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Do You Fish Hunt Or Farm


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Social media for recruiting and employment branding

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Do You Fish Hunt Or Farm

  1. 1. Mastering the Latest in Recruiting: Social Media Do you fish, hunt or farm? Connie Hampton Hampton & Associates Scientific & Executive Search Consultants (510) 601-1343
  3. 3. Positions Have Not Changed• Staffing of multiple openings with the same description• Regular, on-going openings• Specialists• Managers and executives
  4. 4. Questions have not changed• What skills, experience, attitude, expectations do the company and the hiring manager need?• Where are the people who can meet that need?• Who are they and are they interested?• Do they qualify and fit?• What do they need to accept the offer?
  6. 6. How are you currently reaching job candidates?• Referrals• Job boards• Your careers page on the company website• Professional Networking Sites• Recruiter initiated• College recruiting• Rehires• Social Media• Agencies and 3rd Party Recruiters• Print advertisements/want ads/Billboards• Temp or contractor to hire• Career Fairs• Walk-ins• What else?
  7. 7. CareersXRoads 2011 Survey
  8. 8. Bersin & Associates, 2011
  9. 9. No organization hires unless you have a problem you can’t solve with the people you already employ• Take “from within” out of the mix.
  10. 10. Surveys say:• Referrals and Job boards are the top ways that companies find external hires• Company websites/careers pages come in next• All the rest together fill the final third
  11. 11. Do you fish, hunt or farm?
  12. 12. Where or How to Fish– Employee referrals and referral programs– Career fairs/virtual fairs– College/University recruiting– Company website/career pages– Job postings on job boards– Print/newspapers/billboards/radio– Walk-ins
  13. 13. Referrals• How do you let your employees and managers who are not “feeling the pain” of the open position know the kind of person you are looking for?
  14. 14. Employee Referral Programs
  15. 15. Career Fairs and College Recruiting
  16. 16. Company websites• Opportunities at XYZ• Listed below you will find all of the open positions for which we are currently recruiting. To apply, please select the job position you are interested in and on the subsequent page select “Apply”. Here you will have the opportunity to submit your resume, CV, and cover letter electronically. Thank you for your interest in XYZ• Clinical Development and Operations• Clinical Scientist• Medical Director• Research and Preclinical Development• No jobs available at this time.• Process Development and Manufacturing• No jobs available at this time.• R&D Compliance• No jobs available at this time.• Corporate Development• No jobs available at this time.• Strategic Portfolio Management• No jobs available at this time.• General and Administration• Executive Assistant• Internship• No jobs available at this time.
  17. 17. Posting the Job• Job boards are the #1 way that the unemployed look for a job.
  18. 18. Job Boards
  19. 19. Social networks
  20. 20. Job Search Engine Sites•••• Ebay Classifieds•• Trovit• Juju• Oodle• Jobs2careers•
  21. 21. Trawling for help • Posting on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn on the company’s pages is another form of broadcasting.
  22. 22. HuntingIn-house• Initiated by FTE recruiter• Initiated by in-house but contract recruiterOutside help• Agencies• 3rd party recruiters (contingency, retained, or modular/unbundled)
  23. 23. Tools for hunting• Preparation• Online search – Boolean search – Social media for the data – Directories and Databases• Phone search• Keeping track• Contacting each
  24. 24. Preparation• Prepare: – Which industry niche – What are you hunting • Get that job description with all the details Use Wikipedia.comYou do not need a generic candidate
  25. 25. The Online Hunt• Old School: Boolean search – – – – – Beware the outdated resume with no working contacts
  26. 26. Using the Social Media Sites for hunting• LinkedIn groups – Keywords in the members tab• LinkedIn Profiles – Advanced Search – Save your common searches• – Keywords, location, industry,• Twitter #(keyword)• Google+ and Pinterest also use #hashtags
  27. 27. Directories and databases• Facebook/Branchout/BeKnown/• Jigsaw• Netprospex• BusinessWeek• Hoovers• Forbes• Specialty directories online
  28. 28. Keep trackName Title Dept Com- City State Phone Email memo pany
  29. 29. Contacting each one• Phone and voice mail• Email• Texting• Through social media sites when you are already connected (1st degree or in groups)• Introductions through LinkedIn (2nd, or 3rd degree)• Direct Tweets• Handwritten notes
  30. 30. Success!• Review the resumes that look good, do your due diligence and check the person’s LinkedIn profile as well as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter if you can.• Present the best for your hiring manager to do the first screening and then go back and verify education, past employment, etc.
