What NOT to do as a Salesforce Administrator


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What NOT to do as a Salesforce Administrator

  1. 1. How Not to Be a Bad AdminBrad Gross – Information LogisticsJared Miller – ConfigeroJeff Grosse – Appirio
  2. 2. How to be a Bad Admin • Actually – stories and good ideas to improve are the purpose of the session • Learn from these mistakes • We will talk about a few of them but… • All ideas are here: • https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1JZDUll7JbOOxFZyDWs ISv3VP4TAnZA99q5oQ2oGFSpc
  3. 3. Your Hosts Jeff Grosse – Appirio - @CRMFYI Jared Miller – Configero - @JaredMiller Brad Gross – Information Logistics - @imperialstout
  4. 4. Jared MillerSenior Project Manager, Configero@jaredemiller
  5. 5. How to be a Bad Admin• Jared Miller • Configero • Co-Leader of the Tampa User Group • Admin for a Professional Edition org for 3 years • Working with Salesforce for over 6 years
  6. 6. How NOT to be a Bad Admin• Creating date specific fields• Customizing the “other” page layouts• Point and Click doesn’t mean work only in Production
  7. 7. Creating Date Specific Fields• Story • Sales reps are required to conduct a quarterly business review with their customers • 10 Fields were created to capture relevant data from these meetings• What happened next… • First time, the users overwrote the data – No history • Second time the admin created 40 fields to cover the next year
  8. 8. Creating Date Specific Fields• Business requirement • A date specific field can be used for many different purposes • September 2012 Revenue • 2012 Yearly Review Notes • Next Steps for 2013
  9. 9. Creating Date Specific Fields• What are the downfalls? • No historical data tracking • Maybe there was an issue from Q1 that has now been overwritten • Field Limits • 40 fields a year to capture the data • Think of your page layout • Think of your field limits
  10. 10. What Should We Do?• The need to create specific date fields for a specific purpose should prompt you to dig into the requirements to determine if you need a Custom Object. • Ask questions • How many fields are needed? • Is historical data important? • Will the users/management/admin need to report on the data?
  11. 11. What Should We Do?• Solution • Don’t be scared of a custom object! • Create a custom object named – Quarterly Review • Add the needed fields to this object, not the Account• Why this worked • Users clicked on “New Quarterly Review” button • Historical data is kept • Your page layout thanks you!
  12. 12. Customizing the “Other” Page Layouts• Story • Users need to find the information they need quickly, with few clicks on the records and using searches • Create formula fields to pull information from a related object• What happened next… • Page layout was too long • Users weren’t finding the information quick enough
  13. 13. Customizing the “Other” Page Layouts• What are the “other” page layouts? • Mini-Page Layouts • Controlled at the page layout level • This is how you customize the hover box
  14. 14. Customizing the Mini Page Layout We already know the account name! Information I can do something with (and no clicks)!
  15. 15. Customizing the “Other” Page Layouts• What are the “other” page layouts? • Search Layouts • Controlled at the object level • You can add up to 10 fields • You can’t add long text fields • Formula fields are not available
  16. 16. Customizing the Search Layouts• Setup>Customize>Object>Search Layouts>
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  19. 19. Point and Click doesn’t mean work in Production• Story • New ideas are always coming to us • Salesforce is releasing new functionality that may solve a business need• What happened next… • New workflow rules, validation rules, custom objects, custom fields are added into production…
  20. 20. Use your sandbox!• Just because we point and click doesn’t mean we aren’t “developers” • Your sandbox is a place to • Learn new functionality • Test your ideas • Login As • Not disturb users in production
  21. 21. Jeff GrosseConsultant@CRMFYI
  22. 22. Appirio Helps Enterprises Power Their Business with Public Cloud Solutions Helping Enterprises Become: Efficient Effective Agile Social Mobile Technology-enabled professional services, supported by 500 cloud experts and a 50,000+ cloud developer community 5 years, 300 enterprises, 1.5M users moved to the cloud22
  23. 23. How to be a Bad Admin• Jeff Grosse • Appirio • Founder of the Twin Cities User Group • Admin for two Enterprise Edition orgs totaling 6 years • Working with Salesforce for over 7 years
  24. 24. How NOT to be a bad admin• Sections • Available for a reason • Logical collection • Don’t always need labels
  25. 25. Sections• Spaces • Watch for dead space • Be aware of Field Level Security
  26. 26. How NOT to to be a bad admin• Page Layouts • What justifies new layouts? • Functional views of core data • Design it for them • How they look at data • How they gather data
  27. 27. Two Records – Two Layouts Customer Layout Partner Layout
  28. 28. How NOT to be a bad admin• Data gathering – A story • Customer wanted 32 points of data gathered over the course of years, available easily on an Account• Option 1 • 64 fields of data added to the page layout• Option 2 • One new custom object and a related list that builds
  29. 29. How NOT to to be a bad admin• Reporting and Dashboards • The role of Field Level Security in usability • Limits the ability to report on data • Helps users find fields they’d actually use • The role of Folder Security in usability • Don’t show them what’s irrelevant to them
  30. 30. Brad GrossInformation Logistics
  31. 31. How to Not be a Bad Admin • Plan Not React • Everyone Needs to Nod Yes • Get an Amen From the Congregation • Data Entry May Not be Their Job Stay “PEGD” on Good Salesforce Admin’ing
  32. 32. P - Plan Not React • Salesforce is almost too • Think about: easy to create • Objects • Plan and think in • Fields advance of doing • Workflow • Views • Does that belong there? • Reports • What should happen • Dashboards next when Y occurs? • Validation Rules
  33. 33. E - Everyone Needs to Nod Yes • Executive buy-in is crucial to salesforce.com success • Tie their wallets (or bonuses) to the solution • Have executives announce big news • Its not YOUR system its EVERYONE’s system
  34. 34. G - Get an Amen From the Congregation • Have regular team meetings • Make the team aware of situations and successes • Discuss and agree • Let everyone march out and talk with all users • Don’t be a lone gunman
  35. 35. D - Data Entry May Not be Their Job • User’s job may be worth more then all the data • Pick your battles wisely on new fields • Use scheduled reports/dashboards • The 2-minute task
  36. 36. Brad Gross Jared Miller Jeff Grosse@imperialstout @jaredmiller @CRMFYI