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VSU Student-Community Engagement


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Virginia State University (VSU) is working with Southside Community Partners to establish a Student Ambassador program as part of VSU President Miller's Building a Better World initiative. Funded by The Cameron Foundation, this program will encourage and educate students about the importance of community services through one-day, weekend and on-going service-learning partnerships with community-based organizations.

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VSU Student-Community Engagement

  1. 1. Student-Community Engagement Info Session Presented by: Virginia State University & Southside Community Partners
  2. 2. Serving those who Serve our CommunityHelping communitystakeholders toconnect, discover, &engage with resourcesand people so they canmore effectively deliverprograms and activitiesthat improve the qualityof life for residents inSouthside VA.
  3. 3. Connect to Students
  4. 4. Grant DetailsO Community service as central focus of VSU outreach missionO 16 student ambassadors with various majors, classifications, backgrounds will work with agencies in The Cameron Foundation service area in a two semesters terms• Supervised by Community Outreach Coordinator and Community Service Committee of faculty and staff• Students will work, one day, weekend and on- going projects
  5. 5. Grant Details cont.O Students will have the opportunity to be mentored by various non-profit leadersO Student ambassadors will encourage and educate all students on campus about the importance of community serviceO Demonstrate to community based organizations the benefit of partnering with VSU
  6. 6. Project Goals to Address:O High poverty ratesO High drop out ratesO Low high school persistence ratesO Low 4 year high school graduation ratesO Connecting VSU students and staff to community based providers
  7. 7. Objectives• Address the immediate needs of citizens with compassion in a way that empowers citizens• Develop life-long commitment to volunteering in African American college graduates and possible commitment to living and working in the Cameron Foundation servicing area.• Create a relationship where area pre-college students model VSU student and aspire to seek a college education• Fostering communication, cooperation and coordination among service providers and VSU students to build healthy relations• Empower citizens by working hand in hand with VSU students on community service projects
  8. 8. Trojan Ambassadors for Community Togetherness (TACT)O Purpose O To make an impact in the tri-cities area, and learn from those we are helping; to carry our lessons with us and apply them to our future endeavors.
  9. 9. MissionO Mission: To Identify, To Form, To Develop, and to Document O Identify: We identify non-profit organizations and assist with their current plan of action. i.e programs, activities O Form: We form a relationship with the staff and their targeted community. O Develop: We develop a strategy where T.A.C.T members can use their specialized skills to further advance the current efforts of the organization. O Document: We document what we have learned/acquired in order to fulfill our purpose.
  10. 10. Values & PassionO VALUES: We value being hospitable and diverse, as well as having passion, integrity, and working as a team. O The core values of T.A.C.T serve as a catalyst for our actions and overall fulfillment of our purpose.O Passion: Each member of T.A.C.T is driven and dedicated to carrying out our services in the tri-cities area.
  11. 11. Defining our Work O Community Service -Collaborations with local non- profit, governmental and community based organizations designed to improve the quality of life for the community and residents.
  12. 12. Defining our Work cont.O Service Learning - A method of teaching that combines formal instruction with a related service in the community.O Servant Leader - Someone who is a servant first, who has responsibility to be in the world, and so he or she contributes to the well-being of people and the community
  13. 13. Student Learning Objectives• Gain better understanding of and appreciation of service learning and community service.• Become more knowledgeable about the Cameron Foundation service area and become aware of prominent issues facing the region• Enhance the ability to see the issues through a variety of lenses and formulate perspectives that incorporate those lenses• Develop a greater understanding of themselves and how to apply knowledge gained in their engagement activities• Be inspired for deeper engagement and service to the region
  14. 14. Call to Action • Work with non-profit and community based organizations to support their mission • Expose students to the good work that is being done in the community • Keep our talented students here in the community • Work side by side with residents • Serve as positive role models for students in our community
  15. 15. Contact Information Rebecca Eisenman Rudi JacksonSouthside Community Virginia State University –Partners Dept. of Studentsreisenman@scpartners.o Servicesrg rjackson@vsu.edu804.458.6329 x 2013 804.524.5595