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  • Have parents guess where they have seen these words before?Greater awareness of Wellbeing… via social networks, buzz articles… and just listening to our student body… “What kind of students are we cultivating?”Our department goals: ES/ MS/ HSSIP initiative – Wellness survey
  • TOK presentations
  • http://www.isqols2009.istitutodeglinnocenti.it/Content_en/Huppert.pdfBroken down further by gender, age group, education, marital status, income, and health
  • 5 minutesWe cannot teach or give to others what we don’t do or modelToday is an introduction… it’s not a 5 minute and get it, it’s a way of life
  • Write down on cards, provide pens/pencilsFind others with the same strengths as youWho found it challenging? Am I bragging or do I just know who I am and embrace things I can/ cannot do?On going process of taking stock… not letting
  • COUNSELORS TO FACILITATE Who found it challenging? Am I bragging or do I just know who I am and embrace things I can/ cannot do?On going process of taking stock… not letting
  • Happiness theory comes dangerously close to Aristotle’s monism because happiness is defined by life satisfaction.Well-being has several contributing elements that take us safely away from monismTheory of uncoerced choice….five elements that comprise of what free people will choose for their own sake
  • Positive Emotion – The pleasant life, pleasure, warmth, comfort… what we feelEngagement – In retrospect “That was fun”, being absorbed in an activityRelationships – Having people in your life that care about youMeaning – Something pursued for it’s own sake, belonging to and serving something you believe is bigger than yourself (practicing compassion and mindfulness)Accomplishment - This is not winning solely for winning’s sake
  • Identify strengths
  • The search was conducted by 55 top social scientists over a period of three years beginning in 2001.6 over arching virtues/ that umbrella the 24 character strengths: wisdom and knowledge, courage, humanity, justice, temperance and transcendence – form a language of common groundThe VIA Inventory of Strengths Survey identifies traits of character (consistent traits people universally express across all areas of their life -- home, family, social life, work). Other instruments identify people's talents, skills, aptitudes and personality styles or preferences (such as being an introvert or extrovert) and frequently focus on a specific part of life, such as the workplace.We have control over the strengths… environmental influenceWe did this as a department – great exercise – printed out our strengths (OWING OUR STRENGTHS)
  • 5 minutes
  • Positive Psychology Parent Coffee

    1. 1. Positive Psychology PARENT COFFEE October 2, 2013
    2. 2. School Mission & Philosophy International School Manila  To build a vibrant learning community  …maintain healthy balance in the time devoted to work, rest and recreation  Acknowledge and celebrate our differences and encourage empathy, compassion…  …live our lives positively, joyfully, and ethically
    3. 3. Gross National Happiness How do we measure the success/prosperity of a nation? GDP vs. Happiness What is wealth for? Isn’t it for well-being?
    4. 4. “What comes first? Success or happiness?” Isabel Lilles, ISM Senior and Student Ambassador Co-President
    5. 5. University of Cambridge Well-being Institute International School Manila - J. Melton
    6. 6. How do we evaluate ourselves?
    7. 7. What are your strengths?  Write down three things you do well  Find others that have similar strengths
    8. 8. Strength Group Discussion  What were your strengths growing up?  How were they recognized?  Who recognized them?  How did you utilize them?  What are your strengths now and have they changed?  What are your child’s strengths?
    9. 9. What Positive Psychology IS!  The study of what is RIGHT with people  Goes beyond being simply “happy”  The study of well-being  What makes life worth living  Supported by empirical research  Flourishing is the goal!  Removing misery + having PERMA
    10. 10. What Positive Psychology is not  Happy-ology  A tool to eliminate negative emotions  Simple positive thinking  “Positive Psychology should be just as concerned with building strength as with repairing damage”. – Martin Seligman
    11. 11. Fathers of Positive Psychology Martin Seligman Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
    12. 12. Authentic Happiness  Explores the science and nature of happiness  Happiness can be cultivated by nurturing traits we already possess  Signature strengths  Pleasure, Engageme nt, Meaning
    13. 13. Flourish  Goes beyond Authentic Happiness to explore Well-being  Happiness = monism  Well-being = comprehensive  Relationships & Accomplishment  US Military & Resilience training to help prevent PTSD
    14. 14. PERMA Positive Emotion Engagement (flow) Relationships Meaning Accomplishment
    15. 15. Thriving?
    16. 16. VIA Character Strengths  Virtues in Actions  They form the “backbone” of the science of positive psychology  24 strengths we can use to build our best lives for ourselves and others.
    17. 17. Wisdom and Knowledge 1. Creativity 2. Curiosity 3. Judgment 4. Love of Learning 5. Perspective Cognitive strengths that entail the acquisition and use of knowledge
    18. 18. Courage 6. Bravery 7. Perseverance 8. Honesty 9. Zest Emotional strengths that involve the exercise of will to accomplish goals in the face of opposition, external or internal
    19. 19. Humanity 10. Love 11. Kindness 12. Social Intelligence Interpersonal strengths that involve tending and befriending others
    20. 20. Justice 13. Love 14. Kindness 15. Social Intelligence Civic strengths that underlie healthy community life
    21. 21. Temperance 16. Forgiveness 17. Humility 18. Prudence 19. Self-Regulation Strengths that protect against excess
    22. 22. Transcendence 20. Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence 21. Gratitude 22. Hope 23. Humor 24. Spirituality Strengths that forge connections to the larger universe and provide meaning
    23. 23. VIA and Me  Choose a partner  Review the chart of strengths  Identify what you think 2 of your strengths are  Share with your partner a time in the last week where that strength has been highlighted
    24. 24. VIA Strengths Online  www.authentichappiness.sas.upenn.edu/  www.viame.org/
    25. 25. PS-12 Workshops
    26. 26. Future Counseling Workshops  0ct 8 & 22 ES/MS Parent Workshop  PD Library collection?