large-scale agile adoptionmust begin with a single agileproject.
  18. 18. Summary• Define your challenges – Technological as well as personal• Set realistic expectation – Mastery is not achieved overnight
  19. 19. Special thanks & Content Recognition• Agile Adoption Roadmap(Written by Mario Moreira, Agile Journal )
  20. 20. Pay-it-forward / Donation onlytrainings1 day Agile & Scrum Training• September 24th – Irvine• September 30th – Boston & San Diego• October 20th - Phoenix• October 21st – Denver• Nov 7th - Portland• Nov 11th – Seattle
  21. 21. User groups /Communities• APLN – Agile Project Leadership Network• Scrum Alliance – Scrum User Groups• Online User Groups Scrum Alliance
  22. 22. Scrum Certifications
  23. 23. QUESTIONS?
  24. 24. Donation only 1 day Trainings• Irvine (Bachan Anand) – September 24th• Boston (Manoj Vadakan) – September 30th• San Diego (Bachan Anand ) – September 30th• Phoenix (Bachan Anand & Alan Dayley)– October 20th• Denver (Bachan Anand ) – October 21st