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Ruth Burr Reedy - “SEO: Branded Traffic is Your Business”


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Ruth explains to the Confluence Conference attendees how “SEO: Branded Traffic is Your Business”

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Ruth Burr Reedy - “SEO: Branded Traffic is Your Business”

  1. 1. @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon SEO: Brand Traffic is Your Business Confluence Conference 2015
  2. 2. @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon HAS THIS EVER HAPPENED TO YOU?
  3. 3. @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon Yay!
  4. 4. @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon How much of that was branded traffic, though? @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon
  5. 5. @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon This Chart is Made Up But the Pain Is Real Keyword Traffic (not provided) Most of it Business name A good chunk Brand term Sizable quantity Most bestest keyword Some
  6. 6. @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon Page Traffic Home page Most of it Awesome blog post Some Product page Lil bit Older blog post Not so much Etc. Small amount You get the idea So wee
  7. 7. @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon What do I pay you for? @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon
  8. 8. @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon
  9. 9. @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon FIRST OF ALL
  10. 10. @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon This is Not How People Search
  11. 11. @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon
  12. 12. @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon The Sales Funnel Awareness Interest Consideration Intent Purchase Retention
  13. 13. @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon Link Outreach Content Marketing Topical Authority UX CRO Personalization The Sales SEO Funnel
  14. 14. @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon HOW DO YOU BUILD A BRAND?
  15. 15. @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon Understand the Customer Journey
  16. 16. @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon Engage @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon
  17. 17. @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon Build Authority @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon
  18. 18. @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon Publish and Promote Content @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon
  19. 19. @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon Provide a Good Experience @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon
  20. 20. @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon Differentiate @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon
  21. 21. @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon MEASURING SUCCESS FOR BRANDED SEO
  22. 22. @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon Change Attribution Models Image source: Search Engine Roundable
  23. 23. @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon Invest in CRM
  24. 24. @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon Google Trends Brand terms “[brand] + [keyword]” “[brand] sucks” Prominent employee’s name
  25. 25. @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon Brand Mentions
  26. 26. @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon Brand + Keyword
  27. 27. @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon CTR from Search
  28. 28. @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon CTR from Search
  29. 29. @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon Amplification @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon
  30. 30. @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon Bounce Rate/Pages per Visit @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon
  31. 31. @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon Heck Yeah, Direct Traffic! @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon
  32. 32. @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon That’s what you pay me for.
  33. 33. @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon BOOM.
  34. 34. @ruthburr #ConfluenceCon Thank You!