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Durkin Kim - "Increasing Communication with Tactile Symbols and Familiar Objects"


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Durkin Kim - TVI - Frederick County Public Schools, MD -- "Increasing Communication with Tactile Symbols and Familiar Objects" -- Field-initiated Mini-grant recipient presenation

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Durkin Kim - "Increasing Communication with Tactile Symbols and Familiar Objects"

  1. 1. Increasing Communication with Tactile Symbols and Familiar Objects Frederick County Public Schools Vision Team
  2. 2. Purpose  Seamlessly integrate an additional form of communication with the school wide Core Vocabulary initiative  Increase knowledge of CVI across all stakeholders  Create a more symbolic form of communication through repeated exposure to a fixed and universal set of concrete school symbols and objects across settings  more concrete symbols through actual objects or parts of the object on a black background or tactile symbols/words made with crafts
  3. 3. Population (8 students)  Rock Creek School is a regional school in Frederick County with special education programs for students with severe intellectual, physical, emotional, hearing, visual and learning disabilities. The school services students from age 3 through the school year they reach 21. The students at Rock Creek School are most often diagnosed with multiple disabilities  All targeted students have been diagnosed with visual impairments (VI)  Seven of the eight have a diagnosis of Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI)  Three of the students with VI also have mild to profound hearing loss
  4. 4. Our plan  Work with initiatives already in place at RCS Mark Campano  Be sure we were sensitive to the information he was sharing High frequency abstract symbols using Boardmaker symbols for communication  Used core vocabulary words to develop a theme for our CVI room Pathways Reading Program  Added actual objects related to the story Prescheduled Professional Development times  Conducted a 2 hour PD with the assistants on March 13, 2017
  5. 5. Our Successes
  6. 6. More Successes
  7. 7. And some more…
  8. 8. Budget  Materials for Workshop  $350  Objects: CVI room & Classroom Corners  $200  Objects for Books  $100
  9. 9. Next Steps  Continue to add actual objects to frequently used books  Create a model CVI classroom  Continue with school wide professional development and collaboration  Data collection  Family PD
  10. 10. Kim Durkan