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2017 0512 Barbara Raimando HR 1120


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2017 0512 Barbara Raimando - Co-author HR 1120 - Alice Cogswell and Anne Sullivan Macy Act - info for Connections Beyond Sight & Sound Advisory Committee Mtg - Columbia, MD

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2017 0512 Barbara Raimando HR 1120

  1. 1. Alice Cogswell and Anne Sullivan Macy Act, H.R. 1120 Barbara Raimondo, Esq. Connections Beyond Sight and Sound May 2017
  2. 2. Why is H.R. 1120 needed? IDEA intends to ensure that the educational needs of all eligible students are met – but – Deaf, blind, and deafblind students are small in number and diverse in characteristics – School districts do not have necessary expertise or resources
  3. 3. Cogswell/Macy Act = Enhanced IDEA Ensure that all deaf, blind, and deafblind students are counted as deaf, blind, or deafblind, regardless of co-occurring disabilities State plans to support deaf, blind, and deafblind and students – States to address evaluations, personnel, education and related services Data tracking for deaf, blind, and deafblind students “Special factors” - language and communication needs and other unique learning needs, Expanded Core Curriculum
  4. 4. Cogswell/Macy Act = Enhanced IDEA U.S. Department of Education to monitor on these requirements U.S. Department of Education regularly update policy guidance for deaf, blind, and deafblind students Part C early intervention provisions on natural environment and meeting language and communication needs Teachers of deafblind students, interveners
  5. 5. Sponsors Introduced in House 2/16/17 Sponsor: Matt Cartwright (PA) 15 Original Cosponsors, 15 additional Sponsors Maryland: Reps. Cummings and Delaney
  6. 6. Strategy Continue to meet with House to obtain more co-sponsors Obtain Senate original sponsors and introduce in Senate Educate Congress and the public about the needs of deaf, blind and deafblind students Obtain changes to law and policy necessary to fulfill IDEA’s requirement of providing a Free Appropriate Public Education to deaf, blind and deafblind students
  7. 7. Capitol Hill Advocacy Day • 150 advocates • 29 states • 150 meetings • Special appearance from Rep. Cartwright • Several new cosponsors • Next year save the date – February 28
  8. 8. QPM1c Video created by National Association of the Deaf
  9. 9. Questions • How much will it cost? • What does the U.S. Department of Education think? • Is there opposition to this bill? • When will IDEA be reauthorized? • Should IDEA be reauthorized in these times?
  10. 10. Links • Info about the bill from congress/house- bill/1120/cosponsors?q=%7B%22cosponsor- state%22%3A%22Maryland%22%7D • Web site to be live soon
  11. 11. FHM&feature=em-share_video_user Video created by Heather Withrow