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El Turismo Rural ¿Un líder agazapado?


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El Turismo Rural ¿Un líder agazapado?. Ponencia de Jason Freezer, Visit England en el VI Congreso Internacional de Turismo Rural de Navarra
Asegurar un futuro exitoso para el sector del turismo rural. El potencial, las fuerzas del mercado y necesidades de desarrollo en el turismo rural

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El Turismo Rural ¿Un líder agazapado?

  1. 1. Securing a Successful Future for Rural Tourism Jason Freezer Head of Destination Management
  2. 2. To lead and drive forward the quality, competiveness and sustainable growth of England’s Visitor Economy Our Mission
  3. 3. ● The sector is currently worth £106bn ● It provides 2.6m jobs ● Projected to be £217bn (2025) ● It benefits every part of the country The Visitor Economy is Big Business in England
  4. 4. Visitor Economy? • Visitors • Leisure/ Business/ VFR • Day/ overnight • Supply chain • Core • Accommodation • Attractions • Bars/ restaurants • Related • Retail • Transport • “other” services – laundry, petrol stations, food suppliers
  5. 5. Countryside Trips Represents a Big Part of Tourism 36% 43% 21% Countryside City Seaside £8.1bn £3.9bn * *Includes small towns £6.7bn Source: GB Tourism Survey 2013
  6. 6. City and countryside breaks are two of the key drivers of the staycation trend 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Domestic Holidays by Social Grade 2006-2013 Seaside Countryside/ village Large city/ large town Trips (m) -6% +26% +16% -20% 2006 vs 2013 Seaside City / Large Town Countryside Source: GB Tourism Survey 2013
  7. 7. 33 24 16 13 10 27 40 10 9 12 Holiday camp / camping / caravanning Hotel / motel Self-catering Other serviced accommodation Friends / relatives 33% of all domestic countryside holidays which involve an overnight stay include camping / caravanning sites Almost three quarters of overnight stays at countryside destinations take place in spring and summer (Apr-Sep), although there are still notable off-peak trips 12 29 42 17 14 28 38 20 Jan-Mar Apr-Jun Jul-Sep Oct-Dec Overnight Domestic Holiday Trips Countryside trips % All trips % Source: GB Tourism Survey
  8. 8. Our world is changing fast!
  9. 9. • If the consumer is king, we need to understand how his (or her) needs and wants are changing • Spending on culture and leisure grown • Work-life balance remains a challenge The changes start and end with the customer
  10. 10. Source: ONS Population prospects 65-79s +11.2% 80+ +19.2% Under 18s +10% 18-34s +1.2% 35-49s -3.4% 50-64s +10.5% More younger people More older people (NB – baby boomers are now retiring – a different mindset than previous generations!) Fewer ‘squeezed middle’ UK population change 2013-2020 As the population structure changes…
  11. 11. Source: ONS Population prospects 65-79s +11.2% 80+ +19.2% Under 18s +10% 18-34s +1.2% 35-49s -3.4% 50-64s +10.5% More younger people More older people (NB – baby boomers are now retiring – a different mindset than previous generations!) Fewer ‘squeezed middle’ UK population change 2013-2020 …the current baby boom will also have an impact
  12. 12. Source: ONS Population prospects 65-79s +11.2% 80+ +19.2% Under 18s +10% 18-34s +1.2% 35-49s -3.4% 50-64s +10.5% More younger people More older people (NB – baby boomers are now retiring – a different mindset than previous generations!) Fewer ‘squeezed middle’ UK population change 2013-2020 ...piling pressure on the squeezed middle
  13. 13. At the same time, families aren’t what they were
  14. 14. 69% 66% 71% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 18-34 35-54 55+ ‘I like to find bargains, even when I don’t need to save the money’ After the recession… “discretionary thrift” is a habit that’s likely to stay with us “This is habit forming, rather than just a blip. For younger people, a significant proportion of their life has been spent in this climate - it’s seen as weird to pay over the odds” Gavin Flynn, Senior VP, IHG
  15. 15. Holiday trips are getting shorter and shorter 3 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 3.7 3.8 3.9 4 Apr-06 Jun-06 Aug-06 Oct-06 Dec-06 Feb-07 Apr-07 Jun-07 Aug-07 Oct-07 Dec-07 Feb-08 Apr-08 Jun-08 Aug-08 Oct-08 Dec-08 Feb-09 Apr-09 Jun-09 Aug-09 Oct-09 Dec-09 Feb-10 Apr-10 Jun-10 Aug-10 Oct-10 Dec-10 Feb-11 Apr-11 Jun-11 Aug-11 Oct-11 Dec-11 Feb-12 Apr-12 Jun-12 Aug-12 Oct-12 Dec-12 Feb-13 Apr-13 Jun-13 Aug-13 Oct-13 Dec-13 Domestic Holiday Trips in England – Average Length (Nights) Source: GB Tourism Survey 3.65 3.33“It doesn’t feel right spending too much on holiday just now” “I am self-employed… I can’t be away for more than 5 days in case a job comes in.. If you’re not here to do it you wont be asked again” It means we can make most of a long weekend …and means we can have more short holidays rather than longer ones
  16. 16. Last minute bookings make it hard for businesses to plan ahead – but offer opportunities to capture spontaneous trip takers Source: GBTS: All holidays with firm booking 15% 21% 18% 20% 26% 32% 29% 14% 14% 11% More than 3 months 2-3 months About a month 2 - 3 weeks 7 days or less Period between booking and taking domestic holidays 1 - 3 nights 4+ nights
