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A story about connectinghr


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Presentation from Doug Shaw given at the ConnectingHR Unconference at the Spring on Wednesday the 16th May 2012.

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A story about connectinghr

  1. 1. A  Story  About  #Connec/ngHR   We’re  Even  Be8er  Together  
  2. 2. I  usually  find  these  conferences  quite  boring  By  half  past  two  I’m  in  the  corner  snoring  So  I  came  alone  with  a  sense  of  trepida/on  And  got  lost  along  the  way  from  Vauxhall  Sta/on.  On  arrival  I  met  lots  of  friendly  faces  People  met  through  Twi8er  Yammer  and  other  places  And  although  the  temperature  felt  minus  twenty  The  conversa/on  opportuni/es  were  plenty.  It’s  been  a  long  long  /me  since  a  day  has  passed  so  fast  And  I  hope  that  connec/ons  made  today  will  last  So  to  Jon,  Gareth  and  everyone  I  heed  ya  What  a  great  explora/on  of  HR  and  social  meeja!