People and the arts #4


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People and the arts #4

  1. 1. V L AA U I R L S
  2. 2. A B C D E
  3. 3. Double BOMB!!
  4. 4. Please choose which picture best describes the word “Shy”.
  5. 5. 1) In a briefcase under her bed suitcase sketchbook was a sculpturing full of her drawings.
  6. 6. 2) After that day, Picasso began to draw Sylvette. All through thesummer he drew photographs winter, pictures and made sculptures of her.
  7. 7. Picasso and the Girl with a Ponytail Page 143. Lesson #4
  8. 8. Reading p143Picasso looked at her,and then jumped up.“You have given mean idea,” he said.
  9. 9. There are many symbols.Which is the symbol for an idea?
  10. 10. Reading p143“I knew something was missing from the sculpture… You must hold something in your hand!”
  11. 11. Reading p143Picasso begansearching through bitsand pieces on a table.At last he found whathe wanted.
  12. 12. Reading p143“In her hand,” Picasso announced, Sylvette holds…a key!” He pushed a big iron key into the hand of the sculpture.
  13. 13. Reading p143“Sylvette looked puzzled. “She has a key because she has so many secrets locked away.” Picasso fixed the key in place.
  14. 14. Reading p143“But she also has a key…listen, Sylvette…to open a new door!”“Look! It is finished- The Girl with a Key.
  15. 15. Reading p143Now, Sylvette, I wouldlike to give you apresent. You maychoose any one of mypaintings you like.
  16. 16. Reading p143Maybe it will help toopen a door for you.”She chose the veryfirst drawing Picassohad drawn of her.
  17. 17. Comprehension Question What do you think themeaning of the key in “The Girl with a Key” is?
  18. 18. VocabularyMiss: Something is not there. “I knew something was missing from the sculpture.” (3rd sentence first paragraph)
  19. 19. There are many meanings to“Miss.” Which picture is correct for us?
  20. 20. VocabularyAnnounce: To make known. “In her hand,” Picasso announced, “Sylvette holds… a key!” (7th sentence first paragraph)
  21. 21. VocabularyIron: Metal “He pushed a big iron key into the hand of the sculpture.” (8 th sentence first paragraph)
  22. 22. There are many “Irons.” Whichpicture is the correct Iron for us?
  23. 23. VocabularyPuzzled: Confused“Sylvette looked puzzled.” (9th sentence first paragraph)
  24. 24. Puzzled
  25. 25. Vocabulary Fix: Attach.“Picasso fixed the key in place.” (11th sentence first paragraph)
  26. 26. VocabularySearch through: Look through.“Picasso began searching through bits and pieces on the table.” (5th sentence first paragraph)
  27. 27. VocabularyBits and Pieces: Small things of different types. (5th sentence first paragraph)“Picasso began searching through bits and pieces on the table.”
  28. 28. VocabularyI would like to:“I would like to give you a present.”
  29. 29. I would like to give you?An AppleA HaircutA PuppyA CookieA Cute Rabbit
  30. 30. Can you remember the five things I would like to give you? (In order please)