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Apache Kafka® Use Cases for Financial Services


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Traditional systems were designed in an era that predates large-scale distributed systems. These systems often lack the ability to scale to meet the needs of the modern data-driven organisation. Adding to this is the accumulation of technologies and the explosion of data which can result in complex point-to-point integrations where data becomes siloed or separated across the enterprise.

The demand for fast results and decision making, have generated the need for real-time event streaming and processing of data adoption in financial institutions to be on the competitive edge. Apache Kafka and the Confluent Platform are designed to solve the problems associated with traditional systems and provide a modern, distributed architecture and Real-time Data streaming capability. In addition these technologies open up a range of use cases for Financial Services organisations, many of which will be explored in this talk. .

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Apache Kafka® Use Cases for Financial Services

  1. 1. Confluent Kafka Use Cases for Financial Services
  2. 2. Every Industry is Moving from Batch/Manual to Software-Defined Auto / Transport Software-using Software-defined Spreadsheet-driven driver schedule Real-time ETA Banking Nightly credit-card fraud checks Real-time credit card fraud prevention Retail Batch inventory updates Real-time inventory management Healthcare Batch claims processing Real-time claims processing Oil and Gas Batch analytics Real-time analytics Manufacturing Scheduled equipment maintenance Automated, predictive maintenance Defense Reactive cyber-security forensics Automated SIEM and Anomaly Detection U.S. Defense Agencies 2
  3. 3. Gartner Becoming Software-Defined is a Competitive Requirement “By 2020 eventsourced, real-time situational awareness will be a required characteristic for 80% of digital business solutions. And 80% of new business ecosystems will require support for event processing.”
  4. 4. Data Platform Requirements for Becoming Software-Defined Software -using Software -defined 1 3 42 Scalable for Transactional Data Transient Raw dataBuilt for Historical Data Built for Real- Time Events Scalable for ALL data Persistent + Durable Enriched data ● State vs. Change ● Historical analysis vs. real-time operations ● Non-transactional data is 10x transactional data ● IoT, Logs, Security events... ● Mission critical apps require zero data loss ● Mission critical systems require replay ● Stream Processing (SQL on RT events) ● Context & situational awareness (ex. ETA) 4
  5. 5. Cyber Security High volume log ingest & anomaly detection Wealth Management and Capital Markets Trade Data Capture, Next Gen Pricing Applications, Clearing & Settlement, OATS, Next Gen Advisor workstations Retail and Corp Banking Fraud Detection, Credit analytics, Next Generation Payment Hubs, Open Banking Market & Credit Risk Consolidates data across dozens of disparate risk systems IT Modernization Mainframe off-load, “Bridge to the Cloud” , microservices Customer Experience Tailored offerings and alerts, omni channel, increase digital engagement within Retail & Corp Banking, Wealth Management Kafka across Financial Services
  6. 6. Some Highlights Payments: • Fraud • Payment Processing • Settlements Markets and Trade Data: • Market Data • Trade Data Distribution Regulatory • MIFID, OATS, CAT etc • Risk, Liquidity Management Technology Modernisation • Data Warehouse Modernisation • Netezza, Teradata etc to Cloud Data Services • Messaging • MQ and TIBCO offload • Mainframe • Data offload 6
  7. 7. How does event streaming solve data challenges? Aggregate events from everywhere Store events in persistent, highly available, and scalable platform Transform, filter, and enrich data in flight with stream processing Integrate and share events with your apps, on prem and in the cloud Mainframe Micro- service 1 Micro- service 2 KStreams / KSQL Database Cloud Connector Mainframe Database Cloud Connector Micro- service 1 Micro- service 2 All in real-time 7
  8. 8. Messaging Modernization Operational Data Modernization (Legacy / Mainframe) Microservices Architecture ● Single streaming platform to support multiple data sources and application deployments with high availability, security and fault tolerant (zero message loss) ● Segregate data between internal and external systems using kafka clusters (internal and DMZ) and replicating for external systems and customer consumption ● Replacing Tibco and other legacy messaging systems for cost and scale ● Unlock data from legacy databases and Mainframe systems ● Real time transaction data on mainframes made available to external systems (other business systems or customer apps) with CDC, ETL and stream processing ● Deploy microservices to reduce load on mainframe data and reduce CAPEX/OPEX ● Staying compliant with regulatory and business logic while sharing data ● Sharing with external 3rd party systems to enable customer 360 and open banking ● Access legacy systems and data for newer applications and customer services ● Replatform to modern cloud native architectures and enhance flexibility and SLAs ● Modernize application development and deployment with DevOps ● Completely decoupled microservices deliver distributed and highly scalable solution Financial Services - Common Pipeline Use Cases
