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As testers, do we do more harm than good?

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As testers, do we do more harm than good?

  1. 1. @conorfi As Testers, do we more harm than good? Conor Fitzgerald Head of Testing - Poppulo @conorfi
  2. 2. @conorfi Credit: Safe baby handling tips Parenting @conorfi
  3. 3. @conorfi Data Driven Parenting
  4. 4. @conorfi Guiding Principles Credit: forbesbooks
  5. 5. @conorfi Potential
  6. 6. @conorfi My Testing JourneyCredit: tri4newbies @conorfi
  7. 7. @conorfi Executor
  8. 8. @conorfi Partner Credit: forbes
  9. 9. @conorfi Diversion @conorfi
  10. 10. @conorfi Data Driven Development
  11. 11. @conorfi Credit: Emily Bache(@emilybache) - Accelerate DevOps Research What you need to know
  12. 12. @conorfi Guiding Principles Credit: Modern Testing Principles Alan Page and Brent Jensen
  13. 13. @conorfi “Accelerate the Achievement of Shippable Quality” Credit: Modern Testing Principles - Alan Page and Brent Jensen
  14. 14. @conorfi 1. Business First 2. Accelerate the Team 3. Always Learn and Improve 4. Lead a Quality Culture 5. The Customer is King 6. Data trumps intuition 7. Everyone can test Credit: Principles In Brief - TestBash Home Talk by Alan Page
  15. 15. @conorfi Influencer Credit: ElevenMediaGroup
  16. 16. @conorfi Takeaways @conorfi
  17. 17. @conorfi Safetynet Solo Static
  18. 18. @conorfi Coaching Collaborating Change
  19. 19. @conorfi The training wheels Credit: Authentic Medicine Credit: Amit Wertheimer
  20. 20. @conorfi Questions @conorfi
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