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Evaluation of my magazine2


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Evaluation of my magazine2

  1. 1. Evaluation Of My Magazine Conor Drury 1
  2. 2. In what ways does your mediaproduct use, develop or challengeforms and conventions of realmedia products? 2
  3. 3. My Front Cover.My front cover sticks mainly to the social conventions made byother magazines. The main image used is a mid shot of themodel, the model is looking directly at the reader to create asense that the model is looking back at you as you look at her.This technique is used in many magazines as it helps connectwith the audience. A large masthead is used to help the readereasily identify the magazine and the strap line is included justbelow the masthead, similar to magazines such as “Kerrang”.My cover challenges forms of social convention by only showingone eye of the model. I decided to do this so my model lookedmore connected to the genre that my music was based on. Ialso included 4 pictures of the same model, this allowed me togive the consumers an extra reason to buy the magazine byshowing some of the free items that were inside.Many magazines stick to a very similar style of fonts, forexample 2 or 3 different fonts, in this piece I have used close tosix different fonts. This helps the magazine look edgy andmodern compared to more formal styles of magazine.Compared to having a separate logo and masthead separatelywe created a combination of them both. This idea is relativelyunused in the media world and allowed us to save space on thecover, as well as having a logo and a masthead to utilize furtheron in the magazine. 3
  4. 4. My Front Cover.Many social conventions have been kept when taking andselecting the images that should be used for my cover.The model selected can easily link to other artists andfans of the pop-punk genre, This is because of her hairstyle. The bright colour shows a creative person and thefringe that is swept over one eye shows a lack of respectto the more organized genre showing that pop-punk fansand artists alike are very outgoing. All of the otherpictures show models that are wearing very basicclothing, this allows teenage fans to easily copy them .The font used for the Masthead of this magazine is verysimilar to what you might find in a typical Americanhighschool, which is where a lot of bands who play thisgenre of music are from. The stereotype for a personwho plays this style of music is very open, they caneither be happy and fun (ie, Jaret Reddick – Bowling forSoup) or very dark and mysterious (ie, Taylor Momsen –The Pretty Reckless.) I decided to choose a picture whichcould suggest both, similar to the Mona Lisa. Thisallowed the piece to link with more than one type ofpunk fan.
  5. 5. My Contents Page. My contents page sticks to many of the existing social conventions made by real media products, for example the listing used were examples that are already in many magazines. The colours used stuck to a colour scheme that runs through the entire magazine which is utilized fully by most magazine creators. We included a section titled “WIN” this was used on many contents pages so when the reader opens it to see what’s in the magazine they have a further incentive to buy it. I challenged media conventions by including a dark picture on my contents page. I did this because I wanted the image to merge into the background whilst still sticking to the colour scheme of the magazine. I developed many media conventions in this piece. For example in the lists I made each bands name bold, I did this so that when the reader views the contents page its easier to see which bands are included in this magazine and by highlighting the bands it gives the consumer a better reason to buy the magazine. I also included a new section our group came up with called “Word On The Street” this gives the reader an insight to what might be included in future issues of the magazine and gives them a chance to listen to them before hand. 4
  6. 6. My Contents Page.Again I used the American highschool style font as itwas part of our house style. The image used on thispage is of a young person doing a stunt on a bmx bike.The model is wearing quite modern clothing which couldlink to our genre of music, A “Ramones” jumper. Ourchosen music style links very strongly with the wholeBMX/Skateboarding scene. This link can be found inmany existing music videos, such as “Fat Lip” bySum41.The image in the bottom left corner shows a modelswearing. By using this image it helps the magazine asa whole link to an older group of people, a group whereswearing publicly will be something to award. Again thismodel is wearing a pop-culture based article of clothing.Something that is easily available to buy and liked by alarge group of people.
  7. 7. My Double Page Spread. My double page spread follows the social conventions made by the media world more closely compared to the other pages. Firstly a mid shot of my model, used on the front cover is used, covering two pages with the model on one side and the majority of text on the other. The masthead is the largest thing on the page which gives us an insight to the piece. A pulled quote is used in empty space to give an anecdote to the piece but also fill unused space. In the bottom right hand corner the page number is listed which corresponds to the contents page allowing the reader to navigate the magazine more easily. The text is placed on slightly transparent backgrounds to allow for easy reading. This technique is used by many major magazine companies to avoid cutting sections out of the image.I developed social conventions by instead of using basic smaller images on my page I made the smallerimages look like Polaroid pictures. I did this because the white background around the images makes themstand out more, also because much of the content inside the article is about the past, for example thesection about “Simply Red”, it helps link further to the article. 5
  8. 8. My Double Page Spread.The photos used on this double page spreadwere all taken at the local skatepark. Beingaccepted at a skatepark is usually somethingthat comes with age, As well as again usingsport as another link to the teenage genre thisDPS is very socially conventional. The contrastof the faces the model is pulling shows thelarge variety of moods the pop punk genre canportray. The large image shows the modellooking quite stern, which contrasts to theimage of her smiling when riding on the bike.The positioning of the model makes her lookvery natural but also desirable. By showing herfixing her hair it allows girls who read thesestyle of magazines to realise that noteveryones perfect, not even celebrities. This isa large contrast to what is often shown in “Pop”magazines.Again a Pop-culture based t-shirt is used. Bydoing this we also create a link to an olderaudience who would often remember certainmemories by seeing these images.