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Bearcat Career Experience Summary


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Bearcat Career Experience Summary

  1. 1. September 4, 20129:30am – 11:00am in the LT Bearcat Career Experience a ry mm Sum
  2. 2.  Academic, Personal/Social and Career Domains Career Domain Standard B Student will employ strategies to achieve future career goals with success and satisfaction C:B2 Identify Career Goals C:B2.3 Use employability and job readiness skills in internship, mentoring, shadowing and/or other work experience Interestingly, my guess would be that the Career domain might be the neglected/forgotten ASCA “child” of the three domains (or at least not considered of the same priority) in schools
  3. 3.  An opportunity for company representatives to meet with their future intern(s)… to get to know each other and to clarify any questions/concerns either party may have over coffee/juice and hors d’oeuves.
  4. 4.  The Bearcat Meet and Greet is also an invaluable learning experience for our students to talk about themselves, their accomplishments, goals and aspirations in a semi-professional setting.
  5. 5. *an evening after the last day of the placement
  6. 6.  Evaluate their placements Thank you email to their supervisor (cc’d to me) Eat pizza! Complete their online CAS form (optional) Pick up their Certificate of Participation Informally share experiences Takes pictures and video of their thoughts Goodbyes 
  7. 7. All Student Video Feedback & Pictures Here!
  8. 8.  Blog Facebook Page ike” se “l Plea s page! th e thi
  9. 9.  Developing a stronger partnership with companies offering placements in June and the company representatives that speak at our January “Career Week” Early advertising for the placements Better completes our Careers program… “Explore” Careers in January…then “Experience” one of them in June
  10. 10.  The opportunity to develop overseas placements for our student through our alumni scattered around the world An opportunity to build and strengthen our relationships with our Bearcat Alumni
  11. 11. Feedback/Evaluations
  12. 12. Feedback/Evaluations
  13. 13.  The feedback from companies was overwhelming positive regarding the Bearcat Career Experience program.
  14. 14.  “I think the exposure will help the students to decide clearly whether they are ready for the research field as their career option. They worked in the research lab just like any research student with hands on experience of working using latest technology and techniques.”
  15. 15.  “Programs like this are important in giving our future community leaders a chance to develop their awareness of the world around them, and the kind of role they want to play in it.” “It is very fulfilling to see how the students are so amazed with the processes we share with them and how their faces lit up as they were on the XXXX airplane observing everything thats going on around them.”
  16. 16.  “Experiences we have early on in life, especially the early teen years, impact the choices we later make as adults. I think it is most helpful for the students that ISM provides the Bearcat Career Experience with a view to providing incoming juniors and seniors, the much-needed venue to be steeped in (even if for a week) with a view to helping them gain insight and form decisions regarding their career choices.”
  17. 17.  “Worth the time, a great way to reach out to the younger generation!” “This program was an equally enriching experience for us as it was to the youth. It was a good opportunity to help them with their career decisions and at the same time for us, be able to create a program for eventual longer- term internships.”
  18. 18. Based on responses from 25 of 30 companies
  19. 19. 40%36% Based on responses from 25 of 30 companies 20% 76 4% %
  20. 20. Feedback/Evaluations
  21. 21.  The feedback from student was overwhelming positive regarding the Bearcat Career Experience program/their particular placement. However, a few students had some issues with their placement (not their first choice/boring at times/not exactly what they wanted/expected) Please peruse through the next few slides for some selected quotes from different student interns.
  22. 22.  “I may not have had a positive outlook going into the experience but once I started it was so much fun, it wasnt just a boring desk job, we got to interact with museum go-ers and the co- workers were just like us.” I really loved my experience at XXXX, which helped me understand what I really want to do (research of some sort). I loved how we did something that really contributed…”
  23. 23.  “In the beginning I wasnt really eager on doing the internship over the holidays, but the opportunities and experience we got from the XXXX were amazing, so now afterwards Im really glad I decided to join the internship program.” “The placement this year gave me an unforgettable experience, and I appreciate that.”
  24. 24.  “I thought this placement was perfect for me especially because I take Business HL and I really wanted experience in working in a big business because that is what I want to most likely do in the future and I felt XXXX really gave me a view on the environment of the business and really increased my overall interest and I would be really happy if I were to get a job with a fantastic company like XXXX.”
  25. 25.  “I had an amazing time and I learned and saw so much more that I had hoped for. I really learned so much and this has strengthened my choice of career path. I am so glad to have taken part in the experience and I am so thankful to the XXXX staff.” “Informational, eye-opening, and consistently fun and interesting. Wish the briefings were a tad shorter, but thats just one small nitpick in an otherwise excellent posting.”
  26. 26.  “I am 100% satisfied with this placement, and I have no regrets about choosing this placement. I honestly do not have anything bad that I could possibly say about this career experience.” “The overall placement was no doubt, a memorable experience. It was great being able to see how the particular company functions, as well as all of the work being conducted, inside and out.”
  27. 27. 84% Based on responses from 112 of 120 student interns 100 16 % % 0%
  28. 28. Companies Students % of Grade 10/11 Our Goal 3-5 20 approx. 5%2010/2011 Actual 14 60 approx. 16%2010/2011 Actual 30 120 approx. 32%2011/2012 Currently ? ? ?2012/2013
  29. 29.  Bearcat Career Exploration (Week) Januar y 14 to 18 th For the ENTIRE HS Student Body Various Speakers at ISM (Careers) Contact me if you are interested Bearcat Career Experience (Week) June 10 to 14 th For Sophomores & Juniors (maybe a Senior or two) Students placed in companies for one week Contact me if you are interested
  30. 30. Doug McQueenGrade 9 / 10 School Counselor Surnames A-Lh Room 1060 +632 840 8664
  31. 31.