We think our feelings Part two


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Andrew Milne of happy minds, continues examining how our feelings effect our thoughts. How does your feelings effect your thoughts. can you change your feelings in order to effect your thoughts ?
What would happen if you enjoyed confident feelings ?

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We think our feelings Part two

  1. 1. Change your feelings change your thoughts.
  2. 2. How can changing your feelings alter your thoughts ?
  3. 3. because we think what we feel!
  4. 4. When we change how we feel... we change what we think.
  5. 5. So in order to think more positively we need to feel more positive. Emotions/feelings Thoughts
  6. 6. IMAGINE You wake up and it is a beautiful sunshine day, however for whatever reason you are feeling negative, then you will think upon the day negatively.
  7. 7. Our mind will think negative thoughts and we will be prone to negative actions . We are thinking from our feelings... our negative feelings
  8. 8. A lot of personal development revolves around changing our thoughts.  Which because we are thinking from our feelings, is difficult and unnatural.
  9. 9. If you are told to repeat a mantra of positivity, because it is not your words your mind struggles to accept it. It is very hard to force positive thoughts down onto negative feelings.
  10. 10. So it becomes very difficult to change our thoughts and alter our feelings.
  11. 11. Imagine you could change your feelings, so when you wake up and feel negative and start to have those negative thoughts... you could change or manipulate your feelings, then your thoughts would change naturally. 0
  12. 12. You are naturally developing positive feelings, which will in turn develop positive thoughts. Thoughts you naturally create yourself, your very own positive thoughts.
  13. 13. The more you learn to develop positive feelings and take care of negative feelings the more you will naturally think positively.  Your feelings will feed your thoughts.
  14. 14. Confidentthoughts Confident feelings Increasing confident feelings directly increases confident thoughts
  15. 15. Instead of trying to force positive thoughts they will just happen naturally and, importantly, be your own positive thoughts. Your mind will be fed from your positive feelings.
  16. 16. Imagine you are going to a party, you feel nervous because of various reasons. Maybe you have had a tough week at work, maybe you just feel negative in general. You are thinking from your feelings and projecting negative thoughts onto the event, the party. When you think about the party you are thinking from your feelings and your mind is producing negative thoughts.
  17. 17. Imagine you magically transformed your feelings about the week and released the nerves and the negative feelings were gone. Imagine you had a way to magically create rich confident feelings, so that you began to feel confident and happy. 0
  18. 18. Now when you think about the party your mind will naturally go to positive and happy thoughts.
  19. 19. Remember you are thinking from your feelings because you are feeling positive you are having positive thoughts
  20. 20. Positive feelings project the mind forward, negative feelings trap the mind in the past.
  21. 21. And the more you create positive feelings the more positive thoughts you will have.
  22. 22. Positive feelings and positive thoughts lead to ...
  23. 23. positive actions and positive self development
  24. 24. Creating Confidence and Positive Feelings
  25. 25. You can learn how to generate feelings and how to manipulate negative feelings or remove them all together, this is the process of Emotional Mastery.
  26. 26. For example, we all want more confidence whether there is an event coming up or even just to feel confident throughout our life. We want to have confident thoughts about ourselves and about our capabilities.
  27. 27. Imagine you could learn how to generate the very feeling of confidence.
  28. 28. Since we think from our feelings, the more confident feelings we have the more we are going to enjoy confident thoughts.
  29. 29. When we master creating and expanding confident energy we start to enjoy confident thoughts, which will lead to confident actions.
  30. 30. The Happy Minds Confidence Meditation Technique teaches you all you need to know about how to generate unlimited amounts of confident energy.