SMX West 2012 | Nathan Safran: "Life in a [Not Provided] World"


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Google no longer passes the search terms visitors used to get to your site…in some situations. So how can you know what’s working in your SEO efforts if the keywords are “not provided?” You’ll leave this session knowing the implications of this very recent Google change and tactics for coping.

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SMX West 2012 | Nathan Safran: "Life in a [Not Provided] World"

  1. 1. Life in a [Not Provided] WorldNathan SafranDirector of ResearchConductor, Inc.
  2. 2. Twitter:@Conductor@Nathan_SafranSlide is [Not Provided]?For users who are logged-in to Google services(search, Gmail, Youtube…), search on & clickon a search result, Google no longer passes thesearch term to the destination site
  3. 3. Twitter:@Conductor@Nathan_SafranSlide Result: Search Marketers Lose Keyword Data
  4. 4. Twitter:@Conductor@Nathan_SafranSlide Five Stages of [Not Provided] GriefThe [Not Provided] LandscapeGoogle ‘Logged-In’ User Behavior
  5. 5. Twitter:@Conductor@Nathan_SafranSlide Goal for Today• How Big of an Impact is [Not Provided] Having?• What Can We Expect to See Going Forward?• How do I Deal with [Not Provided] from a Tactical Perspective?
  6. 6. Twitter:@Conductor@Nathan_SafranSlide Five Stages of [Not Provided] GriefGoogle ‘Logged-In’ User BehaviorThe [Not Provided] Landscape
  7. 7. Twitter:@Conductor@Nathan_SafranSlide Five Stages of [Not Provided] GriefGrief is a multi-faceted response toloss, particularly tothe loss of someoneor something towhich a bond wasformed-Wikipedia
  8. 8. Twitter:@Conductor@Nathan_SafranSlide Five Stages of [Not Provided] Grief
  10. 10. Twitter:@Conductor@Nathan_SafranSlide“Be willing to feel your anger, even though it may seem endless.”
  11. 11. Twitter:@Conductor@Nathan_SafranSlide
  12. 12. Twitter:@Conductor@Nathan_SafranSlide our [not provided] sorrows….Source:
  13. 13. Twitter:@Conductor@Nathan_SafranSlide
  14. 14. Twitter:@Conductor@Nathan_SafranSlide Info
  15. 15. Twitter:@Conductor@Nathan_SafranSlide [Not Provided] LandscapeThe Five Stages of [Not Provided] GriefGoogle ‘Logged-In’ User Behavior
  16. 16. Twitter:@Conductor@Nathan_SafranSlide[Not Provided] Q’s We Wanted to Address• Given the Time Since the Landscape First Changed (End Oct ’11),Where Are We Now?• Are There Differences in [Not Provided] on an Industry Basis?• Are There Differences in [Not Provided] Based on Site Traffic?• Logged-In vs. Not Logged In Visitor Site Engagement?• Logged-In vs. Not Logged In Conversion Rates?
  17. 17. Twitter:@Conductor@Nathan_SafranSlide[Not Provided] Traffic Analysis• Week over Week Oct 19--Feb 7• % of Google Organic Traffic That is [Not Provided]• 25 Major Sites (5 per industry):– Education– Online Retail– Banking– Enterprise Technology– Travel• More than 51M Natural Search Visits Analyzed
  18. 18. Twitter:@Conductor@Nathan_SafranSlide[Not Provided] Averaging 14%-16% of Google SearchTrafficCONFIDENTIAL170%5%10%15%20%25%30%[Not Provided] by IndustryEducationOnline RetailBankingEnterprise TechTravelTotalLast 4 Week Range(Jan. 7- Feb 7)Education: 15%-16%Online Retail: 10%-13%Banking: 22%-24%Enterprise Tech: 18%Travel: 14%-16%Total (Avg): 16%-17%Mostly leveledout in mid-Nov.25 Sites51M Visits
  19. 19. Twitter:@Conductor@Nathan_SafranSlide Difference Between On-Site Behavior for Logged-Invs. Not-Logged VisitorsCONFIDENTIAL1800.511.522.533.544.5November December January FebruaryTime-on-Site(not provided)Google NaturalSearch0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%November December January FebruaryBounce Rate(not provided)Google NaturalSearch0.00%2.00%4.00%6.00%8.00%10.00%12.00%November December January FebruaryConversion Rate(not provided)Google NaturalSearchLogged-in usersbouncing slightlyless