  9. 9. ● Moving from batch to real-time data integrations and data filtering, enrichment, transformation and normalization ● Present data to external systems and processes in the form required for further processing ● Deploy microservices to process event data real-time ● Drive fraud and anomaly detection real-time with interactive processing ● Eliminate complex ETL processes and decrease cost of legacy ETL tools Streaming ETL Data Warehouse Modernization Real-Time Analytics ● Streaming data across into a centralized data lake for advanced analytics and reporting ● Modernize data warehouses by moving data into public cloud ● Integrate with cloud services around data analytics, visualization and AI ● Clickstream analytics - Website / customer experiences ● Real time recommendations with stream processing ● Real-time visualization, analytics and predictions with stream processing as well as integration to external systems Financial Services - Common Pipeline Use Cases
  10. 10. SIEM Optimization ● Avoid Vendor Lock in: Splunk, Arcsight or other SIEM solutions provide value but expensive ● Open Architecture: cost effective , right data to right downstream systems at the right time. ● Filter / format event streams and, reduce message sizes sent to SIEM ● Shorten SIEM retention window and save costs. ● Leverage Big Data platform for batch analytics activities and as Data Lake while leveraging SIEM for real time alerts, dashboards, visualizations etc. Financial Services - Common Pipeline Use Cases ● Distributed local and global event streaming across data centers (and clouds) ● Disaster recovery ● Migrating on premise data to cloud ● Integrating on premise legacy systems with cloud based apps and services ● Security: encryption and tokenization of data moving across multi sites ● Infrastructure and network monitoring Hybrid Cloud
  11. 11. Fraud Kafka Use Cases for Financial Services
  12. 12. ● Capital One “Second Look” ● Customers do not check statements regularly ● Duplicate charges, high tips, increased recurring charges go unnoticed ● The right level of signal vs noise for the consumer ● Preventing $150 of fraud on average a year/customer Use Cases: -Customer 360 -Customer Notifications & Alerts -Fraud Detection
  13. 13. ● Growth in multi channel fraud ● Attacks based on multiple LOBs ● LOBs very siloed - separate fraud systems ● Get a business wide view, and bring much more data into the fraud management process ● Use Machine Learning against large historical data sets Use Cases: -Fraud Detection, with machine learning Major Global Bank and Payments Processor payments credit card transactions debit card transactions credit card applications mortgage applications realtime fraud scoring ML model enhancement fraud case management Realtime Fraud Scoring back testing on 1 year of trx
  14. 14. TOP 5 US GLOBAL BANK ● Identify fraud in near real-time using geo-location information coming from their customers mobile devices ● Real-time credit authorizations and new credit approvals Use Cases: -Fraud Detection -Customer 360 Challenges ● Complex data pipeline - data movement is a collection of point to point integrations ● Data is often delayed (e.g. 1 day old) and with limited thruput ● Data analysts are operating on stale data leading to poor outcomes. ● Lag time between Credit Bureau updates and bank systems for credit authorization Solution ● Built an event cloud to handle real time fraud and credit authorizations ● Identify fraud in near real-time using geo-location information coming from customers mobile devices ● The fraud system will use that data to either approve or decline the transaction ● Handle 600+ transactions per second
  15. 15. ● Stream and batch pipelines delivered off of Kafka message systems, and are decoupled from the main transactional system. ● Cloud Dataflow pipeline provides lower latency compared to old systems ● New Kafka based solution is flexible to handle continuously evolving fraud threats Use Cases: -Fraud Detection Challenges Outgrowing dedicated instances running with MySQL, which began to impact ability to do fraud detection for which query response time is critical Solution New stream analytics pipeline for fraud detection that would give answers to queries in near-real time without affecting main transactional system
  16. 16. Customer Experience Kafka Use Cases for Financial Services
