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Internship presentationstudents


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Internship presentationstudents

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  5. 5. • a five day summer “internship” right after high school finishes in June with various companies in the Metro Manila area.• during this internship, students would essentially work (without pay of course) at a particular company, handling various level appropriate responsibilities• job shadowing a selected employee or employees would also be a part of the internship. For some placements it could be a significant part of the placement.
  6. 6. The internship may continue after June 8th (i.e. for an extended part ofthe summer). This would be based on each company’s needs. Itwould be a negotiation between the student/family and thecompany and outside the supervision/responsibility of InternationalSchool Manila. Most will be 5 day placements.
  7. 7. Alaska Milk Corporation Asian Development Bank (ADB) Makati Medical Center Ayala Foundation Bernas Law Firm Alaska Aces Asian Eye Institute De La Salle University Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila FedEx Globe TelecomInternational Labour Organization …plus many others !!!
  8. 8. Directions how to access and Resume (under “About Me” tab in Family make the resume will be emailed to you tonight & in Connection (completed by April 20) Family Connection “Document Library” Emailed to you tonight &l Short Essay Question (complete and attached as a in the Family Connection journal entry in Family Connection by April 20) “Document Library” Emailed to Student Application (completed and attached as a you tonight & in the Family journal entry in Family Connection AND a signed hard Connection copy to Mr. McQueen by April 20!! “Document Library” Emailed tob Liability and Permission Form (completed and you tonight & in the Family attached as a journal entry in Family Connection Connection “Document AND a signed hard copy to Mr. McQueen by April Library” 20!!
  9. 9.  You complete them both (for the application… you must indicate your preferences of placements…#1 ADB, #2 Alaska Milk etc.). Attached them both as a journal entry in Family Connection You also MUST print out the Student Application and get it signed (you and your parent’s signature). Bring the hard copy in to Mr. McQueen by April 20. Also print out bring the Liability & Permission form (signed!) to me by April 20th.
  10. 10.  You MUST be willing to attend any of the three placements you put down for your application. We would try to place you into your 1st choice, but that may not always be possible.
  11. 11.  When I receive your signed hard copy of the Student Application, and the signed hard copy of the Liability / Permission form …that tells me the Resume, Student Essay and the electronic version of the Student Application and Liability/Permission form are all completed and ALREADY in Family Connection.
  12. 12. P An internship committee will select among all the applicants, those that have a combination of a strong application and an overall “good fit” with a particular company.p Students will be notified via email on if they have been accepted and placed into a company.m Pre Internship Meeting (date not set but before May 30th) with Mr. McQueen (prepare for the “Meet and Greet”). Interns will be required to attend a “Meet and Greet” on May 30 after school. This is a meeting between Students and Company representatives.a Students complete the internship (June 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8).e Student meet with Mr. McQueen in the HS Media Center on June 8 from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm.
  13. 13. • on the Grade 9/10 bulletin board located in the HS Counseling Office (1064)• beside my office (1060)• the postings will be updated so periodically check more than once
  14. 14. • Why do I want to do a placement?• How serious are you about doing something like this?• What do you personally hope to get out of it?• What will you bring to a company we match you up with?
  15. 15. See Mr. McQueen!He’s happy to answer them for you 
  16. 16. • Serious…Workplace Safety • Be careful out there!