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HCF Get Fit for Funding Workshop


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HCF Get Fit for Funding Workshop presentation covers:

• Where funding can come from
• Why people and/or organisations give
• What you can do to improve your chances of success
• How HCF Training and Development can help you

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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HCF Get Fit for Funding Workshop

  1. 1. Get Fit for Funding Caroline Langdell & Sarah Elliott 14th September 2018
  2. 2. What we are going to cover • Where funding can come from • Why people and/or organisations give • What you can do to improve your chances of success • How HCF Training and Development can help you Get Fit For Funding 14/09/182
  3. 3. Where does income come from …. Get Fit For Funding 14/09/183 Individuals Legacies Trusts and Foundations Corporates Government Local/National Gift Aid and Tax Earned Income (Contracts/Trading) Local Community
  4. 4. Why do they give? Get Fit For Funding 14/09/184
  5. 5. Why do they give? Get Fit For Funding 14/09/185 • A sense of duty or wanting to give back • Personal beliefs • Religious beliefs • Personal experience • Satisfaction of giving • Trying to tackle a specific problem or create a particular change • Social reasons – because the donation matters to someone they know or care about • Ego – showing off their wealth • Tax breaks • Because they were asked!
  6. 6. What you can do to improve your chances of success… Get Fit For Funding 14/09/186 Trust Communication
  7. 7. Building Trust According to the recent Charity Commission report, potential donors and supporters want to be able to see that your organisation is: • Well run • Using money responsibly • Ethically and legally sound • Making a difference Get Fit For Funding 14/09/187
  8. 8. Building Trust …… Get Fit For Funding 14/09/188 Being well run: • A clear governing document • A strong committee or board of trustees • Staff and/or volunteers with relevant training and expertise • Relevant policies and procedures - safeguarding, equality and diversity, volunteer Using money responsibly: • Good financial arrangements ‒ A bank account in the organisation’s name ‒ Accurate record keeping ‒ Robust financial processes – signatories, sign off processes etc. • Be honest & reliable Ethically and legally sound: • Conduct as well as compliance – make sure your actions reflect your values • Operate within the law • Adequate insurance cover – employers liability, public liability etc. Making a difference: • Have a clear plan of what you’re trying to do, how you’re going to do it and the difference you want to make • Monitor and evaluate your activities • Be open and transparent about success and challenges
  9. 9. Clear and effective communication Get Fit For Funding 14/09/189 Help people understand: • Who you are • What you’re trying to do • The difference it will make • How they can help Messages need to be: • Clear • Consistent • Credible • Customised You want donors/supporters to: • Feel connected • Be Inspired • Be Motivated • Get Engaged
  10. 10. Where to start: Case for support Your case for support will provide a reliable, consistent resource from which to build your communications and fundraising It should include: • Information on your organisation and it’s activities • Demonstration of need – evidence, facts, figures, written case studies, pictures, video • Details of your organisation’s experience, knowledge, past successes to show why you are best placed to tackle the problem • Who else is involved or supporting you e.g. any exiting partners, influencers, funders • What you’re trying to achieve • What would happen if you weren’t there • How people can help – the ask! Get Fit For Funding 14/09/1810
  11. 11. Next steps … • Adapt your case for support to the audience • Make it easy • Tell a story • Use appropriate language • Keep it accurate • Don’t forget to ASK! Get Fit For Funding 14/09/1811
  12. 12. To sum up … Get Fit For Funding 14/09/1812 Lay the Foundations for Trust Get your organisation in shape Have a clear plan Prepare to communicate Develop your case for support Identify your donor Who are you trying to reach Why do they want to give Adapt and Ask Tailor your message Make the ask!
  13. 13. How we can help … Get Fit For Funding 14/09/1813
  14. 14. Why you might need help …. Get Fit For Funding 14/09/1814
  15. 15. 1. Incomplete (over 50%!!) 2. So what’s the problem? 3. Doesn’t meet our outcomes 4. Application is for excluded items 5. Project start-date is too close 6. No clear project plan 7. Not completed by the applicant Get Fit For Funding 14/09/1815 Why Applications Fail: e.g. Big Lottery – Awards for All
  16. 16. Develop Your Skills: Improve your chances Get Fit For Funding 14/09/1816 • Get your organisation into shape (trust/communication) • Understand what funders are looking for • Use the right language; develop model answers • Save time and effort • Share ideas and learning from other organisations
  17. 17. Get Fit For Funding 14/09/1817 Advice and Guidance Training Programme Workforce Development Grants Teacher/Tutor Training Organisation Development Building Potential
  18. 18. HCF Training Programme Will help organisations to: • Be well run (governance, management) • Operate legally and safely • Become sustainable (funding, marketing) Get Fit For Funding 14/09/1818
  19. 19. Get Fit For Funding 14/09/1819 £ Building Sustainability : 2018-19 Programme Get Fit for Funding • What you need to get started with fundraising • How to build a case for support • Review potential methods of fundraising 4 dates Creating a Fundable Project • Put your project idea into a structured format • How to approach funders questions • Explain the difference your project will make 3 dates Donors & Legacies Corporate Fundraising Trusts & Foundations Community Fundraising Public Service Contracts Get Seen, Get Heard, Get Support Basics of marketing and how to apply the techniques to support your fundraising Introduction to Social Value Learn about Social Value and how to apply it to your project to support fundraising and marketing
  20. 20. • Searchable courses directory • Specialist and Online Provision • Details of all HCF Training projects • Find training providers and venues • Device responsive – fully accessible via tablets and mobiles • Encourage colleagues and your peers in the sector to sign-up to receive HCF bulletins Get Fit For Funding 14/09/1820
  21. 21. Get Fit For Funding 14/09/1821