Expert Webcast - How to Save Users 80% Time in Salesforce


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Apartment Realty Advisor's Jeff Ober shares how they have saved over 3,000 hours and $200,000 in costs using an advanced native interface that dramatically reduces the time and effort reps spend logging and managing data in Salesforce.

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  • Include a few bullets on ARA’s business model and how the move to the cloud has impacted their operationsApartment Realty Advisors (ARA) is the largest privately held, full-service investment advisory brokerage firm in the nation that focuses exclusively on the multihousing industry. ARA is comprised of the country's top investment professionals who leverage a unique and fully integrated cooperative business platform of shared information, relationships, and technology-driven solutions.
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  • Add PMP logo - Bradley
  • Expert Webcast - How to Save Users 80% Time in Salesforce

    1. 1. WEBINAR: How to Save Salesforce Users 80% Time in 2013
    2. 2. Agenda • Why are Salesforce Users Lazy? • An Alternative to Address Adoption Issues • AppExchange Demo & Case Study • How Other Companies are Powering Users • Q&A Feel free to submit your questions for the presenters via the webinar chat window or on Twitter throughout the session. #configero or @configero
    3. 3. Today’s Presenters Jeff Ober Business Process Analyst Jeff Kennedy Expert
    4. 4. Adoption and Usability Challenges Common user complaints • “It takes too long to use” – Too many steps, scrolls and clicks necessary to log and update data • “Too much information to sort through” – Cluttered page layouts, limited list and related list views and inefficient mass data management • “I could spend my time on more important things” – Perception that productivity is stifled by administrative CRM tasks and time is taken away from actual prospecting, selling, marketing and servicing • “I like using Excel” – One of the most common alternatives to Salesforce – highly familiar and flexible (easy and quick filtering, sorting and updating of bulk data)
    5. 5. Current Methods Standard Related List View Standard List View
    6. 6. Grid-Powered View
    7. 7. A New Alternative Excel-like interface within Salesforce • See all of your data up front – Eliminate limitations of list and related list views and reduce burdensome scrolling, clicking and refreshing with in-line and pop-up editing • View the data that’s important to you – Dynamically search, filter and sort thousands of records in a single, intuitive screen without ever leaving Salesforce • No more data overload – No need to export to Excel to update data. Directly update lists without having to run reports and edit records one-by-one. • Happier Users. – Familiar spreadsheet interface delivers enhanced user experience, resulting in increased adoption and productivity (get jobs done faster)
    8. 8. How ARA Transformed Their Use of Salesforce
    9. 9. Investing in the Cloud Largest privately held investment advisory brokerage firm in US • Covering 42 states, 300 cities • Service line offerings across housing, research, finance and more • $5.3 billion in real estate transactions • Database of 25,000+ registered buyers Sales, marketing and analysts using Salesforce to manage clients & buyers, campaigns, properties, broker activity, financials and more
    10. 10. Driving Adoption from the start… • Finance and banking big on Excel spreadsheets • Custom in-house Call Manager solution was ineffective • Standard functionality would have stifled productivity with current process GOAL: Make Salesforce work for our unique business while enabling processes and people
    11. 11. DEMO
    12. 12. Immediate ROI • Significantly reduced labor cost and hours across office locations • Saved over 3,000 hours of broker and admin time • Time spent preparing call lists down from 5 hours to minutes • Dramatic Salesforce ROI in weeks • Executive visibility into OPEX, resource savings • Tremendous user feedback Over $70,000 saved with productivity increases and another $130K by redirecting freed up capacity
    13. 13. Business Impact “The Grid is an absolute game changer for Salesforce.” "What used to take me several hours only takes me a few minutes now..." “A genius tool, saves users 80% time to look up/report/maintain data & helps admins automate processes." “The difference between the native SFDC solution (List View or Report) and this tool is comparable to the difference between DOS3.0 and Apple IOS 6.” “Now, with the Grid, we can do everything within SFDC! This has already saved us many hours of work.” “This app will save me hours of admin time that is far better spent doing something more productive.”
    14. 14. Use Case Examples Stratix Corporation: leverages the grid to automate revenue forecasting DME Automotive: uses the grid to manage thousands of open cases across multiple queues daily, DME is now handling more cases with fewer people and has reduced the number of open cases by 25% Chipworks: manage patent database information, enabling rapid, complex searches across millions of records Controlscan: uses a custom grid-powered PSA application to manage everything from projects, resources, milestones, financials, time and more
    15. 15. Questions? Submit your questions in the Chat box at the bottom right of your screen NEXT STEPS • Download the free 14-day trial on the AppExchange (admin access required) • Sign up for a 20-minute demo of the Grid for your business • Share the webinar replay with your team • See in-depth demo videos at FREE