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OK or not OK?
It’s supposed to be pretend, but there’s still a fallout when cosy c
co-stars fall for each other
Jo Lamble says
it’s a career choice
To tell your actor partne...
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Ok! Magazine July 1st 2013_On-Screen Cheating


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Quoted in an article discussing the on-screen and off-screen celebrity relationships

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Ok! Magazine July 1st 2013_On-Screen Cheating

  1. 1. OPINIONThe OK or not OK? It’s supposed to be pretend, but there’s still a fallout when cosy c HISTORY WON’T REPEAT ITSELF After Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s love bloomed on the set of Mr & Mrs Smith, the actor’s not taking any chances, and no longer does ‘sexy scenes’ with other stars. ‘He’s crazy about [Ange], and she’s the same way about him,’ a friend of Brad’s says. MEET MY WIFE Fergie married a good man in Josh Duhamel, who keeps love scenes professional – and even had an ‘awkward’ conversation with Ryan Seacrest before he filmed romance flick Safe Haven with Ryan’s now-ex, Julianne Hough. No sex scenes ON-SCREENC38 I WWW.OKMAGAZINE.COM.AU JULY 8, 2013
  2. 2. co-stars fall for each other B radPittknowsbetterthanmostthat sometimesit’simpossibleforthose Hollywoodfireworkstostaysolely onthescreen.Bothheandpartner AngelinaJoliehaveletslipthattheir long-termloveaffairbeganon thesetofMr&MrsSmithin2004 –despitethefactthatBradwasmarriedto JenniferAnistonatthetime.It’sunderstandable, then,thattheactor’stakenproactivemeasures toensureheisn’ttemptedatworkagain.‘This isaguywhohastriednottodoanysexyscenes withotherwomensincehe’smetAnge,’Brad’s friend,FrankPollaro,says.‘He’scrazyabouther.’ ButperhapsBradshouldbekeepingacloser eyeonAnge’scolleagues.Afterall,Brad,49,isn’t theactress’sfirstco-starconquest.WhenAnge metBillyBobThorntononthesetof1999’s PushingTin,hewasengagedtoactressLaura Dern.‘Ileftourhometomakeamovieand whileIwasaway,myboyfriendgotmarried andIneverheardfromhimagain,’Laurasays ofBillyBobandAnge,38,whowentontomarry. ToriSpelling,40,admitsthefactthatshe andhubbyDeanMcDermott,46,startedtheir relationshipbycheatingontheirspouseshas lefttheirownseven-yearmarriageshroudedin suspicion.‘Givenourhistory,Ioftengetworried thatDeanisgoingtocheatonme.Ifthephone ringsandit’sagirl’svoice,Ihavetoaskifhe’s havinganaffair,’admitsTori,whosleptwith Deanjusthoursaftermeetinghimontheset ofTVmovieMindOverMurderin2005. VanessaParadis,ontheotherhand,mayhave beenfartootrustingofherlong-termpartner, JohnnyDepp.‘Wearebestfriends,andyou’re nevergoingtoleaveyourbestfriend,areyou?’ saidthestarin2000.Butsadly,that’sexactly whatJohnny,50,appearedtodowhenhemet AmberHeardonthe2011setofTheRumDiary. Despitetheir23-yearagegap,thepairreportedly startedanaffair,andJohnnyendedhis14-year relationshipwithVanessa,40,soonafter–with theactoradmittinghiscareerisn’tconducive tolong-lastinglove.‘Relationshipsarevery difficult,especiallyintheracketthatI’min becauseyou’reconstantlyaway,andsoit’shard.’ PsychologistAnitaBoettgeragrees:‘Like anycolleagueswhospendmuchtimeinthe companyofoneanother,co-starscanform strongemotionalbonds.Thisisparticularlythe casewhentheyareonlocationandfaraway fromtheirusualsupportstructures.Itisnatural tobuildrapport,showempathyandexchange trustwiththosearoundyou,’shetellsOK!.‘If youpairthefosteringofclosebondswiththe forcedintimacyofasharedsexscene,you canseehowblurrythelinescanbecome.’ ActressMegRyan,51,alsoblamedher relationshipbreakdownsonshowbiz.‘That IT’S SAFER IF SHE’S AROUNDHugh Jackman, 44, avoids theawkwardness of filming intimate scenesby introducing his wife, Deborra-LeeFurness, 57, to his female co-stars. ‘WhatI always do on every film is we’ll all goout and have dinner together,’ he says. ‘Relationships are very difficult in the racket I’m in’ IT’S PART OF THE GAME Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis’s love ended last year, and the actor – who is now dating Amber Heard – recently broke his silence on relationships in show business: ‘It’s hard. You play it out until it goes… one thing leads to another,’ he says. CouldnÕt resist! CHEATING WWW.OKMAGAZINE.COM.AU I 39
