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Orientation1 Outline7 29

  1. 1. (G) [Slide 1] Good evening and welcome to Florida Tech University Onlineʼs New Faculty Orientation – a tour through the Learning Management System. ` Faculty Orientation I “High Tech With A Human Touch” Page 1/19 Orientation1Outline7-29 “High Tech With A Human Touch”
  2. 2. (G) [Slide 2] My name is Gil Conradis, your Florida Tech LMS Trainer and Coordinator. Iʼm joined by Chad Wonderly, the faculty instructor for University Alliance. Please say hello. Chad…? Together weʼre going to co-facilitate this high-level overview into what will soon become your virtual classroom. If you have expirence with ANGEL, Bb, Moodle, Saki, or the like, you will have little problem with this LMS. But first, I am pleased to introduce the Associate Provost for Online Learning and University Professor for Florida Tech, Dean of Online Learning – Dr. Mary Bonhomme 2009 winner of the Joan Bixby award for enhancing the climate for womenʼs participation and development on campus– Mary…? Please hold your questions until we are finished with our program, as we may have answered them by the end. Faculty Orientation I “High Tech With A Human Touch” Page 2/19 Orientation1Outline7-29 Barbara Davis: Director, Training and Quality Assurance
  3. 3. (G) [Slide 3] Weʼll take a look at the following items: Faculty Orientation I “High Tech With A Human Touch” Page 3/19 Orientation1Outline7-29
  4. 4. (G) [Slide 4] Your Training Program. To assist in familiarizing you to the Learning Management System and preparing you for teaching your Summer I courses, Florida Tech has assembled a variety of resources. First, you have or soon will be receiving a welcome kit from Florida Tech University that includes online interactive assistance: Orientation URL – This web link will allow you to re-visit the LMS of tonight at your own pace and will continue to be a valuable resource during this your first class. Faculty Lounge area, Camtasia ʻFlashʼ files, Screen snaps guides, Online manuals - and of course myself To give you an opportunity to interact and ask questions, weʼve added 2 live webcasts. Congrats, youʼre participating in the first this evening. Thank you for participating this evening. Additionally , you will be supported throughout your tenure personally by a great team of people. Weʼll provide you contact information at the again conclusion of our session. And finally, weʼll look at some online resources that you will soon become privy to. So, letʼs get started… Chad? Faculty Orientation I “High Tech With A Human Touch” Page 4/19 Orientation1Outline7-29 Move to Browser view
  5. 5. (Chad) [Slide 5] You will receive continuing communications from Florida Tech University and University Alliance over the next several weeks. Included will be your an email from Florida Tech containing your TRACKS ID and an email from University Alliance containing your user name and password for accessing Florida Tech University Online. We endeavor to open all courses, all sections, approximately 2 weeks before the start of the term. To begin, simply log in to “floridatechonline.com” and select “Classroom Login”. (Landing page) Select your program from the dropdown and enter your username and password. Notice that from this login page, there is an option to recover your password should you need to. Again, select your applicable program and enter you email address. Your password will be reset and an email with that new password will be sent to that email address. Faculty Orientation I “High Tech With A Human Touch” Page 5/19 Orientation1Outline7-29
  6. 6. (Chad) [Slide 6] Once logged in to the system, youʼll land on the User Home page. Itʼs here that youʼll find helpful support to get you started and access the courses you are teaching. First, notice the 3 Welcome Steps. Step One is our online guide. Step Two is an online browser checker. Clicking the link will launch an internal program that verifies you have the necessary tools to participate in our online courses. As you can see, the page is very user-friendly. Green suggests pass while red alerts you to a possible issue and resolution. Click User Home to return to the main page. Step 3 prompts your to select your current course(s). Weʼll look at a demo course to give you an idea of the look and feel in just a minute. Faculty Orientation I “High Tech With A Human Touch” Page 6/19 Orientation1Outline7-29
