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Confluent Steaming Webinar - Cape Town - Vitality


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Get an opportunity to hear from our South African customer, Vitality, and witness how they have put the Confluent streaming platform at the heart of their business.

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Confluent Steaming Webinar - Cape Town - Vitality

  1. 1. VitalityOne (V1) Behavioral Change Platform |2020
  2. 2. 2 The V1 Behavioral Change Platform Behavioral change is the modification of a client or employees’ behavior in order to promote and encourage activities that minimize an individual’s risk profile. The V1 platform provides the technical and system constructs to run, support and maintain behavioral change programs globally, and at scale. It is designed to allow participating entities to configure their behavioral change requirements, and to empower their members to understand, actively manage and alter their behavior.
  3. 3. 3 There are 9 markets live on the V1 platform, with more in progress and in the pipeline KOREA Group Benefits GERMANY AUSTRIA & FRANCE ITALY Q3 2018 – Q3 2019 Q4 2019 Q3 2020Q2 2020Q1 2020 PARTNER PARTNER Q4 2020 PARTNER INDIA USA
  4. 4. There has been significant growth since launch, outpacing similar, and in fact simpler, global platform giants 19 months to launch beyond America >4 years to reach 1m subscribers 1,506 268 1,851 Feb - AprAug - Oct 846 Nov - Jan 1,222 May - Jul Aug - Oct Cumulative registrations (‘000) Countries 2 9# Total number of V1 registrations since launch Outpacing global platform giants 267 4
  5. 5. UAT Prod UAT Prod UAT Prod UAT Prod Central Asset Dev Central Asset Test Central Asset QA 5 Effectively powering all new products and V1 markets through a centralized platform V1 Markets KOREA Group Benefits USA Product Roadmap 2021 Product Roadmap 2022 Mobile design Devices Real-time enhancements Features Product Roadmap Items 2020
  6. 6. VDP Samsung Apple Garmin Fitbit Suunto Polar Xiaomi Softbank Other Vitality Device Platform Approx. 25 million Workouts / Day Serving over 15 countries 24/7 Support Extensive experience in running this service
  7. 7. 7 Globally available platform that is to implement, to configure and to operate The V1 Behavioral Change Platform
  8. 8. V1 Behavioural Change Product Construct V 1 P L A T F O R M Generic Business Capabilities Client Management Product Management Contract Management Finance Management Behavioral Change Assessment / Baseline Partner Integration Activities / Tracking Goals Incentivisation Rewards Purchases Gamification CapabilitiesPoints Status Local
  9. 9. 9 Over and above the Vitality product roadmap, markets can accredit and build approved functionality into the V1 platform to accelerate their business objectives As markets build into the platform, it will expand the Vitality ecosystem and accelerate delivery F E D E R AT E D D E V E L O P M E N T
  10. 10. V1 Back-end V1 Channels (Front-ends) V1 Back-end Partner Front- ends V1APIs V1 Back-end Partner Front- ends V1APIs Partner developed functions As partners build into the platform it will increase the functionality available and accelerate delivery V1APIs 1 2 3 Provided Federated Development Options Service Portal MCMP Service Portal MCMP Service Portal MCMP
  11. 11. New Product OutcomeMarket Journey 11 AIA South Korea was able to successfully build a new product and deliver functional capability on the V1 platform within 6 weeks AIA Korea had a requirement to implement an open Vitality Product in partnership with SK Telecom in a short period of time SK built the front end and became familiar with V1 API’s and Architecture 4 developers were V1 accredited to “Train the Trainer” in Korea KOREA Collaborative partnership KOREA
  12. 12. Why is the V1 Platform so different and a leader in its class? 1. Built from the ground up to cater for international requirements – multi language / multi tenancy / multi currency / time zones etc. 2. Built using new architecture and technologies to enable a more flexible delivery structure to allow for scale. It leverages the technologies used by companies like Google, Netflix, Linked in where scale and performance is critical . 3. Built using industry standard technologies and models to ensure that we leveraged off proven assets 4. Built to enable configuration over development. 5. Built to allow third party developers and partners to contribute to the platform. 6. Can be as open as we would like it to be. 7. Built on a lightweight technology stack to avoid the overheads of software enterprise licenses. 8. Designed to allow the parallel implementation of multiple countries.
  13. 13. Production Environment Topology Master Nodes Worker Nodes Kubernetes Container Management Environment WS02 API Manager Worker Nodes contain: Ø V1 Microservices – approx. 60 Business Rules Ø Zuul - load balancing Ø Eureka – service registry Ø Config Server “Standalone” Environment Environment Management Auditing and logging Client ElasticSearch Kibana CF Hub SFTP WS02 ID Manager Liferay Portal Server Kafka Messaging Broker Zookeeper (Distributed Co-Ordination) Scale worker nodes to increase throughput
  14. 14. Our Journey with Kafka 1. Key architectural principle is that V1 is primarily event driven / message oriented. 2. Original technology decisions for V1 were completed in 2016 – Kafka was selected. 3. So no real ESB capability – but services listen to topics and action accordingly. 4. Did lead to quite an accelerated learning process. 5. Soon before launch, we decided to engage Confluent for Production support. 6. No events have been lost. 7. Have had to replay events due to problems downstream. 8. Will be upgrading the Vitality Device Platform to utilize Kafka within its backbone. 9. Evaluating Confluent Cloud to offboard infrastructure management overheads – and to ultimately allow the professionals to manage our Kafka clusters.
  15. 15. Our Journey with Kafka W h a t r o l e h a s K a f k a p l a y e d w i t h i n V 1 , a n d o u r v o l u m e s ? 1. Allowed us to achieve a decoupled micro-services architecture, whereby Kafka topics buffer processing steps. 2. Achieving massive throughput – we are processing 25m / 30m events per day with ease. 3. Redundancy – through a 3x3 cluster (no need for more nodes at this time). 4. Ability to scale on-demand – by increasing consumers. 5. Backwards compatibility through Schema Registry. 6. Ability to recover from issues downstream without losing data, as Kafka is used as a “buffer” to store events for 14 days.
  16. 16. Our Journey with Kafka W h a t a r e s o m e o f t h e k e y l e a r n i n g s a r o u n d K a f k a ? 1. Provides messaging, storage and processing in one distributed, scalable, fault-tolerant, high-volume, technology-independent streaming platform. 2. Have to adopt a different mindset – think of Kafka as a cassette tape (replays work differently). 3. Idempotency is critical – especially for replays. 4. Tweaking is required to ensure optimal performance – but not difficult to grasp, and extremely easy to change. 5. You must build in redundancy – must run at least a 3x3 cluster to achieve a quorum with Zookeeper. 6. Ability to run multiple environments on a single Kafka cluster (e.g. UAT & Production). 7. Must use a logical naming convention for topics for easier topic management. • Example: Prod.CalculateStatus.CalculatePoints vs. Prod.CalculateStatus.AwardStatus 8. Kafka can be used as an alternative to a traditional database for certain transactions. 9. Additional nodes can be introduced with ease – through automatic replication.