Eliminate the Aggravation of Aggregation: Understanding the Business Value of Automated Online Data Collection and Monitoring


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Are you concerned with the cost of online data aggregation? Unsure of the data quality? Struggling with timeliness of monitoring and collecting web data? Burdened with IT bottlenecks when scripted processes break? Don’t know how to take advantage of the data?

Online data aggregation processes are a source of aggravation for many organizations but, it doesn’t have to be that way. In this lively online forum, you’ll learn how the latest advancements in automated online data aggregation are enabling market leaders to save time and money, increase productivity, and improve data quality. Industry expert Ned May, Vice President and Lead Analyst at Outsell, Inc., will make the case for automating data aggregation processes. Isai Shenker, Vice President of Product Management and Gina Cerami, Vice President of Marketing from Connotate, will then present proof of business value and results with real-world examples.

Ned May Vice President and Lead Analyst Outsell Inc.
Isai Shenker Vice President of Product Management Connotate
Gina Cerami Vice President of Marketing Connotate
Today’s discussion
• Aggregation Aggravation
• Living In An Age of Information Overload
• An Ever Important Task
• Yet Information Harder To Gather
1: People Driven
• Publishers Ruled
• Users Struggled
• Researchers Controlled
2: License Driven
• Publishers maintained
• Aggregators emerged
• Some users happy
3: Web Driven
• Publishers diminish
• Web players dominate
• Most users happy
4: Network Driven
• Publishers regain
• Platforms dominate
• Users overwhelmed
• With A World Of Choice
• Eliminate the Aggravation of Aggregation: Understanding the Business Value of Automated Online Data Collection and Monitoring
Automated Aggregation Solutions Turn Data into Gold
• How Does an Automated Solution Fit?
• Case Study
• Data Sources
• Company sites, News Outlets, Global government & Regulatory sites
• 30 sites
• 4 languages
• Data extraction and monitoring methods
• Pre-packaged feeds
• Manual
• Frequency
• Once a day
• Accuracy
• Acceptable for feeds; Very low for manual processes
• Cost
• 30-40 people (editors and analysts) spending 20% of their time (about 300 hrs/week)
• Case Study
• Desired Goals:
• Accuracy – accurate change detection
• Timeliness – real time updates
• Scale – monitor/collect data from more sources
• No special skills – usable by non-technical users

• Solution:
• Connotate Agent Community Enterprise
• Case Study
• Once a day
• Once every 10 seconds
• Case Study
• More Accuracy at a Fraction of the Cost
• Case Study
• Is an Automated Solution Right for Your Business?
• Five Key Considerations
• What To Think About When Choosing An Automated Solution
• What productivity improvements
should you expect?
• What kind of resources
will be nee

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