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How to Truly Leverage Your Customer‘s Social Network


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Patrick MacKay, 004 Group

Veranstaltung: M-Days 2013
Blog by Messe Frankfurt for the Digital Business:

Published in: Technology
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How to Truly Leverage Your Customer‘s Social Network

  1. 1. The Day After the Like:How to Truly Leverage Your Customer‘s Social Network 5 February, 2013 Patrick MacKay, The 004 Group
  2. 2. THE 004 GROUP OF COMPANIES We build technology platforms. Retailers PublishersRobert Hein www.004group.comGeschäftsführer, CEO
  3. 3. A CROWDED SPACERobert Hein www.004group.comGeschäftsführer, CEO
  4. 4. SOCIAL MEDIA 2012 A Banner Year 1 billion active users on Facebook 175 million tweets per day 104 million visits to Pinterest per month 4 billion + hours of YouTube watched per month LinkedIn adding 2 new members every second Xing now at 12 million members Source: Nielsen State of Social Media 2012Robert Hein www.004group.comGeschäftsführer, CEO
  5. 5. WHO CONTROLS BRAND INTERACTIONS?Robert Hein www.004group.comGeschäftsführer, CEO
  6. 6. FACTS • Percent of marketers believe “they know what their consumers want” in terms of social media content and interaction, only 34% have actually asked those buyers. (e-Strategy Trends) 76% • The average midsize or large company (1000 employees or more) has 178 “social media assets” (Twitter handles, employee blogs, etc.)–yet only 25% of companies offer social business training to their 178 employees. (Marketingeasy) • Less than 20% of U.S. companies have integrated social media with their customer service, sales, or Social product development processes. (eMarketer) Business • Which social network sends the largest share of website traffic? The answer is…unknown. The majority (as much as 70%) is “dark social”—links shared through email or instant messaging that generally get lumped Unknown in with “direct” traffic in analytics programs like Google Analytics. (The Atlantic)Robert Hein www.004group.comGeschäftsführer, CEO
  7. 7. TODAY’S SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT • Strategy: • Introduce campaigns to • Spend online and SEM generate traffic (paid media budget to build media) Social community • Encourage word-of-mouth 1.The Goal 2.The Plan (earned media) • Tactics: • Success measured by # of • Drive Facebook Likes, Brand AOR or new likes or followers Distribute Sponsored Internal • Brand left with some Tweets, & Manage strategy Direct favorability but limited/no Pinterest account data • Write corporate blog(s) & Moderate community forums 3.The Actions • Recruits 3rd party to execute limited data crumbs • Re-engage “community” in SM walled garden • Generate brand-to-fan & fan- to-fan interactionsRobert Hein www.004group.comGeschäftsführer, CEO
  8. 8. THE RESULTS • You think you’re cultivating a brand community but you’re not 1. • You’re invested in assets you don’t own or control 2. • You have little opportunity for true interactions & re- 3. engagement • You don’t know what else to do so you rinse, wash, and repeat. 4.Robert Hein www.004group.comGeschäftsführer, CEO
  9. 9. A NEW ENGAGEMENT MODEL • Build around brand A. Close the loop appropriate use cases • Custom UI design & function B. Reassert control paired with corporate CI C. Own the process The Mission • Dashboard access to manage & optimize platform in real-time D. Define success Bring your Community, Media & Data In • Integrate 1st & 3rd party data House. • Creative/Data/Media Your Community. Your Media. Your Rules. integration • Take back your The The Results • Cultivate Community engagements Actions • Generated earned media • Own & retain your data • Facilitate 2-way communication • Target One, Target All • Incentivize brand ambassadorsRobert Hein www.004group.comGeschäftsführer, CEO
  10. 10. START INVESTING IN RE-ENGAGEMENTS Interact allows direct re-engagement Lead AcquisitionRobert Hein www.004group.comGeschäftsführer, CEO
  11. 11. GET STARTED Stand-alone Choose your use cases to support Web Strategy Workshop Plug-in Choose your channel to support Build your interact assets Device (Web + Mobile + CMS) Mobile Development Engage, and interact with your community Operating SystemRobert Hein www.004group.comGeschäftsführer, CEO
  12. 12. Thank you very much for your time and attentionRobert Hein www.004group.comGeschäftsführer, CEO