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Crisis to calm - An eLearning experience - Vesa Pekkarinen


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Crisis to calm - An eLearning experience - Vesa Pekkarinen

  1. 1. Australian Finnish Rest HomeAssociation (AFRHA)From Crisis to Calm• This is the GOOD stuff !You made the right choiceto come here.
  2. 2. The Calm
  3. 3. Before the Storm
  4. 4. Background• AFRHA operates asmall (45 Bed) AgedCare Facility inThornlands – Brisbane.• Also a 23 unitRetirement Village and• “Finncare” – a Homeand Community Careservice• Total staff is appx. 100• In 2008, AFRHA won anaward at the ITACconference for the bestImplementation ofSoftware…
  5. 5. Background• By January 2012 AFRHAwas facing a majordilemma in IT.• The network wasgroaning under theweight of applicationsand users.• Hardware was fastapproaching “use-by-date”.• Managementfingernails had beenchewed to the quick.
  6. 6. So, how did we end up in an IT crisis?
  7. 7. January 2012 our network looked likethis.
  8. 8. Issues• Years of patching-upand doing things on ashoe-string.• Expertise andknowledgeconcentrated in too fewpeople• The Board did not havea big-picture of the I.T.requirements• Management and theBoard were mesmerisedby the software side.
  9. 9. Then it hit the fan…• The network guru was offered a job he couldnot refuse. Bye bye guru.• 2 people with knowledge of “systems” wereleft holding the bag.• External IT company called into audit andsupport the two bunnies. (What’s thepassword to this server/router/software??)• N# One bunny starts learning networkadministration with great urgency.
  10. 10. Lesson N# 1Technology = PeopleSomeone needs to be in control of services andthis needs to be formalised.People are the users and the users are thedrivers for what is needed and how it works.
  11. 11. Lesson N# 2Document Everything.
  12. 12. Back to the Rabbits• Bunny N# 1 attendsITAC conference• Bunny N# 1 begins tobuild a network athome to duplicateAFRHA network• Karma: this leads tomeeting a person whosuggests seeking outDONORTEC !• Que: trumpets andheavenly choir.
  13. 13. Donortec has come into our lives !
  14. 14. Budget• Things are still notcompletely free.• But at least we couldstart to plan.• “Interesting”discussions ensued withthe Board• They were stillmesmerised bysoftware and licencing.
  15. 15. Lesson N# 3• Have a Budget• If you are small, have a small budget• If you are big, have an enormous budgetIt will never be enough.
  16. 16. Lesson N# 4I.T. people need to make the IT decisions.(Technology = People)
  17. 17. Getting to now.Funding was eventuallyagreed and the IT partnerstarted work.However, this would not havebeen possible without apartnership to ConnectingUp.Back to Calm• We now have a stable ITenvironment.• Software works well andlicencing is 100% up to date.• The hardware is robust andwill see us through at least 5years of growth (providedmaintenance happens).• The bunnies can have a rest.