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A social media approach to employee engagement reach


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Presentation from Michael Silverman given at the ConnectingHR Unconference at the Spring on Wednesday the 16th May 2012.

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A social media approach to employee engagement reach

  1. 1. A  Social  Media  Approach  to  Employee   Engagement  Research     Michael  Silverman    
  2. 2. “The  Corporate  Black  Hole”  
  3. 3. Too  many  numbers  
  4. 4. Ignores  the  Wisdom   of  Crowds  
  5. 5. Social  Media  is  a  Powerful  Feedback  Mechanism   The  problem  is:   LISTS  of  comments  
  6. 6. The  Joy  of  Text   1 2 “I love the service, but the products are not great.” VerbPronoun Object Conjunction Noun Negation Adjective
  7. 7. Data  Visualisa=on  as  a  User  Interface  •  VisualisaHon  of  people’s  opinions  based  on  similarity  of  aJtudes  •  Uses  data  visualisaHon  as  a  user  interface  
  8. 8. Par=cipants  rate  5  statements  that  determine  their  posi=on  in  the  space  
  9. 9. Par=cipants  Respond  to  a  Discussion  Ques=on  
  10. 10. Par=cipants  are  projected  onto  a  2D  space  (people  with  similar  opinions  are  closer  to  each  other)  so  they  can  see  where  they  stand  
  11. 11. Par=cipants  click  on  other  par=cipants’  sugges=ons  to  rate  them  in  terms  of  relevance  and  insighKulness  –  the  more  a   sugges=on  is  rated  as  insighKul  &  relevant,  the  bigger  it  is  
  12. 12. Top  3  Comments   Abandon  the  crazily  complex  and  absolutely  intransparent  home-­‐pay  rule.    -­‐  It  may  look  transparent  on  paper,  but  essenHally  the  black-­‐ box  of  hypotheHcal  home  tax,  Cola  calculaHon  and  spendable  amount  is  unacceptable  and  irreconcilable  with  reality.  No  one   understands  their  payslip  and  no  one  can  actually  explain  it!!!    -­‐  HypotheHcal  tax  is  parHcularly  contenHous  as  you  have  to  wait  for  years   to  get  a  reconciliaHon  and  in  the  meanwhile  the  hypotheHcal  tax  rate  may  move  any  direcHon.  There  is  no  planning  certainty.  No   country  would  dare  to  move  their  income  tax  as  much  as  Unilever  dares  to  vary  their  hypotheHcal  tax  rate.  On  top  the  hypotheHcal  rate   is  not  even  adapted  aUer  the  first  reconciliaHon!  -­‐  It  treats  people  with  different  backgrounds  differently  while  what  maXers  for  many  is   NOT  their  home-­‐country.  ParHcularly  global  professionals  are  not  self-­‐referencing  themselves  to  home  but  to  where  they  could  work   and  want  to  work.  (Score    =  87,  based  on  39  raHngs)   1)  More  transparency...  for  example,  expats  that  have  the  same   The  biggest  change  is  not  to  look  at  the   WL  and  same  family  size  get  different  housing  budgets,  and  this   color  of  the  skin  and  the  passport  a   someHmes  seems  unfair.    2)  COLA  calculaHons  are  just  wrong...  it   person  holds  to  determine  the  pay  and   assumes  an  average  basket  of  goods  in  my  country  of  origin,  but   the  package  a  person  would  get.    The  in  my  home  country,  that  average  basket  does  not  reflect  my  own   current  policy  says  that  a  person  from  a   third  world  country  deserves  only  a  third   reality.  Also,  this  calculaHon  is  too  low.  Currently,  my  full  Cola   world  lifestyle,  and  a  third  world  level  of   goes  into  paying  for  the  addiHonal  cost  of  gas  bill,  the  water  bill,   savings,  wherever  he  goes...while   and  cable.  None  is  leU  over  for  the  other  costs  that  can  be   somebody  from  a  first  world  country   considerably  more  expensive  than  at  home.      3)  The  policy  favors   deserves  a  first  world  lifestyle  even  if  he   economically  people  moving  from  high  cost  of  living  localiHes  to   is  assigned  in  a  third  world  country.    This   the  third  world,  and  penalizes  those  moving  from  third  world   is  the  height  of  insHtuHonalized  racism,   country  to  developed  places.      4)  The  health  insurance  should   in  a  company  who  prides  itself  of   cover  100%  dental  and  vision    5)  The  policy  does  not  address   promoHng  diversity.        The  next  one  is  to   pension  dispariHes  if  the  asignee  has  liXle  possibility  of  returning   improve  the  quality  of  the  service   providers-­‐-­‐from  being  stoic,  cold   to  home  country.  (Score    =  84,  based  on  53  raHngs)   messengers  and  policy  implementors,  to     sincere  assistance  providers.  (Score  =  81,   based  on  11  raHngs)  
  13. 13. How  can  Unilever  Improve  its  IA  Policies?   %  of  Total  SuggesHons   SenHment    Advocacy    RaHng   -­‐0.6   59   71   Pay 20 34 -­‐1.5   60   67   FlexibilityOther8(Unclassified) 19 -­‐0.1   63   50   17 -­‐0.5   64   69   Housing 13 -­‐0.7   57   74   COLA Simplify/Clarity 13 -­‐1.2   57   65   10 -­‐0.6   63   66         Support Family 10 -­‐0.7 61 70 Education8 10 -­‐0.7   64   65   Tax 10 -­‐0.6   58   74   Transparency 9 -­‐0.6   57   66   Spouse/Partner 8 People  who  make  suggesHons   -­‐0.3   60   72   Foreign8Exchange 8 about  COLA  are  preXy  negaHve  in   -­‐0.8   58   68   Children 6 -­‐0.3   59   69   Processes 6 their  comments,  they  are  more   -­‐0.7   65   68   Medical 6 likely  to  have  low  advocacy  of  the   -­‐0.4   58   67   Transport 6 IA  experience  and  their  suggesHons   -­‐0.8   63   67   Service 5 -­‐1.0   57   68   Overall8Experience 5 are  rated  highly  by  others.   -­‐0.4   56   65   Bonus 5 -­‐0.4   56   67   Work8Level 4 -­‐0.6   54   75   Career 4 0.0   56   76   Home8Leave 3 -­‐0.2   69   64   Pension 2 -­‐0.1   66   72   Advice 2 -­‐0.3   62   67   Legacy 2 0.1   55   57   Contact8Points 1 -­‐0.6   43   71   Visas 1 -­‐0.4   77   68  
  14. 14. The  Social  Media  Garden  
  15. 15. Main  barriers  to  implemen=ng  social  media   70%$ Resources$ 65%$ Business$$ Case$ Change$ Leadership$ Strategy$Overall$Ra=ng$ Business$ Security$ Communica=on$ Benefits$ Trust$ Control$ Fear$ 60%$ Employee$Engagement$ Employee$Abuse$ Culture$ Environment$ Knowledge$&$ Understanding$ 55%$ Genera=on$Gap$ 50%$ 40%$ 45%$ 50%$ 55%$ 60%$ 65%$ 70%$ Personal$Involvement$with$Social$Media$$
  16. 16. Thank  You…