Sydney social media forum - Say Yes campaign


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Presentation at the Sydney social media forum by Dae Levine from Republic of Everyone, titled 'Policy, planning, persuasion'

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Sydney social media forum - Say Yes campaign

  1. 1. Sustainability Policy Strategy Communications
  2. 2. Policy,Planning &Persuasion
  3. 3. } Department of Education and Early Childhood Development International Fund for Animal Department of Educ Early Childhood Dev Department of Education and Early Childhood Development International Fund for Animal Welfare Department of Education and Early Childhood DevelopmentDepartment of Education andEarly Childhood Development International Fund for Animal Welfare Department of Education and Early Childhood Development International Fund for Animal Welfare Department of Education and Early Childhood Development International Fund for Animal Welfare
  4. 4. Review & Research Target Connect Report T he Employee Persuasion Engagement Investor The The The expectationsPolicy Plan Report Innovation Plan Cost savings Government engagement Benchmark Document Measure Listen & improve
  5. 5. Policy: a documentthat is adopted as acourse of action.
  6. 6. Makingpublic policypersonal
  7. 7. New What does the new world looks like?Narration Old How does that help me? Need NewNormal How is that fun and easy?
  8. 8. The processObjectives Brand truth Audience Insight Strategy Messaging• Show • Coalition of • People • Australians support 9 groups don’t like that for a Price understand their on Carbon • Rational, - carbon is positivity, Pollution friendly confusing ingenuity and strength• Neutralize • People of character “No” don’t want helps them to be told do what is that being best when it matters “green” means giving • They also want to something know what up is in it for them
  9. 9. Strategy Say Yes to a better, cleaner futureMake a positive Tell people the Mobilise statement facts supportersCreate buzz around Inform, educate, Galvanise support & our POV debunk myths give tools they need
  10. 10. Messaging
  11. 11. ChampionsA handful of Facebook ‘champions’ took on the trolls andnaysayers, responding to questions and misinformation andalerting moderators to troublemakers
  12. 12. Interactions
  13. 13. Say Yes to a better, cleaner future FACTS YOU WON’T PAY, BIG YOU WILL BE NO COMPANIES WILL. WORSE OFF. A price on pollution is NOT a direct tax on you. It’s not like At least half of the money raised will be used to help the GST and it won’t be added to your annual tax bill. families that are struggling with bills. It’s actually a tax levied on Australia’s 1,000 biggest Low-income households and pensioners should actually polluting companies - to encourage them to stop putting be better off in pure dollar terms. Middle income carbon pollution into our skies and instead invest in households should be no worse off. cleaner ways to do business. IT WILL MEAN NEW TUESDAY, MAY 31, 2011 The Sydney Morning Herald REDUCING POLLUTION INVESTMENT. COULD CREATE MOREOPINION Big polluters will have a new incentive to clean up their Fax:9282 3492 THAN 770,000 EXTRA act, and find cleaner ways to do business. We’ll also unlock billions of dollars of new investment in clean technologies, GPO Box 3771, Sydney 2001 JOBS BY 2030. which will become the smart choice for investors. Research shows that Australia could create more than 770,000 extra jobs by 2030 by taking strong Case of injustice action now to reduce pollution. The jobs identified are DELAYING ACTION As one of thousands living suc- not just “clean energy” jobs, but new jobs in traditional Published since 1831 cessfully with mental illness, I was heartened by the Herald’s defence industries such as agriculture, mining, manufacturing and the services sector. IS RISKY ANDinister fails to of the two magistrates facing dismissal after responsibly and Source: ACTU & ACF, Creating Jobs - Cutting Pollution Report, 2010. IRRESPONSIBLE. successfully seeking help for their If we don’t do something, climate change is likely tol it as it is mental conditions (‘‘Justice and mental illness’’, May 30). Rather cause more and more extreme weather events, like than sack the magistrates, Parlia- bushfires, floods and cyclones. A HODGKINSON and Robyn Parker, the ment should sack the Judicial Commission for its cruel and 31 EUROPEAN COUNTRIES rimary industries and environment rs respectively, may