EA Culture in Government of Canada


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The Government of Canada has established enterprise architecture practice as a government-wide culture. This has been achieved through a series of incremental changes to management practice over the past two decades. The result is a management approach that has strong enterprise architecture underpinnings. In this talk, we will explore the initiatives that have created this culture and explore the impact on both governance, management, and the practice of enterprise architecture in the Government of Canada.
Key Takeaways:

Not all enterprise architecture practice is done by enterprise architects
Effective enterprise architecture practice is done, not talked about
Enterprise architects must be bridge builders.

Originally presented at the Open Group Philadelphia conference July 15.

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EA Culture in Government of Canada

  1. 1. Building a Enterprise Architecture Culture - Government of Canada Case Study We believe complex problems can be solved
  2. 2. About the Government of Canada Constitutional Monarchy (Westminster style of government) Separation between politics and public service Departments are legally independent. Accountability rests with responsible minister Central Agencies provide support to Cabinet Privy Council Office Treasury Board Secretariat Comptroller General Office of the Chief Human Resource Officer Finance 15-Jul-2013www.conexiam.com
  3. 3. The Timeline 15-Jul-2013www.conexiam.com Network Consolidation Platform Standardization Enterprise Systems 80’s and 90’s Y2K Inventor y 1998- 2000 GOL Client Interface Standardizatio n2000-2004 Business Transformatio n Strategic Business Architecture 2004-2008 TREASURY BOARD ASSUMES MANAGEMENT BOARD ROLE PLANNING, REPORTING, AND ACCOUNTABILITY STRUCTURE POLICY RESULTS FOR CANADIANS MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTABILITY FRAMEWORK BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION ENABLEMENT PROGRAM POLICY RENEWAL BENEFITS REALIZATION POLICY ON MANAGEMENT RESOURCES & RESULTS STRUCTURE POLICY ON EVALUATION 1998 2003 2004 2005 2006 2008 2009 1994 Management Commitment Principles FEDERATED ARCHITECTURE PROGRAM 2003 Governance Institutionalization
  4. 4. The Management Commitment 15-Jul-2013www.conexiam.com Comptroller Management Board 1994 Treasury Board changed to a management board • In response to a serious budget crisis • Control evolution of the enterprise
  5. 5. Establishing Principles Results for Canadians: A Management Framework for the Government of Canada 15-Jul-2013www.conexiam.com (Transparency for) Results Responsible Spending (Public Service) Values Citizen Focus
  6. 6. Government Online and Federated Architecture Program Government Online was motivated by citizen focus management focus Federated Architecture Program put in place to guide direction Cross-government architecture governance instituted Architecture Domain Teams (Security, Network, Application, Platform) Senior level cross-government review board Architecture Review Board Secure Channel – network, user authentication, and essential middleware 15-Jul-2013www.conexiam.com 1999
  7. 7. Government Online and Federated Architecture Program Three stage (tier) roadmap Tier 1 involved establishing a strong federal presence on the Internet by 31 December 2000 Tier 2 would deliver secure, interactive electronic services by 2005 Tier 3 would provide for leading-edge pilot projects to validate new technologies or to support interjurisdictional service offerings 15-Jul-2013www.conexiam.com
  8. 8. Business Transformation Enablement Program (BTEP)Key weakness of FAP – lack of business architecture Key features of BTEP – Avoid the Vision Trap Demand driven business design Service orientation Focus on value Engagement driven Key Challenge – sponsored from Chief Information officer Branch Seniors Portal / Public Safety Interoperability Strategy / IM Program Design / IT Security Strategy / Grants and Contributions Action Plan 15-Jul-2013www.conexiam.com 2004
  9. 9. (Administrative) Policy Renewal 15-Jul-2013www.conexiam.com Policy Framework Policy Directive Standard Guideline Tools Foundation Framework ContextRationale PrinciplesAccountability Direction Support
  10. 10. Policy Framework Formal statement that provides context and broad guidance with respect to policy themes or clusters. Also provides the supporting structure within which specific Treasury Board policies and other instruments can be understood in strategic terms. Explains why Treasury Board sets policy in particular area. Usual Audience: Deputy Heads Application: Architectural 15-Jul-2013www.conexiam.com
  11. 11. Management Resources and Results Structure (Program Alignment Architecture) 15-Jul-2013www.conexiam.com Strategic Outcomes Programs Sub-Programs Sub-Sub-Programs Functional Decomposition Financial Delegation Structure Expected Results Resources Objectives
  12. 12. Management Resources and Results Structure (Program Alignment Architecture) 15-Jul-2013www.conexiam.com Strategic Outcomes Programs Sub-Programs Sub-Sub-Programs Functional Decomposition Financial Delegation Structure Expected Results Resources Objectives Governance Cabinet Approves Structure Parliament Approves Roadmap (Report on Plans and Priorities)
  13. 13. Management Accountability Framework 15-Jul-2013www.conexiam.com Governance & Strategic Direction Public Service Values Citizen- Focused Service People Policy and Programs AccountabilityStewardship Risk Management Learning, Innovation, Change Management Results and Performance 10 Areas of Management Management Performance Measured Annually Intensifying Objectives
  14. 14. Whole of Government Framework 15-Jul-2013www.conexiam.com
  15. 15. Practices Encouraged by Policy and the MAF 15-Jul-2013www.conexiam.com Program Evaluatio n Integrated Business Planning Service Standards IT Strategic Investmen t Planning Project Gating and Benefits Realization Use of Shared Services IT Service Management
  16. 16. Shared Services Canada Infrastructure ConsolidationEstablished in FY 2012-13 First Steps: Move People Move Assets Priorities: Data center consolidation Email Platform as a Service 15-Jul-2013www.conexiam.com
  17. 17. Status 15-Jul-2013www.conexiam.com General Management Capabilities most departments have a senior executive responsible for EA Foundational Architect Capabilities pockets of maturity – most capability low maturity Architecture at Strategy Level embedded in management practice Architecture at Program Level BTEP Pockets of Excellence Architecture at Project Level Benefits Realization Focus Pockets of Excellence Architecture for 3rd Party Contractors Shared Services ??????
  18. 18. What Can We Learn? Not all enterprise architecture practice is done by enterprise architects. Effective enterprise architecture practices is done, not talked about. Capability development is not a straight line There will always be more work to be done Establishing an EA culture takes patience Governance is key Enterprise architects must be bridge builders Performance Management works as a way of building architecture culture 15-Jul-2013www.conexiam.com
  19. 19. Complex business Complex problems 15-Jul-2013www.conexiam.com Conexiam offers fully customizable EA training, as well as consulting services. Visit us: www.conexiam.com Contact us: http://www.conexiam.com/?q=cont act