  17. 17. Schema Registry Data Transformations / Microservices Streaming apps (KStreams & KSQL) Why Confluent? The bank’s legacy queue based messaging could not handle the volume of event data being created through the banks transaction systems, mobile, web, ATM, and call center channels Event Streaming Platform (based on Kafka) includes messaging, storage, and processing in a single platform that can run globally at scale ...Future sources (e.g. Mainframe) Fraud, Marketing, Fintech Customer Support, etc Data Lake & Customer Graph Retail Bank - Next Gen Customer 360
  18. 18. Ingest & User Interfaces Schema Registry Data transformations microservices & Streaming apps (KStreams & KSQL) Key Features 1. Wide range of ingest options with ability enforce schema and data quality 2. Change Data Capture via Oracle Golden Gate or Confluent Connect framework 3. All ingest events are captured and persisted in order (Replay, Audit, Compliance) 4. Optional real-time filtering, enrichment, transformation on ingest or via streaming apps Data Analytics API & Connectors Workflow & Chat Change Data Capture Destinations NoSQL Oracle Private Bank’s Enterprise Streaming Platform
  19. 19. Regulatory Kafka Use Cases for Financial Services
  20. 20. Third largest corporation in the Nordic region and one of the top 10 financial services companies in Europe based on market capitalisation, presence in 20 countries, including our four Nordic home markets – Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden,, offering services across retail, investment, trading and other financial services Use Cases -Regulatory Compliance -Messaging Modernization Challenges ● MiFID II compliance requirements ● Breaking down silos in the bank to get an aggregated view of all equity trades ● Legacy systems support limited throughput and ETL Solution ● Centralized Confluent deployment to free data stuck in legacy systems ● JMS client offload data from legacy systems ● Dropped analytics turnaround time from weeks to instant reporting, ● Provided analysts access to trade data in real-time ● Reduced overall platform costs by 73% Mainframe APACHE KAFKA Confluent JMS
  21. 21. TOP 5 US GLOBAL BANK Top 5 Global Bank delivering a wide range of financial services including retail, investment, trading, market data, Forex, Mortgages etc Use Cases -Regulatory Compliance -Messaging Modernization -Data Warehouse Modernization Challenges ● Mechanism to migrate OATS reporting off of legacy (Netezza) systems ● Handle very high throughput from trading systems the data into HDFS to leverage new more scalable approaches at OATS reporting. ● OATS reporting is eventually getting deprecated for CAT reporting which will require more intraday and windowed reporting to occur, ● Provide reliable delivery of market and trade data to current and future destinations for regulatory reporting (e.g. OATS) and to eventually get ready for CAT Solution ● Realtime ingest of trade data into enterprise analytics platform ● Integration with Spark Streaming ● Integrate destinations such as Elastic, HDFS, JDBC using Confluent Connect ● Stream processing using KStreams and KSQL for filtering, aggregation, windowing and Schema Registry for governance ● Stream over 100K messages per second into a scalable platform that could effectively leverage fault tolerant connectors
  22. 22. Deduplicate message with Kstreams Solace Environment Zookeeper x3 HDFS Solace Queue (N) Confluent Environment Connectors (x2) JMS Kafka Broker x3 (note - in test environment this will increase to 10) Kafka HDFS Sink Connector Big Data Layer HBASE Elastic Spark OATS Reporting Layer Qlik HTML Frontend tool Reporting done every 5-15 minutes, OATS generated end of Day 500 M msg/day to start, eventually will scale to 1 Bn msg/day Kafka Streams (x2) Tibco Environment Tibco EMS Solace Topics (100s) ● Consume data from Solace and TIBCO EMS (legacy FIX messages) ● deliver high volume equities trade data to HDFS and Hbase as well as other downstream sources such as Elastic and RDBMS. ● Kafka to store all the trade data, in the correct order and make sure it is replicated across the cluster to ensure no data is lost. ● Confluent HDFS Connector with its batching features to avoid sending small files into HDFS, Connector also integrates with the HIVE metastore.. ● Use Spark to create the OATS reports Top 5 US Global Bank: Example Architecture (OATS reporting)
  23. 23. Market and Trade Data Kafka Use Cases for Financial Services
  24. 24. Market Data in Cloud Market Data Analytics Analytics Layer Apps Data Access Visualization tools Integration & Transformation Data Serialization, Transformation Major Exchange Market Data-in-the Cloud Bridge to Cloud Secure, Filter, Enrich Confluent Cloud 24 Market Data in the Cloud is a project to bring market data feeds into public clouds in support of the following objectives: 1. Provide a go-to-market strategy to provide customers Exchange Data Feeds in AWS, GCP, and Azure 2. Move to modern architectures that will allow the business to scale and grow to hundreds of customers and quickly add new feeds 3. Create differentiating analytics directly on the exchange data feeds, which will provide another source of insight 4. Secure, scalable, reliable bridge to propagate data as a stream of events from the exchange data centers to all major public clouds.