be preparing for a unjust recommendations. Andrew Macintosh Queenscliff HAVE HAD A PRICE ON AUSTRALIANS CAN ACHIEVE festival. Last week they issued a joint nt to the media intended to present their Hitting the source CARBON SINCE 2005. GREAT THINGS WHEN WE PUT ials and motives as purer than driven snow. And major US states such as California (which has a OUR MINDS TO IT. IF WE A possible solution to illegalughably titled it: “NSW government takes online poker and other question- bigger economy than Australia) have moved to put a tics out of marine parks.” An Orwellian able activities may be for laws to price on carbon pollution. China will run a pilot in keyy of truth tick for that statement detailed Hodgkinson’s be passed enabling prosecution of credit card companies that provinces, as part of its current five year plan, and DECIDE TO CUT POLLUTIONn to revoke further environmental on in marine parks at Jervis Bay and service such operations, which they seem to do now with impun- India already has a coal tax that works similarly to a carbon price. Even NZ has already priced pollution! AND BUILD CLEAN ENERGY, Islands. It followed her telling Parliament k that the now disallowed zones were ity (‘‘FBI, federal police target overseas poker websites that flout WE’LL MAKE A SUCCESS OF IT!ed “without proper community the law’’, May 30). It is, after all,ation” by a Labor government desperate to taking a fee for processing an illegal financial transaction.eens’ support. Richard Brett Paddingtonher big laugh. Hodgkinson’s attribution oflitical motive to a Labor government mayen as deserved as the hiding that awaited Love thy neighbourministration. But her claim about insufficient Jesus’s preaching was for a society nity consultation was demonstrable in which all people, regardless ofse, and she lacked the wit to see it. race, creed or age, loved anduttal email promptly arrived at the respected each other; were non-nson office. The minister, it said, was judgmental, sharing and caring.ect and seriously misguided” and the new Those who have committed their ere “based on extensive community lives to these principles are ideally suited to provide the ser-ation processes that included more than vices under the job description of holder meetings school chaplain. It seems the d by hundreds of CARBON TAX difficulty Col Nicholson (Letters, Tax a bow, Blanchett, many share your concernas well as review of10,000 submissions An Orwellian May 30) has in understanding why a religious background is thee broad community”. mail’s author was Dr ministry of truth prerequisite for this role is more a lack of acceptance of the concepte Bishop, NSW tick for that one. To all those criticising Cate ments they have lost the scientific it for what Tony Abbott calls polit- ‘‘there will be no carbon tax under gives us our best long-term of unconditional love. Barbara Moore Bonnet Baynt of the Australian Sciences Blanchett’s support for the carbon debate as far as I’m concerned. ical pragmatism, which is always to a government I lead’’? Does she chance at green base-load supply. tion. She was protesting on behalf of more tax: back off (‘‘Caton defends Antonia Feitz Rocky River be preferred to sound policy. simply believe that the end justi- Charles Pope Morpeth0 scientists. consultation that preceded the extension of Blanchett’s right to opinion on carbon tax’’, May 30). If people are no longer allowed to Morris Graham Georgetown fies the means? William Lloyd Denistone I see John Hewson is also in favour Doing the maths First, the issue is limiting pollu- endorse government policy I, for one, do not appreciate Cate of a carbon tax. Can he tell us School students studying math- mental protection was improper or tion; it’s not about Cate or anyone because they are too rich, then all Antoinette telling me that I should I would suggest that the govern- what part of a birthday cake will ematics might be more inclined to ient, let the minister tell us the standards else. The issue is penalising those politicians, mining moguls, radio eat cake. ment accept industry’s generous attract the tax? take on a calculus-based course if st be met. Rather than the minister who pollute and giving them the shock jocks and media magnates John Doran Picnic Point offer of $10 per tonne, indexed to Rob Hanna Gowrie (ACT) it was made more relevant to their g up for “proper community consultation”, only incentive to change that they are going to be very, very quiet. increase at 