5 own figurative artists


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5 own figurative artists

  1. 1. Ivan KramskoyIvan Nikolayevich Kramskoi (June 8th May 27) was a Russian painter and artcritic. He was an intellectual leader of the Russian democratic art movement in1860-1880. Influenced by the ideas of the Russian revolutionary democrats, Kramskoiasserted the high public duty of the artist, principles of realism, and the moralsubstance and nationality of art. He became one of the main founders and ideologistsof the Company of Itinerant Art Exhibitions.
  2. 2. Jacob CollinsJacob Collins (born 1964) is an American realist painter working in New York, NY. He is aleading figure of the contemporary classical art revival. He founded the Water Street Atelier,the Grand Central Academy of Art and the Hudson River Fellowship. From a young age,Collins knew that he wanted to be an artist, although his interest and skill lay in a classicalstyle that was out of favour in the late 20th century. Moving away from Modernism, heidentified instead with works of 15th–19th century masters and their techniques andaesthetics.
  3. 3. Adrian Gottlieb Naturalist painter and portraitist, Adrian Gottlieb, was born in north-eastern Vermont. He currently lives and paints from a studio in SouthernCalifornia. While he has expanded his themes to include varied subjectmatter, Gottlieb’s passion remains cantered on figurative compositions. Itis in this genre that Gottlieb excels, infusing the two-dimensional surfacewith a luminous and quality that conveys the illusion of life-force.
  4. 4. David KassanDavid Jon Kassan (born 1977) is a contemporary American painter best knownfor his life-size realist portraits. The paintings combine figurative subjects withabstract backgrounds or “tromp l’oeil texture studies,”[reportedly inspired byFranz Kline and Robert Rauschenberg. Of this dual representation strategyKassan notes, “my effort to constantly learn to document reality with anaturalistic, representational painting technique allows for pieces to be inherentcontradictions; paintings that are both real and abstract.
  5. 5. Erik M. Gist E.M. Gist began his formal study of art with Jeff Watts in 1996, three years later he began to teach andhas done so for the last seven years. Gist has been a working professional artist since 1998, he began hiscareer designing video games for Gratuitous Games. When the opportunity to teach at the school where hewas trained presented itself, he took it. This allowed him the spare time to follow his dream of becoming astoryteller, that the rigors of a video game career did not. To date he has painted numerous illustrations forbook covers and games, including work on Forgotten Realms Dungeons series of novels and the revival ofRaven loft. Eriks clients include TOR, Wizards of the Coast, Upper deck Entertainment, DC Comics, Boom!Studios, Palladium Books, Blizzard Entertainment, Viking Childrens Books, Monkey Brain Books, QuartoPublishing, and Chiat-Day.