  17. 17. booking has grown by over 100% in recent years... 10.2 11.9 12.4 16.5 16.8 19.5 21.6 22 14.3 13.3 12 13.7 11.4 10.8 10.5 9.9 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Domestic Holiday Trips (m) Booked Online Booked Offline Source: GB Tourism Survey Source: GB Tourism Survey
  18. 18. 50% 16% 60% 28% 72% 51% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% Owns smartphone Owns tablet 2011 2012 2013 ..and we’re seeing a massive change in how people access the internet... According to Mediacom, around one in five of the UK population ONLY access the internet using a mobile device Source: Trajectory
  19. 19. 38% 25% 11% 24% 18% 11% 9% 7% 11% Uploaded photos Chatted on Social Media Posted a review 18-34 35-54 55+ ...and in how they tell others about their holiday Social media activity after last domestic holiday Age Groups Source: VE Brand & Communications Tracker
  20. 20. Barriers
  21. 21. 27% 28% 43% 51% 56% 57% 39% 40% 40% 50% 58% 57% Easy to get to by public transport Ease of getting around by public transport Reasonably priced car parking Availability of independent local shops Wide range of attractions and things to do Doesn't take too long to get to All English Destinations Countryside Destinations % Describing Destination as Excellent or Very Good Access issues relate to public transport rather than time / distance Source: VisitEngland Brand & Satisfaction Tracker
  22. 22. The unknown countryside. • A blurred picture despite evocative perceptions • Holidaymakers can imagine appealing countryside images (when asked to visualise) • Don’t always have a clear image of what they can do • Pre-family most likely to feel it’s boring • They’re also often unsure where to find this appealing countryside “The countryside is just green and boring.” (London: Pre-family)
  23. 23. A few words about the weather. • Most people know the weather can be changeable • The English know you can’t count on the weather! • Rural areas it is perhaps a greater barrier • Messaging needs to focus on:  Still lots to do and enjoy if it rains  Lists/ reminders of wet weather activities  If your dressed appropriately it’s still fun to be outside  Fun to be had inside “No such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.” (York: Family) “Mention a pub and everyone's’ happy.” (York: Family)
  24. 24. We need to provide 3D inspiration and information to build consideration – and eventually, action Where to go? Heard of places or have vague appealing image, but not always both Where Is it? People's geography can be quite poor, and location and proximity steers are helpful What’s there to do? Beautiful scenery is not always enough, especially for longer trips (and if it rains…) Need a sufficiently 3D view to be compelling Source: Motivations and Barriers Research
  25. 25. The climate is changing! • Challenges & opportunities • Often dismissed as not “not my problem” • Reality: it is a joint responsibility…now
  26. 26. Opportunities? Make Rural Tourism SEXI
  27. 27. Increasingly urbanised population keen to get away from towns and cities 80% Of the UK population live in urban areas Source: Trajectory Global Foresight
  28. 28. JOMO (Joy of Missing Out) Examples in the hospitality sector of venues offering discounts for those who surrender their phones at the door or hotels that make a point of NOT offering Wi-Fi Source: Trajectory Global Foresight
  29. 29. FOMO (Fear of missing out) FOMO The ease with which people can share their leisure activities with family or friends increases our exposure to different experiences People will become increasingly reluctant to miss out – and they won’t want their peers to be having more fun than they are Source: Trajectory Global Foresight
  30. 30. Sedentary lifestyles and sense that life is ‘too easy’ – driving consumers to push themselves and seek adventure 43%Say that ‘adventure and taking risks’ is important to them 54%Say that ‘trying new things’ is important to them Source: Trajectory Global Foresight
  31. 31. Quality of the Experience: Distinctive and Local. • Tourism is more than just selling! • Need to ensure the visitor experience excellent Higher spend, higher returns and more recommendations • Creating destination distinctiveness Local activities and events things you can’t or wouldn’t do closer to home Mixing with the friendly locals Independent shops, restaurants, etc. • Local produce, food and drink (specialties) enjoying good produce and food is increasingly key to holidaymakers
  32. 32. Health conscious consumers look for breaks that exhilarate and help them keep fit Healthier older people means that consumers are active for longer into retirement – not just for younger consumers Source: Trajectory Global Foresight
  33. 33. This trend will be driven by the consumer desire to increase their cultural capital media promotion of new skills (antiques, cooking, baking) • people do a wide range of leisure activities and are keen to try new things 49% Say that art or culture is very or rather important to them Source: Trajectory Global Foresight
  34. 34. But first who is VisitEngland
  35. 35. Jason Freezer @visitenglandbiz Thank you for listening!