  7. 7. (Chad) [Slide 7] Letʼs take a moment to explore other User options. Under the User Home option you find Account Information. Here you can change your password, enter your biography to be shared to your students through your courses, and hide the Welcome steps we just looked at. Additionally, the last box enables you to receive an email notification to your floridatech.edu account for new messages received here in the course email system. Course History is your access to those classes youʼve already taught. Your entire virtual classroom is available here to refer to after the course ends. Webliography – Allows you to enter new URL addresses for personal collections of useful websites while connected through the site. Archives – will soon be removed from view but the closed course information will still be available through Course History. Weʼll look at the Resources tab from our Course Home page in just a moment. Finally, watch for important alerts and reminders in School News. School News is used to communicate important messages to all students and faculty members. Faculty Orientation I “High Tech With A Human Touch” Page 7/19 Orientation1Outline7-29
  8. 8. (G)[Slide 8] LMS - designed and established Weekly class outline Outcomes Reading assignments Quiz/tests Lectures - CD, streaming, mp3 To enter your virtual classroom, click the hyperlinked course name. Notice that student access is highlighted in red. Itʼs important to note that accessing your classrooms in this manner is only available through the date and time posted here. After that expiration, professors may access the course through Course History but students will not have access to the classroom. Both professors and students will have email access for 1 week after the end of the current term. Once logged into your course, youʼll see the Weekly Class Outline has been completed and posted, highlighting the outcomes on a week by week basis. This has been designed as a ʻflexibleʼ instructor-led program – understanding that our students are often involved in work, family, and life in general and donʼt necessarily have a fixed study time. Use the dropdown box to toggle between all 8 weeks. Class News – is an area that you can use to highlight special announcements or messages to your students specific to the current week. This is the first area that students see upon logging into your courses. Announcements are most effective here, also guidance and directions to your students. Each weekʼs ʻClass Newsʼ is a separate area – and within each ʻClass Newsʼ you may change font color, size, or use different fonts to separate items. Now Chad will cover the all important course communication tools. chat, messages (discussion), e-mail Faculty Orientation I “High Tech With A Human Touch” Page 8/19 Orientation1Outline7-29
  9. 9. (Chad) [Slide 9] In addition to Class News, there are 3 additional methods for communicating to your students – Message Boards, Online Chat, and Class Roster/Email. Message Boards - are standard discussion boards with basic functionality. Online Chat – is a basic chat room available to professors and students 24/7. Itʼs also the forum to host office hours. We encourage class chat to build community in a timely communicative setting. Class Roster/Course Email – are tied together – is an internal messaging application. Thatʼs great news for you because it means NO SPAM! Florida Tech encourages you to keep abreast of communications going on within your course. If you are going to be unavailable for a period of time greater than 48 hours, be sure to contact your program chair for other arrangements. Faculty Orientation I “High Tech With A Human Touch” Page 9/19 Orientation1Outline7-29
  10. 10. [Slide 10] Course Admin - collection of major course tools •Course Calendar •Syllabi •Testing & Grading •Office hours - by request •Login Report - original student external e-mail (smtp) Select on the heading – “Course Admin” and you will see displayed the whole set of instructor tools and content areas in the LMS. (read slide… at Chat/Office Hour Reminders add this: Again, we encourage the use of the Online Chat Room to communicate with your students in real time, to include hosting your office hours. Florida Tech specifies for most courses 2 hours per week of chat availability with your students. I urge you to utilize full class chats when possible in order to further promote community and class peer group as more immediate form of communication. You may indicate a particular time or simply note “by appointment”. Faculty Orientation I “High Tech With A Human Touch” Page 10/19 Orientation1Outline7-29 Grading scale Outcomes expected Smarthinking link
  11. 11. (G) [Slide 11] Testing and Grading – Grade Book - The first option for entering grades in through the Grade Book, an online version of a very traditional grade book. More great news - your Grade Book will be completed in accordance of your course syllabus – graded assignments requiring manual entry will be highlighted blue and non- essay and automatically scored online exams and quizzes will be shown in marigold! The Grade Book allows you to provide immediate feedback to your students on their specific graded assignments t through the Feedback feature. The feedback is viewable between yourself and the student for the gradable item. Assignment List – allows you to review an individual assignment and then enter all corresponding student grades for that assignment. Enter Final Grades – Florida Tech University requires you to instead enter the studentsʼ official letter grades into the schoolʼs system, what is referred to as the PAWS. Review/Grade Online Tests – is the administrative tool for the courseʼs online tests. Itʼs here that you will have the ability to extend time to a student to complete a test, to reset tests, and to view components of the test and statistics of the ones completed. Thereʼs a further explanation and demonstration of these features in the Orientation CD and Faculty Lounge resources. Faculty Orientation I “High Tech With A Human Touch” Page 11/19 Orientation1Outline7-29
