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Amazing Raise Strategies for Success


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The Amazing Raiseis a unique, online giving event providing an opportunity for people who care about the Greater Richmond region to come together and raise as much money as possible for local nonprofits in 36 hours - start at 6am on September 19th through 6pm on September 20th.

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Amazing Raise Strategies for Success

  1. 1. Training for Nonprofits v
  2. 2. Getting the most out of The Amazing Raise• Learn why your nonprofit should participate• Encourage Donations—be creative!• Plan a Fundraising Strategy
  3. 3. Why Should Your Organization Participate? of nonprofits reported new donors contributing for the first time.
  4. 4. Why Should You Participate? of donors reported giving to an organization for the first time of donors will use GiveRichmond to research nonprofits in the future of donors said they would participate in the Amazing Raise again
  5. 5. Why Should You Participate? donations distributed nonprofits received donations
  6. 6. Why Should You Participate?It’s INEXPENSIVE. Didyou know that it onlycosts 7 cents toacquire a new donoronline?**source Kimbia
  7. 7. Why Should You Participate?Everyone will be talking about it with as muchexcitement as a Justin Beiber concert. And notonly online… they’ll talk about it in person, too!Yeah. It’s that good.
  8. 8. Why Should You Participate?You will raise money. That’s right. Effort = $$$.And if you do a few simple things, you’ll raise alot of it. Contact your donors, board, andvolunteers and ask them to ask their friends tosupport your cause!
  9. 9. The Amazing Raise 2012Rules: No changes from 2011Prizes: $100,000 from TCF to fund incentive grant pool. – Larger grand prizes – Fewer early birds – More bonus prizes
  10. 10. The Amazing Raise 2012• Technology Enhancements: – Alpha view of leaderboard – Greater search capacity – Retention of donor contact information in same session – Twitter feed
  11. 11. The Amazing Raise 2012Fees:$50.00 Gross amount shown on NPO report- 1.50 (2.99% to website processor)- 1.38 (2.75% to credit card processor)- 0.57 (flat fee to credit card processor)$46.55 Amount NPO receives
  12. 12. Steps for Success1. Set a goal – donors, $ or prizes.2. Offer a matching grant, if possible.3. Get creative!4. Consider hosting a live event.5. ENGAGE everyone you know to make the ask – email, Facebook, Twitter, word of mouth.
  13. 13. The 5 Top Things to Remember1. Personalize your ask; Help donors relate to your work. • Send e-mails to individuals, or call them on the phone. • Tell stories about how your organization makes a difference. • Use concrete examples to describe your work and how their donation will bring about future good.2. Get an early start. • Approach key donors about matching grants. • Add a page to your website; highlight in your newsletter. • Provide reminders and events.
  14. 14. Encourage: Be Creative!3. Take advantage of your organization’s strengths. • Tap into your networks – students, subscribers, volunteers, etc. • Show off a great space with a live event – Host a party or happy hour – Invite people into your office4. Be creative! • Use pictures and videos • Brainstorm ideas with creative people in your network • Start a friendly competition
  15. 15. Encourage: Be Creative!5. Update your portrait to optimize search results. • Review former names, DBA names, keywords, mission statement and NTEE code. • Submit your changes to Michael Jones no later than August 17th. • Take advantage of The Amazing Raise 2012 Nonprofit Toolkit.
  16. 16. DATES TO REMEMBER! GiveSouthsideVA Training July 11, 9:30 - 11:30am (Orientation at Cameron) July 18, 10:00am – 12:00pm (Lab at Hopewell Library) GiveRichmond Training July 17, 9:00 – 10:30am (at The Community Foundation) Portrait Submission Deadline August 17 The Amazing Raise 2012 6am, September 19th to 6pm, September 20th
  17. 17. v