  3. 3. OPINIONThe SET SOME LIMITS IT’S PART OF THE JOB Psychologist Jo Lamble says it’s a career choice To tell your actor partner that they are not allowed to do any on-screen love scenes is like telling a gynaecologist that they can’t do any internal examinations – it’s part of the job. If the idea of your partner doing a love scene is too distressing, then that may well be a deal-breaker because the jealousy and insecurity will tear the relationship apart. But on-screen love can definitely remain platonic. It would be uncomfortable to watch your partner doing a love scene, and that’s why it’s important that a lot of empathy is shown for the uneasy partner. But the reassurance should not be excessive since that increases insecurity. As with any couple, the closer you are and the more supportive of each other, the easier it is to cope with your partner’s work – whatever that may involve. It’s often good for the partner and on-screen lover to meet because our imaginations can be very dangerous – picturing Brad Pitt running off with Angelina Jolie can trigger serious self-doubt! – but when we spend time with the person we are jealous of, our feelings often change. IT’SOK! NOTOK! It’s not OK for actors to hook up with other actors on or off screen if they are married or in a relationship. Don’t values of integrity, love and trust apply to everyone? Acting is pretending, but the unconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between pretend and reality. To keep it professional, it’s vital for the actor to keep in check and remind themselves that it is just another day at work and not get caught up in the story. As the love scenes play out, love chemicals are released – dopamine and oxytocin – so naturally actors fall in love. Studies have found that eye contact for as little as two minutes can trigger romance and there’s a whole lot more going on during a love scene. Clear boundaries need to be set for a relationship to survive and the couple also need to increase the intensity of excitement to keep their relationship strong. Feelings need to be protected and relationships treasured. Take away Tinseltown and celebrities have the core need for love and connection – after all, life without love is no life at all. Relationship expert Samantha Jayne believes it’s a no-go canbedisastrous…havingfuneverywhereelse butnottogether,’shesays,addingthatwhenshe metRussellCrowe,49,onthesetofProofofLife, heofferedhersomethinglackinginheralmost 10-yearuniontohubbyDennisQuaid,59.‘Tobe heardistheultimateturn-on,’Megsays. PsychologistDanyaBraunsteinsaysit’sno surprisestarsfallforeachotherinfrontofthe lens.‘Foractingtobebelievableonscreen,it needstocomefromaplaceofgenuineemotion. It’snaturalthatactorsplayingintimateroles wouldfeelconnected,’shetellsOK!.‘Ofcourse, thislackofboundarybetweenon-screenand off-screenattractioncancausemanyproblems.’ JoshDuhamel,40,hasobviouslybeenwitness tothefalloutthiscancausebecausetheactor contactedJulianneHough’sthen-boyfriendRyan Seacrestbeforefilmingbeganonromanceflick SafeHavenlastyear.‘Thesemoviesareintimate andIwantedtosay,“Listen,youdon’thave toworryaboutanything,’’’Joshsays.‘Ryan wasmorecoolwithitthanIwas.’ PsychologistDrJanetHallbelievesanother wayforstarstostaveoffjealousyistoinvitetheir partneronsetandnotspendlargeamountsof timeawayfromeachother–atheoryniceguy HughJackmanandwifeDeborra-LeeFurness subscribeto.‘Asinallsituationswherefolkare inintenseworksituations,themostimportant thingisfortheworkertobetransparentabout theirmovements,’shetellsOK!. These celebrity couples’ obvious on-screen affection spilled into real life… at the expense of others! THE ONES THAT WENT TOO FAR LEANN & EDDIE After filming 2009’s Northern Lights, Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes embarked on an affair – while still married to Brandi Glanville (below) and Dean Sheremet (left). Four years on, the couple are still ‘madly in love,’ Eddie says. JEN & JUSTIN He’d been with Heidi Bivens (inset) for 12 years, but when Justin Theroux starred alongside Jennifer Aniston in Wanderlust, new feelings surfaced. However, Jen insists, ‘Nothing happened on that movie.’ RACHEL & DANIEL Despite hooking up with Daniel Craig on 2011’s Dream House and ending her relationship with Darren Aronofsky (inset), Rachel Weisz says she trusts her new hubby with other stars. ‘It’s make-believe – you’ve got to be flexible,’ she says. TEXTBYOLIVIAO’BRIEN 40 I WWW.OKMAGAZINE.COM.AU JULY 8, 2013