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  1. 1.  Michael Jackson became a pop star firstly for the music. That was followed by what he wore flamboyant clothingand the wild and unusual dances that he includes with hissongs. It can also be fact that the media find constant news abouthim e.g. The surgery to his nose, him keeping a pet monkey,a shrine to Elizabeth Taylor.
  2. 2.  The way in which Michael Jackson has been represented isagain through the wild and flamboyant costumes that he’swears in his various music video’s e.g. the jacket he’s wearsin Thriller, the sparkly glove in Billie Jean, the tape foundon the end of his fingers in Bad and Smooth Criminal. He can also be represented in people performing his dancemoves e.g. the moonwalk, the lean forwards
  3. 3.  In case of Michael Jackson with him starring in the Jacksonwhen he was younger people watched him grow up as heappeared one of the few TV shows of that time. At the same time as he was growing up the stories hewitnessed is what as a young boy shaped him into what heis and what the industry wanted him to do and what theaudience expected of him.
  4. 4.  For Michael Jackson’s trend setting it more or less for fanstrying to copy the clothes that he’s wearing and them tryingcopy the various hair styles he had. The fans will also belistening for the message the he’s trying to convey which isthe discrimination and hatred which is used in varioussongs e.g. Black or White, They Don’t Care About Us, TheEarth Song.
  5. 5.  The personality of Michael Jackson was him being kind andsupportive of others who were discriminated against. He was also to have been considered quite mad because ofall the nonsense about him being covered in the papers e.g.him denying he owned a pet chimp, him proposing toElizabeth Taylor, him having surgery done on his nose.
  6. 6.  Based on Dyers theory of pop star construction itmust be important to let the audience see what theywant to see about each of the idols and have goodexpectations for them being good role models inthere eyes. It is important to create the right star image becauseif you give the audience something that they don’twant to see or expect of them then there thoughtswill go in the other direction from what theyexpected of this person.