  20. 20. Twitter:@Conductor@Nathan_SafranSlide ‘Logged-In’ User BehaviorThe [Not Provided] LandscapeThe Five Stages of [Not Provided] Grief
  21. 21. Twitter:@Conductor@Nathan_SafranSlide Info• Data Gathered Feb 2012 via web-survey• 750 Respondents• 18+ Years Old• Based in the USA
  22. 22. Twitter:@Conductor@Nathan_SafranSlide Gender SplitCONFIDENTIAL21Male50%Female50%100%90%80%70%60%50%40%30%20%10%0“what is your gender?“
  23. 23. Twitter:@Conductor@Nathan_SafranSlide Sample Demographics• 55% of Respondents 29 or Younger• 7 out of 10 Respondents Spend 20 or More Hours per WeekOnline• 7 out of 10 Respondents Make 16 or More Web Searches perWeek
  24. 24. Twitter:@Conductor@Nathan_SafranSlide of Respondents Make 3+ Online Purchases per MonthCONFIDENTIAL2325%3-49%None50%6%7+10%5-6“How many online purchases do you make per month“
  25. 25. Twitter:@Conductor@Nathan_SafranSlide out of 10 Respondents Have a Google AccountCONFIDENTIAL243%I Don’tKnow90%7%No“Do you have a Google account?“
  26. 26. Twitter:@Conductor@Nathan_SafranSlide Gmailvia the web70%60%50%40%30%20%10%06 out of 10 Users Use as Their Primary e-mail2536%Don’t UseGmail7%Use Gmail viaOther Program57%“When you access your email on your PC, what methoddo you primarily use“
  27. 27. Twitter:@Conductor@Nathan_SafranSlide ofthe timeHalf of users logged-in to Google At Least 75% of the TimeThey Spend Surfing the Web2625%75% ofthe timeNever27%25% of thetime50% of thetime15%17% 17%30%25%20%15%10%5%0“What percentage of the time would you estimate youspend surfing the web logged in to Google? “Half of users logged-in50% of the time or lessHalf of users logged-in75% of the time or more
  28. 28. How is it Trending?Google publicly states that this change will impact ~ 10% of UsersGoogle US Searchers Jan2012LoggedInNotLoggedInGoogle US Searches Jan2012LoggedInNotLoggedIn42%58%30%70%
  29. 29. Twitter:@Conductor@Nathan_SafranSlide out of 10 Heavy Online Purchasers Logged-In 75%+ ofthe TimeCONFIDENTIAL281-2Purchasesper Month3-4Purchases perMonth5 or morePurchasesper Month25%28%35%25%26%25%14%18%14%19%13%16%17%15%10%“What percentage of the time would you estimate youspend surfing the web logged in to Google? “60% of users who make 5+purchases per month logged-in ¾ of the time or more37% of users who make 1-2purchases per month logged-in ¼ of the time or less
  30. 30. Twitter:@Conductor@Nathan_SafranSlide Behavior by Time OnlineCONFIDENTIAL291-9 hoursper week10-19hours perweek20 or morehours perweek14%23%30%23%25%28%19%13%19%21%15%9%14%18%30%“What percentage of the time would you estimate youspend surfing the web logged in to Google? “For many heavyinternet users, Googleis sticky… (55%)…but other heavy usersmight be avoiding it(33%)
  31. 31. Twitter:@Conductor@Nathan_SafranSlide ImpactMe“With their recent launch of Search Plus Your World, Google announced their intention tomerge user data across their products and services. How, if at all, will this change impactyour being logged in to Google services?”CONFIDENTIAL3019%Reduce10%I Don’t havea GoogleAccount57%14 %Log OutCompletely1/3rd of Users Intend to Reduce the Time They SpendLogged-in Due to Privacy Concerns60%50%40%30%20%10%033% intend to log-outcompletely, or reduce thetime they spend logged in……OR…nearly 6 out of 10 willNOT change their logged-inbehaviorThe Google stickyeffect?
  32. 32. Twitter:@Conductor@Nathan_SafranSlide• Google Services Are Sticky; [Not Provided]=here for the ForseeableFuture• Acceptance: Find out As Much As You Can About What You are Losing• Leverage Best of Class Tactics to Make the Most of ImperfectInformation
  33. 33. Twitter:@Conductor@Nathan_SafranSlide You!Twitter:@Conductor@Nathan_SafranEmail: nsafran@conductor.comStay Tuned to the Conductor Blog forMore [Not Provided] Today’s Slide