2012 cyc participant survey


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This is a presentation of the results from a phone survey of 2,267 participants of the Connect Your Community program - a federally funded broadband adoption and digital literacy training program run by nonprofit OneCommunity, that served 33,000 low-income individuals and families in the region! To learn more visit: www.connectcommunity.org

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2012 cyc participant survey

  1. 1. 2012Connect Your CommunityParticipant Survey ResultsPresentation prepared by:Samantha Schartman, Assistant Project Director
  2. 2. About the Survey:• 10,400 numbers• 1000 hours of staffed phone time• 8-10 minutes per survey• 16 phone representatives• 2 shifts per day (morning and evening)• 2,267 completed surveys
  3. 3. About the Sample:• Taken from our database of over 31,000 CYC programparticipants (trainees)• Scrubbed for seemingly good phone numbers• Only included those who told us they wereunconnected (either without broadband, without acomputer or both) in their homes when they came intothe program.• Representation in the sample was determined by thepercentage of trainees each LCA was responsible for.– (so if Focus Hope trained 23% of the project’s participants, this“market share” was represented in our sample by selecting 2,300participants to be included in our survey sample.)
  4. 4. Reported Home BroadbandConnection Numbers20%73%7%NoYes(blank)
  5. 5. Ethnicity• 61% - Black• 24% - White• 6% - Hispanic• .24% - Asian• 1% - mixed race• 1% - other• 7% - prefer not to answer0%61%6%1%1%7%24%
  6. 6. Marriage Status• 53% - Live alone• 36% - Live with a partneror spouse (29%+7%)• 2% - Live alone with theirchildren• 2% - Live with aroommate• 7% - prefer not to answer53%2%2%7%7%29%
  7. 7. Reported Internet Service Provider use42%2%2%10%8%3%1%1%29%2%AT&TBright HouseCenturyLinkClearComcastI get free community WiFiI get internet access through mybuildingMobile CitizenTime WarnerWindstream
  8. 8. Online Behaviors0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%
  9. 9. Government Services70% of all survey respondents arecurrently enrolled in one or moregovernment program
  10. 10. Use of Government Services0100200300400500600700800
  11. 11. • While 30% of adults in the workforce reportbeing unemployed, only 12% of them arecurrently collecting unemployment benefits.Use of Government Services
  12. 12. Parents25% of all survey respondents areparents of a school-aged (K-12) child.78% receive free or reduced lunch
  13. 13. Parents (continued)• 78% of parents report that their kids use theirhome broadband connection to do theirhomework/schoolwork and class projects.• 83% of parents say their children spend over3 hours per week on their homecomputer/internet doing school-relatedactivities.
  14. 14. Parents (continued)• 53% of Parents report using their homebroadband connection to communicate withtheir child’s school/teachers• 60% of parents say that having homebroadband access has increased their abilityto communicate with their child’sschool/teachers
  15. 15. Workforce Impact48% of working-age adults surveyedare currently un or under-employed
  16. 16. Employment Status25%27%16%1%31%Disabled/on workercompensationEmployed full-timeEmployed part-timeLaid offUnemployed
  17. 17. Workforce (continued)• 14% of all survey respondents reportedexperiencing some workforce impact.– Meaning they got a full or part-time job, were given apromotion, had a pay increase, entered a work trainingprogram, or started a business• 22% of those reporting to be in the workforce,(not retired, or enrolled full-time in school) say they hadsome positive employment outcome sinceparticipating in the CYC program.
  18. 18. Workforce (continued)• 47% of those reporting to have experienced apositive workforce impact – use a computerfor their job• 35% of these people who improved theiremployment status - are now using acomputer for their job where they didn’tpreviously!– Meaning they did not previously use a computerfor their job!
  19. 19. HealthCare Outcomes81% of all survey respondents say that the CYCprogram improved their ability to find healthinformation online.
  20. 20. Healthcare (continued)• 29% of all survey respondents report usingtheir home broadband connection tocommunicate with their hospital/doctor.
  21. 21. Healthcare (continued)• Broadband access can play a role in healthcarebeyond being a communication methodbetween doctor and patient. It can improvethe mental health and feelings of isolationmany older adults feel.
  22. 22. Healthcare (continued)• 55% of all survey respondents report feelingmore socially connected to their family andfriends since getting home broadband access.• 59% of all survey respondents say that havinghome broadband access makes them feelmore independent.
  23. 23. Financial Literacy51% of all survey respondents whohave a checking account, have used itto pay bills online
  24. 24. Financial Literacy (continued)• 65% of those who report having paid billsonline – learned to do so through the CYCprogram!
  25. 25. The Unconnected…• 22% of all survey respondents are stillunconnected.• 54% of all unconnected participants say thereason is that they cannot afford broadbandservice
  26. 26. • 54% of all unconnected participants use thelibrary as their primary source of internetaccess.• 24% say they don’t use the internet at allThe Unconnected…(continued)
  27. 27. CYC Project Satisfaction99% of all survey respondents saythey would recommend the CYCprogram to others!
  28. 28. CYC Project Satisfaction (continued)• 58% of all survey respondents report firstlearning about CYC from a friend or familymember.• 16% learned about it through a communitycenter– Which means these are NEW clients people!!
  29. 29. CYC Project Satisfaction (continued)• 94% of all survey respondents say that the CYCprogram improved their computer skills!• 64% rate us EXCELLENT!• 31% rate us GOOD!
  30. 30. CYC Project Satisfaction (continued)• 51% state that the CYC program had a HUGEpositive impact on their life!• 97% of all survey respondents report that CYChad some positive impact on their life!
  31. 31. CYC Project Satisfaction (continued)• 77% of all survey respondents say that nowthat they experienced CYC – they would beMORE LIKELY to look into other offerings atthe agency they took classes at!– This means that CYC potentially expanded theoverall client base for all partners on the project!
  32. 32. Connect Your Communityis a project of OneCommunityCleveland, OhioWith major funding by the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP)Presentation prepared by:Samantha Schartman, Assistant Project Director