College Application Night 2014 (North America)


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  • Be Proactive
    Don’t wait for your counselor or your parents to ask you questions or to push you; you must be a self-starter…..asking questions, researching online, being in control of your college search
    Get Organized
    Probably No 1 thing
    Must keep track of deadlines, what you have requested (teacher recs, transcripts)
    Need a method to compare the schools you are considering so you will be able to make an informed decision when it comes time to accept
    EX – student who made a spreadsheet of what was important for her to consider: Major/Program, Cost, Teacher-student ratio, availability of financial aid, housing, and then some more personal things like boy-girl ratio and whether she could have a car on campus her freshman year
    Communicate Well
    With parents, teachers and your counselor
    Open and honest communication – don’t be afraid to ask questions of any of us!
    Is there anything off limits – location, cost (what is maximum?)
    Parents and students must have good communication. The last thing that you want is for the student to apply to a school, get accepted, and then the parents say they are not allowed to go there…..for whatever reason. Parents and students must work together to make the list of schools to apply to.
    Be an Expert
    On your college! You should know more than ANYONE about the schools you are applying to.
    Stay Positive
    The college admissions process is stressful so do your best to stay positive throughout. Remember also that if a school denies you admission, it is not personal. College does not define you! Think positive thoughts and know that what happens in the process is for the best.
    Enjoy Senior Year
    This is your final year in high school. It’s the last time for some of your activities and that last time that all of you will be together. Enjoy it! Take advantage of all that ISM offers. Make time for the things that are important to you. Don’t spend every moment studying in solitary confinement.
  • Applying to Canada without the full Diploma? You need the SAT.
  • College Application Night 2014 (North America)

    1. 1. College Application Night THURSDAY 29 AUGUST LITTLE THEATER 5.30PM – 7.30PM C L AS S OF 2 0 1 5
    2. 2. Counselors Are Here To Help Find the best fit scenario Determine what a ‘good’ college really means Select good options that fit the student’s academic profile Provide an understanding of application requirements
    3. 3. Encourage Students To: Be Proactive Get Organized Communicate Well Become experts on their colleges Stay Positive Enjoy Senior Year!
    4. 4. A Few Reminders Complete the Parent Survey ISM Application Regulations:  Ten apps worldwide (UC/UCAS are 1 each)  The ten application rule applies to the entire application cycle Students must know deadlines and requirements Procrastination is an enemy (and doesn’t make a good impression) Stay strong to the finish because all offers are conditional
    5. 5. What Students Do Now
    6. 6. Senior Checklist Senior Profile Check Transcript Meet with counselor Finalize plans with family Two Teacher Recommendations Why College X Essay Draft College Essays Register for Testing Peer Comments Create Application Accounts
    7. 7. Planning the Process HOW AND WHEN TO APPLY
    8. 8. US Application Types Early Applications  Priority  Early Action  Single-Choice (Restricted) Early Action  Early Decision & Early Decision II Regular Applications Rolling Applications
    9. 9. Required for:  Early Decision  Single-Choice Early Action Helps the counselor to tailor a version of the evaluation for the individual college This essay format is required by some US colleges to determine fit and genuine interest Q The ‘Why College X’ Essay
    10. 10. How to Apply COMPONENTS AND PROCESS
    11. 11. Primary Components Applications Essay Teacher Recommendations Counselor Evaluation Standardized Testing Transcripts
    12. 12. Applications
    13. 13. Common Applications Applications through which you may apply to multiple colleges and universities. The Common Application  Over 500 member colleges  Individual college supplements University of California  November 1 – November 30  Two essays; prompts already posted  Self report grades
    14. 14. Common Applications Applications through which you may apply to multiple colleges and universities. Ontario University Application Centre (OUAC)  Available mid-September  May apply to two - three faculties per university  State a Preference  Additional fee beyond initial three universities/programs
    15. 15. Essays
    16. 16. College Essays The only major component of the application in which the applicant has a voice. Makes the applicant 3-D Gives the applicant an opportunity to make a point Must be genuine, personal, thoughtful… …and interesting! Should not simply reiterate what is in the rest of the application
    17. 17. Who Reads the Essays?
