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Presentation on “Social Hiring & Employer Branding” By Mr Aadil Bandukwala, Talent Acquisition & Social Media Advisor, Dell India Pvt Ltd at the Session 2 of the CII Karnataka Annual HR Conference “HR in a Transitioning World” held on 6 December 2012 at Bangalore

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Social Hiring & Employer Branding

  1. 1. Social Hiring & Employer BrandingAadil BandukwalaTalent Acquisition Social Media Advisor | Dell
  2. 2. Talent Acquisition COE2Business BackgroundParadigm shiftsin the hiringmodels.This is an attempt to breaknew grounds, create acompelling new age hiringmodel who’s core is directsourcing & employerbranding.Be an innovator in terms oftalent acquisition / employerbranding. Leverage ourteam members’ existingconnections in the socialspace.ConfidentialAGENCIESAGENCIES
  3. 3. Talent Acquisition COELeveragingSocialMedia forTalentAcquisition
  4. 4. Talent Acquisition COELinkedIn
  5. 5. Talent Acquisition COE175 MillionProfessionalsNot Just ‘Users’
  6. 6. Talent Acquisition COE2 PerSecond:Rate at whichNew Memberssign up
  7. 7. Talent Acquisition COE1 Million+LinkedInGroups Existand ShareContent
  8. 8. Talent Acquisition COE22%Arrive at theSite via MobileDevices
  9. 9. Talent Acquisition COE9The Big 3 | India NumbersPlatform Facebook LinkedIn TwitterTotal Users 60.5 Million 17.85 Million 17 Million [Approx]Penetration ofPopulation5.16% 1.52% 1.44% [Approx]Penetration ofOnline Population74.75% 22.04% 20.93% [Approx]Source: and
  10. 10. Talent Acquisition COE10 Confidential
  11. 11. Talent Acquisition COE
  12. 12. Talent Acquisition COESource: years toreach 50Muserstook13 years toreach 50Muserstook4 years toreach 50Muserstook8 years to reach50M usersreached200M usersin less than 5 yearsMedia Adoption Trends
  13. 13. Talent Acquisition COEHousewives inIndonesia saythey do not usethe internet.However, theyregularly useFacebook!13
  14. 14. Talent Acquisition COECareers atDell APJFacebookTimeline– 2012More than28,000 fans &counting! ☺
  15. 15. Talent Acquisition COEDell JobsSearchWidget onFacebook15
  16. 16. Talent Acquisition COEOffline HiringEventsCalendarIntegrated withour FacebookPage and ourJobs Site!
  17. 17. Talent Acquisition COEThe Community Effect!• Fact: 50% ofFacebookusers log indaily Jason’sfriends seehe likedthe pageAutomaticPost toFriends’WallsJason’s 150 Friends see the postand could like the Facebook Page too! Thousands of friends see the postand could become fans!Jason “Likes”Facebook PageSource: Career Builder Study
  18. 18. Talent Acquisition COE@CareersatDelltimeline onTwitter
  19. 19. Talent Acquisition COE3 Reasonsfor TeamTalentAcquisitionto be onTwitter
  20. 20. Talent Acquisition COE20Source theBest Candidates• Boolean Search Interface• Unlike Linkedin,prospective candidatescan be contactedthrough a Private DirectMessage or @PublicReplies.1
  21. 21. Talent Acquisition COE21Build a pipeline ofPassive Candidates• Engage with candidatesbased on their:– Current Occupations– Hobbies & Personal Interests– Location• Build a strong and passionategroup of followers whobecome your fan following.2
  22. 22. Talent Acquisition COEAccelerateBrandEngagement223
  23. 23. Talent Acquisition COEWe’ve gota mobilepresencetoo! ☺
  24. 24. Talent Acquisition COECRM Application for Recruiters24 ConfidentialCandidate PoolApplicant Tracking SystemRecruiter Access Hiring Managers HRIS IntegrationDell’s Jobs SiteJob Listings &Job SearchSEO ContentDell’s CareersSiteJob Alerts &EmailCommunicationExternal MediaIntegrationMobile JobsSiteSocial Media & TalentAcquisition Model
  25. 25. Talent Acquisition COEPrinciplesPolicyGovernanceTraining & ToolsEmpowering Employees:Social Media & Community University
  26. 26. Talent Acquisition COEOnline Traffic• Total online reach has more than doubled since Q1 FY12.In Q2 FY13 alone online reach exceeded 1.6 millionvisitors.New Applications• Dell receives approximately 50,000 new applicationseach monthSearch EngineOptimization• Since launching in March 2011, we’vereceived almost 3 Million visits. Over 160,000 of thosevisits are a result of searches on the web where Dell wasnot a keywordFacebook• With 4 Careers Facebook pages supporting our regionsand UR and over 110,000 followers, Dell has one of thegreatest Careers Facebook followings in the industryMetrics
  27. 27. Talent Acquisition COE27Listen, Learn,Engage & Act6 years ago: 4000 posts /dayToday: 25,000 posts perday
  28. 28. Talent Acquisition COEQuestions?Aadil BandukwalaTalent Acquisition Social Media AdvisorSocial Media and Community ProfessionalDell | Global Talent AcquisitionTwitter: @AadilAtDellEmail: aadil_bandukwala@dell.comConnect with me on LinkedIn | Follow me on TwitterExplore Careers at Dell | Like us on Facebook
  29. 29. Talent Acquisition COEThe power to do more