  25. 25. What role does Confluent play in the Market Data as a service project? Data Pipeline | Stream Processing Provide a real-time market data service in the customer's preferred cloud provider Integration Enable customers to consume Market Data feeds across public cloud domains 90+ connectors for future integrations to cloud natives services (object stores, analytic warehouses, etc) Scale up and down Confluent allows the exchange to easily add and remove data feeds or react to changes in data volumes without the need for extensive planning, hardware provisioning or complicated procurement efforts after Phase 1 Efficient, on-demand, and elastic infrastructure reduces costs New Analytics Provide new analytics to the exchange’s customers to compete with data aggregators (e.g. Bloomberg, Reuters) Easily join, filter, enrich, window and transform data using the native stream processing engine to produce analytics 25
  26. 26. First pan-European exchange, Euronext operates regulated securities and derivatives markets in Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon and Paris, as well as a regulated securities market in Ireland and the UK. Use Cases -Market Data & Trade Platform -Messaging Modernization Challenges ● Develop a new trading platform for markets across multiple countries in EU ● Support high-volume, high-speed trading, provides clients with access to real-time data. ● Mission-critical platform trading platform will support the market capitalization of six European countries Solution ● Developed a new event-driven trading platform, Optiq®, with tenfold increase in capacity ● Average performance latency of 15ms for order round trip as well as for market data ● Billions of messages per day with millisecond latencies ● Reliable 24/5 operations with dedicated enterprise support ● Development applications that use the Kafka Streams API library to perform data enrichment in real time “We have been very satisfied with Confluent Platform as the backbone of our persistence engine. The platform has been super reliable. We have stringent requirements for real-time performance and reliability, and we have confirmed - from proof-of-concept to deployment of a cutting-edge production trading platform – that we made the right decision” - Alain Courbebaisse, Chief Information Officer, Euronext
  27. 27. Technology Modernisation Kafka Use Cases for Financial Services
  28. 28. Modernize your apps Make your applications more valuable with real time insights enabled by next-gen architecture DATA INTEGRATION Database changes Log events IoT events Web events Connected car Fraud detection Customer 360 Personalized promotions Apps driven by real-time data Quality assurance SIEM/SOC Inventory management Proactive patient care Sentiment analysis Capital management Modernize your apps Amazon Kinesis Amazon S3
  29. 29. TOP 5 US GLOBAL BANK Company goal of reducing multi billion dollars in opex by 2020 Moving to modern analytics taking advantage of native cloud services Better understand and serve customers through insights gained by combining data assets across lines of business Secure, scalable, reliable bridge to propagate data in real-time from data centers to the public cloud (GCP) Top 5 Global Bank wants to bring data assets into the public cloud (GCP) to drive advanced analytics and cloud services Cloud Services Analytics layer Apps Data Access Visualization tools Integration & Transformation Data Validation, Transformation Hybrid Cloud with Analytics Bridge to Cloud Secure, Catalog, Filter, Enrich Hybrid Cloud
  30. 30. Mainframe Pain Points: High Cost of Operations: - Mainframe backing user interactions - Cost incurred for every user click - All transactions written to mainframe Delayed Reporting - Read transactions from Mainframe - Read descriptions from other systems - Reconcile overnight to serve user queries Confluent Solution: Mainframe Offload CQRS Pattern - Writes to mainframe thru Kafka - Reads from Kafka - Majority of load (i.e. cost) moved off Mainframe Real Time reporting - Read transactions from Kafka topic - Read descriptions from another Kafka topic - Simple microservices that reconciles transactions and descriptions to be served from search IT Modernization - Mainframe Modernization (Offloading)
