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Data visualization tools


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Presenting data visually
GDNet Presentation Skills Training for Awards and Medals Finalists
Manila, Philippines
17-18 June, 2013

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Data visualization tools

  1. 1. Information graphics and datavisualization
  2. 2. Intro /definition• Encoding data and information using chart and graphics– They need to tell a story• Infographics tell stories; information visualization let readers discoverstories by themselves.– Explaining vs Presenting
  3. 3. Key functions it supports• Tell your story, communicate• Convey abstract information in an easily digestible format; sensemaking• Analyze your data, present, compare, discover relations• Create shareable and social media friendly content
  4. 4. How to use it• Main things to consider:– What function(s) is the information designed tosupport? What’s the goal?– Who is your intended audience?– What forms can you use?Source: Visualizing Information for Advocacy
  5. 5. Where to start?• Analyze your data• Define your goal/message• Sort and sketch– overview first, zoom and filter, then details on demand• Test and tweak• Publish and disseminate
  6. 6. Resources, and links• Visualizing Information for Advocacy• Make Your Own Infographic
  7. 7. Useful tools• Wordle – Generate “word clouds” from text• XTimeline – Create and explore timelines• Creately – Easily draw diagrams online• – Create interactive infographics• ManyEyes – Upload your data
  8. 8. Useful tools• Tableau - Windows-only software for creating colourful data visualisations• Google Fusion Tables – Upload your data, visualize & collaborate• Gapminder – Upload data, interactive charts• – a community for sharing infographics• Piktochart -
  9. 9. Credits• Julia Reich - Infographics & Data Visualization: Not YourGrandmother’s Pie Chart• Betty Allen - Presenting Complex Data Visually• Tactical Tech - Visualizing Information for Advocacy• KSToolkit –