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The New Prince by Rebbecca Sobamiwa


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The New Prince by Rebbecca Sobamiwa

  2. 2. Once upon a time there was a king and queen who lived in an enchanted forest. They always wanted a son or daughter but they never got one. The king had a small moustache and a big huge bloodhound. The queen had a box full of high heels and a bigCHAPTER huge Labrador. They never had children the1 only children they had was puppy’s lots andDOGS lots of puppies. Almost everybody in the kingdom had a child or a new born one especially a new born one. So one day they had a very serious problem. Their kingdom of children went missing. The whole kingdom went out looking but nothing not single word not single teardrop not single evidence not a single anything. There was nothing the queen and king could do they just have to wait for something and hope they would come back.
  3. 3. The next week they had a army to search theland or the world anywhere but they did notfind a single child the queen was so sadbecause she didn’t have children but thekingdom of children were still herchildren[not necessarily]. The queen just feltlike fainting but she didn’t she will nevergive up even though she had no children shewill never give up. She snook out in thenight and rented a boat or a big hugegigantic enormous ferry. That is just so notright taking something huge in the middleof the night that lights up a lot. While shewas on the boat she fell asleep she felt kindof a small little foot kick in her tummy.
  4. 4. CHAPTER 2 THE HEADIt hurted first but then it became even worseShe screamed for help but then she had no doubt that someonewould come. She is in the middle of the sea and she is in the dark.She was thinking it was pregnancy or just a tummy ache. Suddenlyas she was going to the bathroom to see what had happened toher she saw a head come out. She had no bodyguards no soldiersto protect her. So she had to do it on her own
  5. 5. She defiantly knew what it was she was cryingand happy at the same time because she wasgoing to have a baby [maybe]She called “mayday mayday” but there wasno answer she turned the boat in pain andarrived just in time for the baby. She was inshock. She ran to the forest and went towake up her husband. He took her to thehospital and they had a few checkups andfinally the baby had arrived it was a babyboy.
  6. 6. They named him Adam which in their language is my love. He grew up to be a very handsome man he married a woman called Joanna. They had a beautiful boy and girl called Anna and Justin. They had aCHAPTER beautiful time together but the children3 of the kingdom was not found, howeverTHE they had new onesNAMES
  7. 7. Although the king and queen died of labournot the king he died of oldness but THENEW PRINCE was here. CHAPTER 4They had a beautiful time and so on so on LABOURwhatever they lived happily ever after youknow how the story goes.