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Enchanting Your Audience


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ConnectVA 2013 Social Media for Nonprofits Conference breakout session on Enchanting Your Audience with Emily Shane of The Hodges Partnership. A discussion on effective content management across various social channels, this session will cover identifying storylines within your organization, developing content bins, best practices for creating engaging content and process recommendations for extracting this information -- all with the goal of extending organizational missions and raising brand awareness.

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Enchanting Your Audience

  1. 1. Enchanting Your Audience A discussion on discovering your social story and how to tell it without pulling your hair out.
  2. 2. What makes good content? • Meaningful to your audience – Educate – Inform – Makes them feel good • Engaging – Engage with you – Engage with their community
  3. 3. What’s right for your organization? • What do you hope to convey? – Expertise – Sell – Brand personality – Ambassador Mobilizer • Who is the intended audience? • Are there regulatory restrictions? • What is the internal approval process?
  4. 4. Content Bins • Organizational News • Executive Leadership • Brand – Key Differentiator – Your Process – An element of your brand that is central to who you are • Expertise • Partnerships and Marketing
  5. 5. Content Bins • • • • Holiday/Calendar Fun Facts & Stats Contests Curation – Industry News and Trends – Publications – Thought Leaders
  6. 6. Content Bin Exercise
  7. 7. Getting the Content • • • • Content Bin Doc Email Buddy/Departmental Point Person Traffic Meetings Shared Responsibility
  8. 8. What Content and Where? Platform Attributes Facebook Largest consumer social platform. Business friendly. Good analytics. Strong advertising platform. Twitter Large, very active user-base. Great for breaking news. Fastest growing demographic is 55-64. Pinterest Fastest growing platform for content sharing . Great if your organization is visual or access to photography (weekly). YouTube Video sharing website. Reaches more people between 18-34 than any cable network. Great Facebook ,Twitter, LinkedIn and blog add on. Instagram Photo sharing tool. One of the fastest growing platforms. Great Facebook, LinkedIn, Blog or Twitter add on. LinkedIn Largest professional social platform. Great for B2B audience. Newly launched advertising capabilities with ability to reach niche audiences. Blog Company-controlled social platform capable of long-format content. Great content hub for Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn add on.
  9. 9. Post Frequency Platform Minimum Maximum Facebook 4 per week 7 per week Twitter 2 per day n/a Pinterest 2 per week n/a YouTube 1 per week n/a Instagram n/a n/a LinkedIn 1 per week 7 per week Blog 2 per month 3 per week
  10. 10. Posts Across Platforms • Demographic Differences • Its OK to repeat content, just don’t copy and paste. • Use platform specific tools
  11. 11. Developing Posts Encourage virality – Questions: Want a response? Ask open-ended questions. – Visuals: Include a photo or video in updates to make it more visual. – Promote action: Ask users to take an action with your post. Telling users specifically what you want makes them more likely to take the course of action. They don’t know unless you tell them.
  12. 12. Editorial Calendar
  13. 13. Best Practices • Share editorial calendar with executive team 4 weeks prior to launch • 2-3 weeks of good content before you drive new audiences (through email, other social platforms or advertising) • Update profile information quarterly • Monitor 2-3 times daily • Blog hosting
  14. 14. Questions? Want a template? Email me.