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Conker Introduction


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Published in: Technology
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Conker Introduction

  1. 1. The Future of data analytics @conker_io
  2. 2. The Problem “Existing predictive analytics tools are confusion and misinformation engines. They don't adapt to growing data needs, are inaccessible, and ridiculously priced.” The current generation of Predictive Analytics tools are…… $150k to $1million+ deployments & Large enterprise support costs Costly 9-30 months to deploy & 70 days to get a predictive model Inefficient Algorithms only use a limited number (typically 6-20) of the available variables & Analyst chooses these introducing human bias Inaccurate
  3. 3. The Solution Conker provides low touch, self-service, next generation predictive data analytics that automates and hides complexity and has customer behaviour at its core. Conker deliver next generation behavioural segmentation and predictive analytics tools Trial Download Unique user interface Self Service Handles larger volumes of Data, 100’s to 1000’s of customer variables Proprietary enhanced predictive algorithms Next-Gen Low user-skill requirements Automated data preparation, behavioural analysis & predictive modelling Low Touch
  4. 4. Market Validation Closed Beta 16 Company Beta Test USA, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Turkey and UK Telefonica (O2 Ireland) Trial to confirm Conker's predictive techniques are an improvement on those currently employed
  5. 5. Market Size $2bn $3bn $12bn 2013 2016 2020 $40bn $50bn $70bn • Initial Target Market • #1 Predictive Analytics • $300+ million revenue • 4,000+ Customers • Maintain Market Position Business Analytics Software Advanced Analytics Source: IDC Worldwide Business Analytics Software 2012–2016 Forecast and 2011 Vendor Shares, June 2012
  6. 6. The Products Behavioural Path ComparisonsSegmented Behavioural Paths Behavioural Metrics Roadmap
  7. 7. Business Model Online Awareness and Direct Response Marketing 1,200 Trial Downloads 1 Customer • Analysis tool to identify distinct behavioural groups of customers • Up to 8 billion events OR 1Tb Insight €2,500 (per month) • Communicate with customers in real-time • Unlimited Messages Action €250 (per month) • Automatically create predictive models & recommendations • Multiple Dashboards Foresight €5,000 (per month)
  8. 8. Adoption & Expansion
  9. 9. The Competition
  10. 10. Why Conker? The Conker Core Our technical approach is very different to other data analytics providers as we are not bound by years of legacy statistical and analytics approaches. We are building a proprietary (patentable) solution from the ground up to leverage Big Data. Our team of Ph.D.'s and M.Sc.’s are at the bleeding edge of machine learning and computer science. Cheaper
  11. 11. The Team Russell Banks, CEO Over 15 years experience working in technology industry & startups including Microsoft, Vodafone and Motorola. Daniel Kersten, CTO Software engineer with 12 years experience including Telco's, back-end web development and embedded systems. Jeff Harte, COO Entrepreneur with proven sales track record and previous startup experience. The Founders Eoin McKiernan MSc Computing Science Interactive Entertainment Technology Eoin Hurrell PhD Computer Science Predictive systems Serena Fritsch PhD Computer Science Distributed Systems Our Engineers Our Advisors Eamon Leonard VP Developers³ Engine Yard David Coallier Data Scientist Engine Yard Sean Blanchfield CEO Scalefront
  12. 12. Progress to date Sep 2013 2012 Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Sep Oct Dublin Web Summit - Spark of Genius – Pitch Enter NDRC Launchpad Incubator Prototype of stream processing code $ Prototype of metrics and action graphs 1st employee hire Win Launchpad Incubator Programme Prototype of segmentation UI built Research pattern mining completeEntered Wayra Incubator / Pitched @ SXSW 2nd & 3rd Hires / Signed up Telefonica Server logic of behavioural segmentation 16 Beta test companies signed up Native client UI prototype Common paths and funnels implementedClosed Beta product launch
  13. 13. Competitive Advantage UNFAIR ADVANTAGE • Computer science advantage • Proprietary algorithms • Not bound by traditional statistical & analytics methods • Built from the ground up to support Big Data • Simple UX design • Accessibility of product gives Mass Market appeal USER BENEFITS • Try before you buy • User-friendly/low-skill requirement • Eliminates human bias in data preparation • Analyse & predict customers behaviour • Get Instant results from customer data • 3rd Party Tool Support (Flurry, Google Analytics, Twilio, etc…) • Developer friendly API
  14. 14. Funding Requirement • 16 Beta Test Companies • 7 Staff • 120 Customers • 14 Staff • 934 Customers • 23 Staff 77% 8% 15% Funding to date €120,000 38% 58% 4% Series A €3,000,000 Salary Sales & Marketing Op Ex 55%37% 8% Seed Round €750,000
  15. 15. The Future of data analytics CONTACT: Cell: +353 (0)879 775588 @conker_io