  31. 31. Modernizing how you access data and build apps Microservice Mainframe Connectors: CDC MQ REST Proxy Trigger Event Acknowledge Microservice Microservice Easily unlock data stored on legacy systems Unleash developer velocity by moving to a completely decoupled microservices architecture Enable seamless hybrid and multi cloud data access and app development 31
  32. 32. IT Modernization - Mainframe Modernization Benefits
  33. 33. UK retail finance organisation who are a major provider of mortgages, and other financial services Use Cases: -Mainframe Offloading -Legacy to modern application Integrations -Data analytics and reporting Challenges ● Competition from digital first banks driving disruption and modernization ● Digital disruption efforts including open banking, regulatory requirements and expose data through APIs ● High and unpredictable data volumes, 24x7 SLA and availability requirements, ● Protect core Systems of Record (SORs) from the external loads / applications. ● Drive Cloud adoption and IT modernization strategy Solution ● Developed an event based real-time data platform on Confluent called “Speed Layer” ● Speed Layer - preferred source of data for high-volume read-only data requests and event sourcing. ● Delivered secure, near real time customer, account and transaction information from back end systems to front end systems with speed and resilience. ● Microservices architectures to onboard new use cases quickly and easily ● Maintain service availability despite unprecedented demand, agility and autonomy in digital development teams Mainframe Offloading - Major UK FS Org and Mortgage Provider
  34. 34. 34 Logical Architecture
  35. 35. 35 Logical Architecture
  36. 36. Top 5 Asian commercial banking group i in terms of assets and deposits, corporate and consumer products across retail banking, commercial lending, mortgage etc Use Cases: -Mainframe Offloading -Legacy to modern application Integrations -Data analytics and reporting Challenges ● Share real time transaction data with external systems including customer facing systems, trigger downstream events and activities based on data coming in and help ● drive visualization and real-time reporting to promptly respond to customer and business needs. ● Meet specific performance criteria for the time to replicate the transactions from the backend systems and make data available to external systems. Solution ● Customer backend systems runs on mainframes (Z series) with DB2 backend hosting the transaction data. ● The transaction data is replicated within a small time window to an event streaming platform ● Event streaming transformed data sent to various consumer applications. ● Specific subset of data exposed to specific external analytics and customer facing applications ● Bank vision: Expand visibility and integration of real-time transaction data across the various banking applications. Mainframe Offloading - TOP 5 ASIAN BANK
  37. 37. Mainframe offloading: ● Replicated transaction data from DB2 and Oracle DB backend to Confluent Platform. ● IBM Infosphere used as the CDC layer ● Stream processing to transform data ● Validate transaction replication time, resilience test with reporting, administration, monitoring and security considerations. 37 Data Analytics: Visualization and reporting: ● Streaming data from Confluent provided specific topics that were subscribed by MongoDB (using Sink connector) ● Data was transformed to the specific schema requirements within MongoDB ● MongoDB charts were used to visualize the data to provide real time reporting and visualization Solution Architecture Details
  38. 38. Deployment Reference Architecture IIDR CDC Cluster RDBMS Cluster Kafka Connect JDBC Connector [Source] Kafka Connect MongoDB Connector [Sink]
  39. 39. Patterns and Themes Kafka Use Cases for Financial Services
  40. 40. Common Patterns and Themes Regardless of whether it’s Retail Banking, Global Markets, Commercial Banking…. There’s common demands and architectural patterns emerging across the board ● Be more agile, and respond to changing customer and regulatory requirements ● Differentiate through technology ● Reduce reliance on, and where possible, decommission legacy ● Build new applications that can be deployed on Cloud ● Respond in real time, not batch Many of these are driving the adoption of Microservices and Event Streaming