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Policies, policies.... an overview of 2012 so far


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Policies, policies.... an overview of 2012 so far. - Alma Swan (SPARC EUROPE)

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Policies, policies.... an overview of 2012 so far

  1. 1. Luso-Brasilian Open Access Conference, Lisbon, 1-2 October 2012 Policies, policies .... An overview of 2012 so far Alma Swan SPARC Europe Key Perspectives Ltd Enabling Open Scholarship E O S
  2. 2. New mandatory policiesPortugal: 3 institutional mandatesSpain: 1 institutional mandateArgentina: 1 multi-institutional mandateUS: 4 institutional 1 sub-institutionalUK: 1 revised funder mandateEU: 1 multi-national funder mandate E O S
  3. 3. Institutional mandatesEnd-November 2011 End-September 2012 E O S
  4. 4. Funder mandatesEnd-November 2011 End-September 2012 E O S
  5. 5. New Latin American initiativeLa ReferenciaImplementation rather than policy, butpolicy needs appear less in LAC E O S
  6. 6. E O S
  7. 7. La referencia8 (initial) Latin American countriesNational harvesters working on IRsRedCLARA: regional harvesterStandards and toolsJournal articles, theses, working papersLaunching Buenos Aires, November 2012 E O S
  8. 8. European CommissionResearch funderInfrastructure funderPolicymaker E O S
  9. 9. European CommissionERA (European Research Area) – EU MemberStates plus some others (Norway, Switzerland)• Collaborations and joint programmes• Harmonisation of research conditionsHorizon 2020 (2014-2020 funding programme)Rules proceeding through European ParliamentCurrently in committee stageGreen and Gold (Green mandate, Gold option) E O S
  10. 10. DG Research & Innovation E O S
  11. 11. Scientific data“Our vision is a scientific e-infrastructure thatsupports seamless access, use, re-use andtrust of data. In a sense … the data themselvesbecome an infrastructure – a valuable asset onwhich science, technology, the economy andsociety can advance.” (Neelie Kroes)Start slowly, pilot, partner and buildinfrastructuresH2020 has a proposed DATA PILOT E O S
  12. 12. Research Councils UK (RCUK) Authors must use „RCUK-compliant‟ journals: Offer a Gold option, or Where a journal does not offer Gold it must offer the Green option with an embargo of <6 months E O S
  13. 13. Perverse consequencesSubscription journals lengthen their embargoesto >6 monthsSubscription journals offer a Gold option =hybrid journalsUK authors must pay for thisNo upper limit on APCsFunds will be given from RCUK to universitiesto administer...This is NOT a policy for others to follow! E O S
  14. 14. Thank you for E O S
  15. 15. Resources 1. General, comprehensive resource on Open Access:OASIS (Open Access Scholarly Information Sourcebook) 2. Resource for policymakers, institutional managers: EOS (Enabling Open Scholarship) 3. Open Access Map E O S