    18. 18. Recommendations
    19. 19. Teacher Recs Teachers focus on their experiences of the student in the classroom. Process: Ask teacher(s) Complete survey(s) Inform counselor
    20. 20. Counselor Evaluation Counselors focus on the whole individual in the context of the school and the community. Process: Senior Profile Parent Survey Peer comments (optional)
    21. 21. Standardized Testing
    22. 22. The SAT and ACT SAT Test Date Registration Deadline October 11 September 12 November 8 October 9 December 6 November 6 January 24 December 29 May 2 April 6 June 6 May 8 ACT Test Date Registration Deadline September 13 August 8 October 25 September 19 December 13 November 7 April 18 March 13 June 13 May 8
    23. 23. Testing Implications Plan a testing schedule to meet requirements and deadlines. SAT & ACT  EA/ED Most colleges will accept November tests Send a set of scores after October (latest)  Plan to be finished testing by December  Score Choice AP  Scores must be sent through College Board to be official
    24. 24. Sending Scores Allow several weeks for delivery. SAT  AP  Call: 609-771-7366 ACT  TOEFL 
    25. 25. IB Scores Predicted IB scores are automatically sent for all IB Diploma candidates. Predicted  October predictions sent with all early applications  December predictions sent with the Midyear Report (January)  Offers of admission are conditional upon similar actual IB scores Actual  Sent directly from IB to attending college in July
    26. 26. IB Scores Predicted IB scores are automatically sent for all IB Diploma candidates. Predicted  December predictions sent in January  Admissions decisions are made largely on basis of predicted IB scores  Offers of admission are conditional upon a student achieving similar actual IB scores Actual  Sent directly from IB to attending college in July
    27. 27. Transcripts
    28. 28. Transcript Requests Students must request transcripts and necessary supporting documents for all colleges to which they apply. Process:  Student requests transcript well in advance of the application deadline ED/EA – Early September Regular – November Rolling – At least 3 weeks prior to deadline  Student must know requirements and request appropriate supporting documents
    29. 29. Transcript Requests Students must request transcripts and necessary supporting documents for all colleges to which they apply. Process:  Student applies to universities during the first semester  University replies with candidate number and requests the student to submit necessary documents  Student submits transcript request as per the university’s request Q
    30. 30. Deadlines
    31. 31. External
    32. 32. USA  Early Decision/Action October 15 November 1 November 15  U of California – November 30  Regular – typically January and later  Rolling – applications are open and decisions are made up to a specific date (typically March or later)
    33. 33. Canada  Apply first semester (around October-November)  McGill due January 15  UBC due January 31
    34. 34. Internal
    35. 35. Early Applications September 5  “Why College ?” Essay  Teacher Recommendation Requests  Transcript Requests
    36. 36. Regular Applications September 26  All Teacher Recommendation Requests November 7  All Transcript Requests
    37. 37. ISM Responsibilities WHAT WE SEND AND HOW
    38. 38. Documents Sent Online Initial Transcripts Teacher Recommendations Counselor Evaluation IB Predicted Scores Mid-Year Report  Updated Transcript  Updated Predicted Scores Final Transcript
    39. 39. ISM Will Not Send Automatically Financial Documents  International Student Certification of Finances  International Student Financial Aid Application Additional Recommendations and Materials
    40. 40. After the Apps are Submitted WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?
    41. 41. Financial Aid Institutional  Domestic Merit-based aid Supplemental Need-based aid  International Merit based-aid Need-based aid Federal  Domestic students only Need-based aid  Grants  Loans
    42. 42. Processing Time
    43. 43. Response Time Rolling Applications  From the time the application is complete …  A few days to a few months Early Applications  Typically decisions are released in mid-December  A few release decisions in January Regular Applications  Early March to early April
    44. 44. Decisions Early Application  Admitted  Deferred  Denied Regular and Rolling Applications  Admitted  Waitlisted  Denied
    45. 45. Making a Choice and Depositing May 1 Reply Date  Deposit to one institution  If admitted later from a school to which you are waitlisted, you forfeit your original deposit Applying to Countries with Later Decisions  Discuss options with your counselor Q
    46. 46. Tips for Parents HOW TO HELP
    47. 47. Some Suggestions Help with the process but don’t complete the application Support and assist with organization Balance conversations with more than just college Continue to have open, honest discussions Be aware of possible changes in family dynamics throughout the year Don’t worry if the university says it doesn’t have your documents
    48. 48. Resources
    49. 49. Common Application Workshops Each senior applying to at least one US college through the Common Application must attend one session.
    50. 50. Senior Essay Writing Workshops Part II Students MUST have a complete Common Application essay draft Tuesday, September 16 Thursday, September 18 3:00pm – 4:30pm Lofthouse C
    51. 51. Personal Statement Writing Workshop Part II Students MUST have a complete Personal Statement draft Wednesday, September 17 3:00pm – 4:00pm Lofthouse C
    52. 52. HS Guidance Blog Subscribe to our calendars! College Visits HS Counseling Program
    53. 53. Grade 11/12 Counseling Team Contact Details Name Email Telephone David Birchenall (02) 840 8654 Janelle Grier (02) 840 8658 Doug McQueen (02) 840 8656 Curt Nichols (02) 840 8661
    54. 54. US Admission Decisions
    55. 55. An Inside Look
    56. 56. Final Questions