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A Brief Guide to Facebook Privacy


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A few slides that provide a quick overview on Facebook privacy settngs

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A Brief Guide to Facebook Privacy

  1. 1. A Brief Guide to FacebookPrivacy(June 2013)Larry
  2. 2. Inline Privacy Settings• You can control the audience for each post, each time you post• Click on the icon (globe means it’s public) below each post to changethe audience
  3. 3. Audience Choices• Public – Everyone• Friends – People you have friended• Friends of Friends: Your extended network of people yourfriends are friends with• Acquaintances – “Friends you don’t need to stay in closetouch with.”• Close Friends: People you interact with a lot• Custom: You get to chose who to include or exclude
  4. 4. Privacy Settings and Tools• Facebook has a couple of settings that are “permanent” (until youchange them)• Who can see my stuff• Who can look me up• You can access them from the settings menu
  5. 5. Tagging• Anyone can tag you in a photo or a post• Once tagged, that photo or post can be found by searching for you• Tagged images of you can also show up on your Timeline• You can remove a tag of yourself from Activity log or from yourTimelineYou can tagyourself or others
  6. 6. To Remove a Tag• From Your Activity Log• Click on the post or picture• Click Options below the picture• Select Report/Remove tag• From your Timeline• Click on pencil to select “edit/remove”• Select Report/Remove
  7. 7. Using the Activity Log to Find andRemove Content• You can use the Activity Log to see photos youre tagged in and posts thatmay appear in News Feed, search and other places on Facebook• Use "Shared with" and "On timeline" filters to review who can still seethings you may have hidden from your time line that could show up in newsfeed, search and other places.• You can remove something you don’t like by clicking on the pencil icon andselecting Delete.• You can report abusive posts from others by Report/Remove Tag
  8. 8. A Lot Can Be Found With Graph Search• Graph Search is a powerful search tool that can help people findpeople places and things including photos you’ve been tagged in• If someone is part of the audience of a post, they can find it usinggraph search• Anything posted to “public” can be found by anyone• Anything posted to friends can be found by your friends• If you don’t want it found, don’t post it or limit the audience• Content hidden from your Timeline may still be found via search
  9. 9. Timeline Vs. News Feed Vs. Search• Your Timline is “you central” – the place where people can see whatyou post, what’s posted about you and what (including pictures)you’re tagged in• But it’s not the only place people can find content about you. It canalso be found:• In News Feed (those posts that show up on people’s home pages)• Via search• On other people’s TImelines
  10. 10. Hiding vs. Deleting• There are ways to hide content from yourTimeline but it might still surface elsewhere• In News feed• In Search• On someone else’s Timeline• If you really want it gone, you must delete it, notjust hide it
  11. 11. Larry Magidlarry@connectsafely.orgThank You!