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CBSS Advisory Committee Meeting - Spring 2017


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CBSS Advisory Committee Meeting - Spring 2017. CBSS is the Maryland & DC Deafblind Project serving children and families birth through 21 in MD and DC.

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CBSS Advisory Committee Meeting - Spring 2017

  1. 1. CONNECTIONS BEYOND SIGHT AND SOUND Advisory Committee Meeting May 12, 2017
  2. 2. Agenda I. Welcome, Introductions & Update Roster II. Connections – Updates from CBSS Around the State III. Presentations: 2016-17 Mini-grant Recipients BREAK IV. Guest Speaker: Update on HR 1120 Barbara Raimondo, Esq. V. Guest Speakers: “Tales from the Oonaverse” Sara Swetzoff & Zbigniew Grabowski
  3. 3. Welcome! - Introductions (Staff and AC Members) - Roster Updates “Spring Connections” In about 15-20 seconds… • Share your name and affiliation. • Share what “flower or flora” symbolizes you and your work in the deaf-blind community
  4. 4. Connections • From CBSS What’s happening with us – updates from CBSS… • Across the State & District What’s happening with you – in your school, community, county, district, area….
  5. 5. Mini-Grant Projects What are the Mini-Grants? • Field-initiated mini-grant projects • Two or three grants for up to $500 each Why do they matter? • Priority on students with deaf-blindness and/or CVI • Promote innovative practice that improve child outcomes When is the next application deadline? • Fall 2017 (information & forms to be posted on website) Presentations…
  6. 6. Increasing Communication with Tactile Symbols and Familiar Objects Kim Durkan (TVI) Frederick County Public Schools Mini-Grant Presentation
  7. 7. Utilizing Today’s Technology for Better Curriculum Access Lisa Gastelle (SLP) MSD – Frederick Campus Mini-Grant Presentation
  8. 8. Getting in Touch With our World Through Active Learning and Participation Jennifer Willis (DHOH / Early Childhood) MSD – Columbia Campus, Family Education Mini-Grant Presentation
  9. 9. Break See you in 10-15 minutes 
  10. 10. Update on HR 1120 from the co-author of the bill Barbara Raimondo, Esq. Executive Director, Conference of Educational Administrators of Schools and Programs for the Deaf (CEASD) Guest Presentation
  11. 11. Tales from the Oonaverse: Overcoming Alienation in Deafblind Education Sara Swetzoff & Zbigniew Grabowski Family Members served by CBSS Guest Presentation
  12. 12. Next AC Meeting… November 3, 2017 In the meantime, let’s keep Connected!