  12. 12. (G) [Slide 12] Up to Professor Resources. Faculty Orientation I “High Tech With A Human Touch” Page 12/19 Orientation1Outline7-29
  13. 13. (Cheryl) [Slide 13] Hello, Iʼm Cheryl Davis, your Distance Learning Librarian. The Evans Library at Florida Tech makes available the same electronic resources and services to all Florida Tech faculty, students and staff .The Library has thousands of full-text periodicals, books, government documents and over 150 full-text databases. There are several ways to access the Libraryʼs services. Within your LMS – there is a link to the Library Web page under the Professor and Student Resources tab. You can also reach us through our Web address as listed. Your TRACKS account, which you use to open your fit.edu email, can also be used on our Web page to access our many journals, e- books and databases. Faculty Orientation I “High Tech With A Human Touch” Page 13/19 Orientation1Outline7-29
  14. 14. (Cheryl) [Slide 14] Remember the librarians are here to help you and your students with their research questions, assignments or papers! Please let me know if I can be of any assistance - you can contact me by phone or email. Or, use the Ask a Librarian service to chat with a librarian or email a question. From our Web page, click on Ask a Librarian under the Express Links. Telephone assistance is also available on the dates and times listed. Thank you for this opportunity to showcase the resources and services available at your Library here at Florida Tech. Faculty Orientation I “High Tech With A Human Touch” Page 14/19 Orientation1Outline7-29
  15. 15. (G) [Slide 15] The last resource to discuss is your Faculty Lounge. Think of the Lounge as a virtual classroom for Florida Tech faculty members. It’s a central spot where specific needs of the Florida Tech faculty are available 24/7 all year long. Resource items policy Professional Information Demonstrations Feature Faculty Orientation I “High Tech With A Human Touch” Page 15/19 Orientation1Outline7-29 Navigation bar menu
  16. 16. (Chad) [Slide 16] Because we pride ourselves on the flexibility and convenience of our system and know that faculty and students may be connected at all hours of the day and night. Tech Support is available during the extended times noted here. And for issues that are reported after hours, a team member will contact you upon the office re-opening the next day, including weekends. Faculty Orientation I “High Tech With A Human Touch” Page 16/19 Orientation1Outline7-29
  17. 17. (G) [Slide 17] Smarthinking, Turnitin, Refworks, Evans Library, Student early alert form – sent by you when you feel a student is struggling. Students not logging into your course the first week will be automatically removed from the class roll. Always contact your program chair if you think you may be absent from your course more than 48 hours. Communication is key – please endeavor to return student contact as soon as possible. Students are predominantly 22 years old and above, have work and family. Faculty Orientation I “High Tech With A Human Touch” Page 17/19 Orientation1Outline7-29 Browser checker
  18. 18. (G) [Slide 18] Smarthinking: free to students, live mentoring and scheduled training. Link is in week 1 and syllabi. Turnitin helps ensure originality, as well as use of proper citation. Designed to help educators and students develop a better sense of what plagiarism means, and to provide planning, organizational, and citation information. RefWorks: a new online service available through the Evans Library. Cheryl Davis, Distance Learning Librarian, is a valuable resource to assist you and your students in your research needs. Faculty Orientation I “High Tech With A Human Touch” Page 18/19 Orientation1Outline7-29 Create bibliographies (MLA, APA), citations & footnotes
  19. 19. (G) [Slide 19] Weʼve been very fortunate to have gathered these members of Florida Tech Online Learning. Weʼve provided contact information for areas you may have questions on during these next few weeks. They are: Finally, welcome to Florida Tech and the University Alliance. I personally thank you for participating in this eveningʼs webcast and we look forward to working with you. Thatʼs all I have for you now! Questions? Faculty Orientation I “High Tech With A Human Touch” Page 19/19 Orientation1Outline7-29 uafaculty list - uafaculty@lists.fit.edu