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Read on to know about us and how we have helped our Clients in the Product Management Space

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Confianzys Consulting - Profile

  1. 1. Confianzys Consulting Pvt Ltd- Profile
  2. 2. Confianzys ConsultingBackgroundMissionClientsFive year old Innovation and Product Management consulting entity started by abunch of passionate product professionals who felt that the Indian ecosystem lackedthe strong ‘Product Management’ discipline needed to deliver successful productsfrom IndiaTo help Product Companies conceive Market Driven breakthrough Products andachieve global scale• More than 75 clients• MNC product companies, Large IT majors (platforms/ products), Growth stagecompanies and Start-upsConfianzys Consulting Pvt Ltd
  3. 3. Confianzys ConsultingConfianzys Consulting Pvt LtdValue Interventions• Understanding Market Needs• Developing Market DrivenProducts• Product Marketing• Emerging Markets Strategy
  4. 4. Case In Point - 1Client Background•Leading global provider of software solutions for the pay television industry•Delivers a unique viewing experience to their subscribers—anytime, anywhere on any device•High volume clients in the Pay-TV domain; helps providers to monetize their servicesBusiness Challenges•Transitioning from a predominantly services company mindset to a product mindset toenhance revenue/ profits from their strong Intellectual property assets•Secure leading market share in growth markets driven by the digitization of the cable industryConfianzys Value Interventions•Deliver Roadmap for IP monetization•Assess Product Management Performance to help review progress / measure performance•Institutionalize the Product Management competencies for a select group of PM practitionersValue Delivered•Institutionalized product management function and discipline including Flow ModelImplementation•Role – Goal clarity for the function and for the employees•Optimized product portfolio and helped in new product introduction for the growth marketConfianzys Consulting Pvt Ltd
  5. 5. Case In Point - 2Client Background•Hybrid Product / Services entity focused on e-Payments•Government, Telecom, Banking verticals, regulatory driven•High Value / Volume transactions, including complex reconciliation / settlementsBusiness Challenges•Manage diverse Product versions for different Industries / Customers, Swiss knife approachwith many features rolled into the core product•Ad-hoc Market requirements, diffused Positioning & no product marketing functionConfianzys Value Interventions•Set up Product Management Function & redefine roles / goals & build skills / competencies•Initiate mandatory VOC and MR for all releases, including minor•Build Industry wise Market Plan, Positioning & Value Messages construct•Review Product RoadmapsValue Delivered•Structured & Validated Market Requirements helped reduce number of releases / updates in a year•Newly setup Product Marketing function helped spot market opportunities early and build pipeline•Sales cycles reduced by 20% across all geographiesConfianzys Consulting Pvt Ltd
  6. 6. Case In Point - 3Client Background•Thirty year old Prima Donna in IT entity in Sri Lanka•USD 5MN in revenues with global aspirations•Core Offer-set: ERP, CRM, Supply Chain , Reconciliation solutionsBusiness ChallengesConfianzys Value InterventionsValue Delivered•Highest Growth recorded in the last 15 years•Penetrated into Large Accounts in Banking & Government vertical•Established own offices in India & ASEAN based on business growth•Sales Cycle shortened by 30-60 daysConfianzys Consulting Pvt Ltd•Grow revenues to USD 20MN in next three years•Market entry into India, Middle East & ASEAN countries•No Marketing Function; Create Value Proposition and ‘Buzz’ for IP-Led products•Redefine Business Vision to target ‘Scale’•Build the Market Plan and Marketing Plan to address new markets•Construct Communication Framework, Positioning & Messages, Marketing Programs &Budget
  7. 7. For any queries, please contactus:engage@confianzys.com91 80 4084 7500 / 91 99450 67606www.confianzys.comYou can also connect with us