10 per cent a year plus everyday lives (Letters, May 30). ect the intemperate haste of her action understand – money. Pip Denton Guildford Michael Caton’s concern for the inflation (‘‘Industry pushes $10 Why are we being exhorted to say Many teachers forget that trated a contempt for such a process. Hers Second, Blanchett is speaking environment and his support for start for carbon tax’’, May 30). By yes to a carbon tax when the calculus was developed by lazy, feeble obfuscation ministers employ on behalf of many Australians, Barnaby Joyce might deride Cate the carbon tax should be placed the miracle of compounding, that government has no intention of Newton and Leibniz and others ey do not have the bottle to articulate their myself included, who want some- Blanchett as ‘‘only an actor’’, but alongside his ardent opposition to would get it up to $20 a tonne by allowing a vote on it, or of seeking to understand natural phenom- s and actions honestly and unambiguously. thing done about climate change. what are his qualifications for the extension of the eastern sub- 2018 and to $40 by 2023. By this a mandate by way of an election? ena, such as falling apples and kinson is from the National Party. The The sooner we start action on speaking about the carbon tax or urbs rail line to Bondi Beach. time the other 99 per cent of the And why are we being asked to say planetary motion. climate change and stop listening climate change? Possibly hundreds of car journeys world might also have done some- yes before we get to see the detail? Unfortunately too often calcu- ls have a record of opposing marine parks to the polluters and climate- David Ashton Orange every day would have become thing about it and the government It all smacks of propaganda. lus is introduced with nonsensic-e their voters do not like protection zones change deniers, the more hope we unnecessary. will have occupied the moral high Alan Sturdy Hornsby al examples such as infinitely ibit recreational and commercial fishing will have for our future and our Part of the reason Cate Blanchett James Prior Sylvania Waters ground in the interim. hopping frogs and fleas that ause enough of them think the measures children’s future. supports the carbon tax proposal During that time we can have To the detractors of the carbon tax never reach their destination. Ored on voodoo science. Geoff Denman Bondi must be that she knows it provides Since Cate Blanchett is making a the debate we have to have on the advertisements, I can see Michael worse still, teachers with simply s fair enough. Individuals need to judge for compensation for low-income personal stand, perhaps she could nuclear option and, Fukushima- Caton saying: “Tell ’em they’re an arcane interest in numbers ves whether the likes of the Roads Minister, If the climate alarmists have earners. Barnaby Joyce also knows tell us what she thinks of the Chernobyl notwithstanding, will dreaming.” (they’re probably very good at Gay – a Nationals’ spear carrier against resorted to celebrity endorse- this provision but chooses to ignore infamous pre-election statement, appreciate that nuclear energy Steve Barrett Glenbrook Sudoku). parks – is likely to know more of the science If school students were told theyose who have engaged their working lives in subconsciously use calculus everyd. That is not the issue here. time they cross a road, or to work Elderly in front line of humbug of this competition is newspaper reported, all of the and WorkCover on safety in NSW out how fast a car is accelerating, s about government telling it as it is. If extraordinary, though hardly sur- recommendations from the (‘‘Crippling blow to a destructive they might show more interest and rs cannot tell the truth, better they move prising. Especially since it acquired McGrathNichol report were machine’, May 30). understanding of the subject. disability funding crisisnd give a go to someone else in the its ‘‘independence’’ from the ABC, addressed, implemented and doc- If NSW has had five times the Bruce Stafford Tascott n’s swollen ranks who can. the record of this orchestra in umented in an agreement with rate of prosecution and convic- fostering Australian music is the Department of Health in Octo- tions for workplace safety viola-
  14. 14. Social Media Lessons LearnedDid well: Better next time: Social media policy Moderators Empowered Community individuals development post campaign - email and FB Multi-textured campaign Twitter
  15. 15. @daelevine