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Blog Security: How to Protect your Brand against Catastrophe


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At BloggerConf 2017, Conn Ó Muíneacháin shares some tips from Blacknight about how to make sure you don't suffer data loss, hacking, or get locked out of your domain or hosting.

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Blog Security: How to Protect your Brand against Catastrophe

  1. 1. Blog Security Protect your Brand against Catastrophe Conn Ó Muíneacháin
  2. 2. Catastrophe
  3. 3. Catastrophe
  4. 4. Catastrophe
  5. 5. Catastrophe
  6. 6. • Revenue Loss – €5,600 is the average cost of downtime per minute (UK/Ireland based small and mid-sized businesses with less than 1000 employees) • Reputational Damage • Recovery • Restoration • Repair Cost of a Compromised Website
  7. 7. Domain Name SoftwareHosting like … a postcode like … an apartment building like … furniture What Makes a Website?
  8. 8. • Domain name is registered in someone else’s name • Hosting is registered in someone else’s name • Blog software is obsolete or infected • Website is not backed up Help-Desk Hard-Luck Stories
  9. 9. Domain Name SoftwareHosting Risk Factors Avoiding catastrophe requires that you manage all three
  10. 10. • Make sure that YOU are registered as the ‘Owner’ of your domain name – You can choose to add other people as Admin, Billing or Technical contacts • Know the login details for the account with your domain registrar • Watch out for Emails about registration requirements & expiry • Use auto-renew to avoid loss of your domain name Domain Name Protection
  11. 11. • Is the hosting account in your name? Do you have access to log in to it? – Talk to your developer • Is the type of hosting adequate to your needs? – Ask about traffic and storage limits, uptime and support. Hosting Protection
  12. 12. • Keep Wordpress & Plugins up-to-date – If you have a developer, agree a maintenance contract • Remove any themes or plugins you are not using • Don’t use the default ‘admin’ username • Remove any user accounts that aren’t required. Make sure users have appropriate permissions. Wordpress Protection
  13. 13. • Choose strong passwords • Don’t share passwords • Don’t reuse passwords • Use a password manager such as LastPass Password Hygiene
  14. 14. Backup & Restore • Schedule automated backups daily (weekly or monthly as required) • Restore with One Click • Backup website and database • Ideal for Wordpress hosting • Secure encryption and transfer • Google Blacklist Monitoring
  15. 15. Security Certificates (SSL)
  16. 16. • Control your domain name • Control your hosting • Keep your software Up To Date • Practice Good Password Hygiene • Use a Password Safe • Backup How to Protect against Catastrophe
  17. 17. • Telephone Support • Live Chat • Advice • Feedback Ask for Help
  18. 18. Thank You Conn Ó Muíneacháin - @conn - +353 (0)59 9183072 @blacknight