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Myths, non-truths and little (or not so little) lies that we consciously or unconsciously tell ourselves and others, based on hidden traits.

We all have these hidden traits - the question is, which ones do you have, and how are they affecting your behaviours and performance in business and your private life?

In this video for those with 'Earth' or 'Late Summer' energy, we explain how you might be knowingly or unknowingly telling yourself stories that simply aren't true, what's behind this and what you can do about it.

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Conscious Wealth - Earth Lies

  1. 1. Change  is  everything   In  this  Video  we  are  going  to  talk   about  the  way  that  someone   with  lots  of   Earth  or  Tempo    Energy  Lies   and  that  is......    
  2. 2. ‘Rearranging  or  assimila6ng  the  facts   to  tell  a  new  truth’   It’s  amazing  how  different  a  situa6on  or  person   can  look  when  a  smart  lawyer  has  assimilated   or  rearranges  or  the  facts.     We  know  with  cooking  you  can  take  the  same   ingredients  but  come  up  with  a  completely   different  dish.     People  with  high  Tempo  can  be  so  quick  at  doing   this  it  can  fool  even  the  clearest  minds.  
  3. 3. They  can  even  fool  themselves     That’s  right,  one  of  the  issues  for  people  with   lots  of  Earth  or  Tempo  energy  is  that  they  can   fool  themselves  and  get  in  a  muddle.     Taking  things  that  are  not  connected  puGng   them  together  and  coming  up  with  a  whole   new  world.     A  new  world  that  may  make  them  feel  beIer   about  things  or  worse.    
  4. 4. Making  decisions  on  an  inner  non-­‐truth   The  new  truth  and  what  you  do  with  it  may  not   have  malicious  intent  but  it  may  have  that   final  outcome.     It  may  be  that  your  new  perceived  truth  holds   you  or  someone  else  back  .     Imagine  if  you  had  come  to  the  conclusion  that   you  weren't  good  enough  to  achieve   something.    
  5. 5. Looking  aOer  someone  that  doesn’t   need  you  help.   I  worked  with  someone  years  ago  who  always   had  someone  that  needed  looking  aOer.     How  was  that?   They  created  a  world  of  dependence  for  that   person  by  puGng  together  a  world  for  them   that  required  dependence,  a  feeder  a   confidant,  a  world  that  required  them.      
  6. 6. PuGng  together  any  world  you  want   If  you  are  smart  enough  you  can  change  anything  in   to  anything  by  rearranging  the  facts   You  can  avoid  all  responsibility,  all  learning,   you  can  see  the  world  in  anyway  way  you  want.   People  with  lots  of  Earth  energy  like  to  understand   things  and  will  do  anything  to  make  that  happen,   even  if  their  new  understanding  isn’t  true.  
  7. 7. To  solve  this  problem?   The  issue  here  is  one  of  processing  and  asking   someone  for  help  chewing  things  over.    Being  able  to  accept    and  assimilate  a  new  way   of  seeing  things  or  just  accep6ng  that  you   don’t  understand  things  yet.     Not  geGng  bogged  down  in  who  or  what  you   thought  was  true  if  it  no  longer  serves  you.    
  8. 8. Just  a  bit  of  fun  ?    We  hope  you  found  the  previous  content     however  simple  both  useful  and     thought  provoking.    It  is  only  the  beginning  of  a  journey,     a  journey  with  a  more  complete  map.     A  map  with  5,000  years  of  recorded  wisdom   and  insights  that  are  as  relevant  for  you   today  as  they  were  in  ancient  6mes.    
  9. 9. Our  aim  is  twofold     Firstly  to  increase  your  awareness  as  to  how   your  5  Energies  can  lead  to  behaviours  and   ac6ons  that  may  need  to  be  challenged  if  you   are  to  reach  a  higher  level  of  success.     Secondly  to  expand  beyond  Wealth  Dynamics   and  recapture  some  of  the  deeper  wisdom   that  awaits  you.    
  10. 10. The  6p  of  the  iceberg   We  just  touched  on  lies  here,  but  there  are  so   many  many  other  traits  and  quali6es  that  can   have  an  even  more  profound  affect  on  the  way   you  act  and  interact,  succeed  or  fail.     Each  of  the  5  Energies  can  limit  you  or  expand  you,   they  can  teach  you  or  crush  you,  they  change   with  6me  and  circumstance.     When  mastered  though  they  will  allow  you  to  play   at  such  a  level  of  awareness  and  vision  it  is   breathtaking.  
  11. 11. On  this  site  you  will  find  links.   Links  to  workshops   Links  to  the  Conscious  Wealth  Journey   &   A  very  special  link  to  a       Free  telephone  seminar  where  we  will  share   with  you  some  more  insights  and  why  most   personal  and  business  development  has  a   fundamental  flaw.  
  12. 12. We  are  aware  how  your  precious  6me  is  so     Thank  you     for  sharing  your  6me  with  us.   www.conscious-­‐     ©  Copyright  Conscious  Wealth,  LLP  2010.  All  rights  reserved.