  31. 31. Farming: Grow your own• Internal candidates – excellent training – mentoring – retention programs• Alumni or Rehires• Temp/Contractor/Consultant to FTE Hire• Social media connections, friends and visitors – Interactive website and career pages – Talent pools – Talent communities
  32. 32. Put the pieces together for your current employees
  33. 33. Alumni or Rehires: Where Are They?• Alumni groups••••••
  34. 34. Try before you buy• Bringing a temp or contractor or consultant in as a full time employee is another way to “grow your own”. This assumes that you will need their talent for the long run and have a good idea of how long that is.
  35. 35. Social media and Talent• A talent pool is a group of known individuals who have the talent you may need. You know who they are, what they can do and how to reach them.• You maintain this list or you might hire a consultant to assemble one for you
  36. 36. Talent pipeline• These are those people from the talent pool who you are moving toward and through the hiring process.• They have been pre-identified, pre-screened and approached to see if they really are interested.• They are now in the process of evaluating the company and the hiring team is evaluating them.
  37. 37. Talent has changed• Candidates have changed – They review the company and really dig to see if they want to work for you • •• Even though unemployment is high – Only about 1 in 100 resumes sent to job postings are on target – The right people may well be employed and not looking – Or they may not be able to find you in the “noise”
  38. 38. Social Media is a form of communication• 2-way communications• What do you want to say?• What responses do you want and will you get?• Engage!• Be sure that your brand is accurate because if you say one thing and your audience and employees say another, your potential candidates will see the discrepancies.
  39. 39. Employment Branding• Company’s identity, values and goals• Employee value proposition• Strategy and plan – What do you hope to accomplish? – How much time can you dedicate to it? – Can you get your marketing team involved?
  40. 40. Examples of Employment Brands• Vmware• – Tagline – Message fits tagline and is not bland or boring – Fits with total social presence (logo, colors, letterhead) on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blog, Wikipe dia, Google+, etc.
  41. 41. Another• Children’s Hospital Atlanta• – Tagline/motto – Videos by employees • Illustrate tagline • What it is like to work there • Why work there
  42. 42. What does your web presence look like now?Company website & Career pagesLinkedIn Company PageFacebook Page and posts, tabs and eventsTwitter Page and tweetsYouTube Channel and videosGoogle+ Page, videos, hangouts
  43. 43. Company WebsiteEasy to useConsistent designConsistent message/taglineEasily found career pagesQuotes from various employeesVideo from various employees
  44. 44. Career Pages• Attractive• Shows, in quotes, pictures and video, the company values and culture• Job descriptions are clear and written to attract the ideal candidate• Job descriptions could even be videos of the hiring manager discussing what the department is doing and needs to do
  45. 45. Company Blog• This is the place for marketing to show the world what is happening and to discuss it.• Not just the PR content• Add personal accounts, pictures and videos from the people who achieved those goals, the CEO’s letter, the latest fun charity event the company sponsored, etc.
  46. 46. LinkedIn Company Page• Do you have one?• Do you use the careers tab?• The products and services tab?• Note the ability to post a banner and tagline.
  47. 47. Facebook Page• Do you have one?• Do you have a banner?• Have you filled out all of the possible data?• What apps are attached?• What resources do you post?• Do you have events?• How can you give to the community?
  48. 48. Twitter PageBe consistent with your sign and message/taglineTweet no more than 3 times a day, for example: 1. Promotional tweet (job posting or PRannouncement) 2. ReTweet that would be of interest to thepeople following you 3. Content of interest to the people following you
  49. 49. YouTube ChannelPost the videos of your employees talking abouthow great it is to work for you, your CEO’s“letter”, your scientists posters andpresentations, anything public that givespotential employees a glimpse into yourcompany.Monitor who views them and get them in yourtalent pool.
  50. 50. Google+• Is much like all of the above, although there are some concerns with what Google is doing with privacy.• Make circles of people, whether they are on G+ or not, talent pools you can send regular messages to like your tweets, or even better with content and questions.
  51. 51. Pinterest• “Pinning” sites and content that would be of interest to your team will draw in more people with the same interests.
  52. 52. Do’s and Don’tsPepsi!/pepsico!/SequentaIncHas no LinkedIn page, no Facebook page, no YouTube page.
  53. 53. Where to distribute your employment brandingCompany website, career pages and blogLinkedIn company PageFacebook PageTwitter PageYouTube ChannelGoogle+ PagePinterest Page