Task 2 Audience and viability


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Task 2 Audience and viability

  1. 1. Audience I created a questionnaire online and sent it to my twitter followers, and people on game forums, to answer a series of questions so I could understand who and why they play call of duty, and what feature they play most on the game.The Call of Duty Game audience is both genders; however, there are drasticallymore males to females. Age is varying, mostly from the age of 14, up until theage of 20, however, people still play it that are older than 20. I know this firsthand as I know several people that are over the age of 30, and still play videogames weekly. It shows the variety of ages the game aims at.
  2. 2. My map would have to be aimed at the right people, and be appealing to thecommunity, not just me. I asked people what where their own personal favouritefeature on Call of Duty, what they believe is the most popular, and how much theywould be willing to pay for new maps in Call of Duty and it shows that the Multiplayeron the game is what people think is the most popular and enjoy playing the most, withzombies second. Most people would also be willing to spend around £10 on newmaps, with a few willing to pay above, and below. This means the majority of peoplewould be exposed to my map, and could purchase and play it.I have gone onto the Call of Duty Community forums, and found a post asking peopleif they want to see big or small maps, and the majority of people say they would likebigger maps placed into the game, to balance things out, as currently most of themaps are really small compared to the older maps. I also, am part of the communitythat enjoys the Call of Duty franchise, so while playing their games, you make yourown opinions, and hear people praise maps, make comments on what they like anddislike, and what people would like to see in the game next.
  3. 3. My personal favourite map on any of the call of duty game would be ‘Vacant’ onCall of Duty, as it’s balanced. It has half of the map close quarters, and the otherhalf open and long range. It was a very dull, dark map with lots of places forcover. I have also seen this map mentions in many forums as being other peoplesfavourite map too. And quite a few of my friends love this map. Looking on theforums, most people prefer the older maps, rather than the newer maps, someeven like the remakes of the old maps more than new maps also.