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SXSWedu Invention Studio PanelPicker


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These are the introduction slides for a proposed talk for SXSWedu 2018 about Invention Studio, a high school accelerator for social impact products.

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SXSWedu Invention Studio PanelPicker

  1. 1. Invention Studio A high school accelerator for social impact products
  2. 2. Why?
  3. 3. High school students are at the perfect point in their lives where they are capable, creative, and caring.
  4. 4. Engineering Design thinking Social Impact
  5. 5. Our Impact: Projects social anxiety animal rights homelessness blindness
  6. 6. 94% report that they feel more confident in their ability to make an impact 94% report feeling more curious about the world 81% report feeling more capable as engineers Our teams are majority female-led. Our Impact: Students
  7. 7. testimonials “I used to think I wasn't capable of creating an end product in a project. Now I think that I am more than capable and my creative ideas for projects need to be heard!” “One of my strengths after this class is a new understanding of how the design thinking process can be applied to solve a problem, and how it can be utilized to solve almost any problem.”