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Conscious Wealth "Lies" - Intro


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Myths, non-truths and little (or not so little) lies that we consciously or unconsciously tell ourselves and others, based on hidden traits.

We all have these hidden traits - the question is, which ones do you have, and how are they affecting your behaviours and performance in business and your private life?

In this introduction, we explain how you might be knowingly or unknowingly telling yourself stories that simply aren't true, what's behind this and what you can do about it.

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Conscious Wealth "Lies" - Intro

  1. 1. In  this  Video  we  are  going  to  talk   about    
  2. 2. In  this  Video  we  are  going  to  talk   about     Lying  
  3. 3. little white lies fooling people fooling yourself telling lies being a Liar consciously or unconsciously  
  4. 4. The  Shame  
  5. 5. The  Shame   get  over  it    
  6. 6. The  Shame   get  over  it     At  some  level  we  all  lie,  o:en  it’s  just  because   we  don’t  want  to  hurt  someone’s  feelings  
  7. 7. The  Shame   get  over  it     At  some  level  we  all  lie  o:en  it’s  just  because  we   don’t  want  to  hurt  someone’s  feelings   You’ve  got  feelings  too  
  8. 8. The  Shame   get  over  it     At  some  level  we  all  lie  o:en  it’s  just  because  we   don’t  want  to  hurt  someone’s  feelings   You’ve  got  feelings  too   perhaps    you  are  lying  to  yourself?  
  9. 9. The  Shame   get  over  it     At  some  level  we  all  lie  o:en  it’s  just  because  we   don’t  want  to  hurt  someone’s  feelings   You’ve  got  feelings  too   perhaps    you  are  lying  to  yourself?   Consciously  or  unconsciously…  
  10. 10. Did  you  know  ?  That   there  are  5  Energy  types   &   5  ways  of  lying  
  11. 11. Did  you  know  ?  That   there  are  5  Energy  types   &   5  ways  of  lying   Each  person  has    1  or  perhaps  2  dominant  energies   that  they  are  born  with     and  that’s  the  way  they  tend  to  lie....  
  12. 12. Did  you  know  ?  That   there  are  5  Energy  types   &   5  ways  of  lying   Each  person  has    1  or  perhaps  2  dominant  energies   that  they  are  born  with     and  that’s  the  way  they  tend  to  lie....   To  themselves  or  others  
  13. 13. Let’s  just  so:en  the  ‘lying’  a  bit   Perhaps  it’s  just  something  you  believe  in,     really  strongly  ,  your  truth.     That’s  not    lying…   So  lets  widen  it  and  include  a  myth  or  your  truth  
  14. 14. But  here’s  a  key  point:   What  do  we  call  it  when  someone   promises  something,  then   doesn’t  deliver  on  that  promise?   This  includes  breaking  promises  to  yourself…   which  has  serious  ramificaIons.   That’s  why  we’re  being  deliberately  provocaHve.  
  15. 15. Either  way,  there  are   5  Energies  and     5  ways  in  which     these  lies,  myths  and  own  truths     Show  up        when  you      Show  up  
  16. 16. You  can  get  to  see  which  energy  or   energies  are  more  dominant  and   showing  up  in  you   Because  .....  
  17. 17. You  have  done  your     Wealth  Dynamics  Profile   It’s  a  very  simple  profile  but  it  tells   you  which  energy  or  energies  are   showing  up  in  you....  
  18. 18. and  that’s  the  way  you  would  ‘tend’   to     Lie     Tell  ‘your’  truth   Or  deceive  yourself  and  others.    
  19. 19. Profiles  and  Energies   Creators  they  would  tend  to  have  High  Dynamo   (Wood)  energy    so  that’s  the  one  you  look  at  to  see   the  way  you  fool  yourself  or  others.   Stars  Now  you’re  a  blend,  so  check  out  both  the   Dynamo  (Wood)  and  Blaze  (Fire)  way  of  lying.    You   someImes  flip  between  the  ways  or  combine  them,   who  says  Stars  are  shallow!   Supporters  (How  I  hate  that  descripIon),  you  folks   check  out  the  Blaze  (Fire)  version  of  making  things  ok  
  20. 20. Profiles  and  Energies   Dealmakers  You’re  a  blend  too,  so  check  out  both  the     Blaze  (Fire)  and  the  Tempo  (  Earth)  ways  of  doing   things.    You  can  do  a  great  job  at  combining  these   two  styles.     Traders  they  would  tend  to  have  plenty  of  Tempo     (Earth)  energy    so  that’s  the    one  you  look  at  to  see   the  way  you  tend  to  make  it  ok  for  people  or  pull  the   wool  over  their  eyes.   Dealmakers  A  simple  blend  of  the  Tempo  (  Earth)  and   Steel  (Metal)  ,  so  check  out  both  of  these.    
  21. 21. Profiles  and  Energies   Lords    Visit  the  Steel  (Metal)  business  of  doing  things.   You  do  this  so  well  and  o:en  for  the  kindest  of   reasons.   Mechanics  You’re  a  blend  too,  so  check  out  both  the     Dynamo  (  Wood)    and  the  Steel  (  Metal)  method  and   see  how  you  put  that  together.         The  5th  Energy......    ‘Water’....       Their  way  of  doing  things  and  their  profile?   We’ll  come  back  to  that  shortly…    
  22. 22. Wealth  Dynamics  is  a  great  start   However,     your  profile  is  a  general  personality  snapshot,     like  being  told  you  are  in  America     and  then  given  a  map  of    New  York  to  find  your  way  around.     Great  if  you’re  in  New  York.  But  what  if  you’re  not?   The  Grand  Canyon  can  be  a  hell  of  a  fall,  and  Alaska   can  be  a  cold  place  if  you  get  lost  there.     It’s  a  great  model,  has  value  and  that’s  cool.    
  23. 23. Wealth  Dynamics  allows  people  to  see  the  value   in  understanding  the  Energies  but  it’s  just  a   start.  But  it  isn’t  a  full  fit  with  the  original   Chinese  way  of  thinking,  and  that  maZers,   because     You  need  those  extra  disHncHons  to  really  get   the  full  value  of  your     Wealth  Dynamics  profile.    
  24. 24. Back  to  the  5th  Element     Water  is  all  about  reflecHon,  risk  and   sustainability     Oh  and  desHny,  balance,  fear  and  ........   learning  from  the  past  and  ......     If  you  look  at  your  Wealth  Dynamics     profile  and  see  a  Square  there’s  a  good   possibility  that  you  should  read  about   the  Water’s  way  of  liVle  lies.  
  25. 25. Plus    you  might  want  to  check  out  some  of  our   material  on  the  missing  bits,  which  is  coming   really  soon,  or  come  along  to  a  Workshop  on     The  Hidden  Value  of  your     Wealth  Dynamics  Profile      
  26. 26. So  Click  On  your  profile  and  that  will   take  you  exactly  where  you  need  to  go.     Thank  you     for  sharing  your  Hme  with  us.   www.conscious-­‐     ©  Copyright  Conscious  Wealth,  LLP  2010.  All  rights  reserved.